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  1. Hey boys, I’m a 75 flex p28 user, and I’ve been trying to shoot off the toe but none of my current sticks seem to be working for that type of shot. Is it an issue with my technique or do I have the wrong sticks for that? I remember when I had an Easton htx I could snipe from the toe from anywhere and they would be accurate lasers.
  2. After u figure out ur boot situation, next you will need to figure out what wheels to use.. it’s the same as what radius of hollow u prefer on ice
  3. I have them both, I’d go with jetspeed even though the puck feel isn’t that good. As for the sling , garbage stick I use it for roller hockey now.
  4. Not worried about hair but peeling off the scabs when taking the duct tape off..ouch.
  5. Yessss !! Heard a local store has them, definitely going to check them out tomorrow 😀
  6. I tried dr scholls gel pads alone and it didn’t help my situation, then I layered some stick tape ontop of the gel pad and still no difference. This is only happening to my right ankle, no issues on my left whatsoever. I recently got these custom ft4 pro skates couple months ago, first 10 sessions on these skates I wasn’t having any issues until just two weeks ago the cutting started. I’m on the ice 3-4 times a week and the cutting is getting worse. I’m thinking to Lace up with a sponge on the ankle area inside the boot. Will this do the trick ? Any suggestions would be appreciated.
  7. Makes sense now, how about going custom?
  8. About “digging” do u mean chaffing ? If that’s what you mean I get that too at the exact spot on the outside of the upper ankle area with my ft4 pro. It only happens with my right ankle. I tried using dr scholls gel pads but those things won’t stick after a shift.
  9. i meant I was curious about the Hzrdus stick as you are with the nexus, your best bet is to get out there and try it yourself if they let you test sticks where you live. If it doesn’t work for some one else it doesn’t mean it won’t work for you.
  10. I asked the same questions about the true Hzrdus stick, now I regret even asking after I went out to try it myself. 🙈🫣
  11. No chips on my ft3 either shooting is amazing but no puck feel whatsoever. I stopped using true about the same time you did with the A 6.0 I still have it but it’s retired lol. Let’s see how this one holds up.
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