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  1. Hey all, just looking for some advice. I'm planning to see a game at MSG in the New Year and just want to know if anyone has any suggestions on seats or sections to see the game from. Essentially, I'm curious if it's worth paying the money for good seats, or if any seat in the building will provide a good view of the action. I'd appreciate any input from those who've been to the arena. Thanks!
  2. I've had three of Kessel's sticks...an RS, S19, and now a V9E. All felt roughly 80 flex. The lie, from my eyes and comparisons, is around 4.5/5ish. The best comparison I can make is to a PM9/P4 (which I believe he broke into the league using) with a slight open toe. I wouldn't compare it to an E28. Very enjoyable stick and curve though. I had to cut them an inch or so longer than my other sticks to accommodate the lower lie, but now enjoy carrying the puck further from the body with the extra reach.
  3. I just bought a Kessel V9E SS. Can anyone tell me what the 'SS' stands for or describes?
  4. Durbo's bang on with what I had. I had both an S19 and RS of Kessels, and both looked like that. 5 lie. Brilliant curve. I don't recall the blade being any longer than normal. A P106 probably wouldn't be far off, but the blade profile more resembles the PM9/E4/etc.
  5. I've had two of his pro stocks. Think PM9, with slightly more heel curve and a slightly open toe. I loved it, and am still searching for more.
  6. I'm going to be in the market for new skates this Spring and have a question regarding Bauer's Supreme line. I want the top end skate again (either NXG or MX3), but I'll need to replace the tongues with felt. Seeing as the next best (One.9 or 190) have the felt tongues, and they're fairly cheaper, could I expect the weight, stiffness and performance to match my One95's or would I be selling myself short? From what I've read, specs-wise, there doesn't appear to be much difference between the top two models, aside from liner and runner.
  7. Thank you very much kerr. That's exactly what I wanted/needed. I'm a bit surprised by the lie though. I could of sworn that their Kovalev and Pro Zetterberg (ZP) patterns were listed with different lies, with the Pro Zetterberg being the lower one. I know the Kovalev pattern has the same lie as the Drury, but didn't expect the ZP to as well. I always have such a hard time gauging Warriors' patterns without seeing them in person, since the listed lies don't necessarily match up with their equivalents in other brands. All that said, I think I'll be ordering a custom ZP if I can't get my hands on any more Kessel pro stocks.
  8. Does anyone have side-by-side comparisons of the Pro Zetterberg and a retail Drury/Kovalev/P91/etc.? I've seen the pic of the Pro Zetterberg earlier in this thread, but it was hard to get a read of how it compares to the retail heel wedges. I've been playing with a Kessel pro stock, and have come to enjoy the lower lie (sub 5.5). My normal, go-to curve is the Drury (and it's equivalents), so I'm looking into ordering a stick with this pattern in mind, but just want to see how different, even if only slightly, the blade differs in both curve and lie with it's similar retail offering. Thanks for any pictorial help.
  9. I can't recall seeing this in the thread specifically, but can anyone relate the RBZ to either SE16/One95? Both were my favorite sticks, and seeing as my last SE16 is nearing the end of it's life, I'm looking for a suitable replacement. I've been looking at the Nexus1000, Mako, and RBZ, mainly, however I'm most intrigued by the RBZ. Any opinions or comparisons would be great.
  10. I went to the Mooseheads/Sea Dogs game last night in Halifax to see MacKinnon and Huberdeau, and was blown away by MacKinnon. Moose won 11-2, with MacKinnon potting three and an assist. His first two goals were some of the nicest I've seen (18s and 28s into the following video), with the 2nd being a shorty. There's a reason this kid will go 1st in the draft. Drouin was no slouch either. Here's the highlights from the game. Was like watching shinny.
  11. I hoped this would be the case, but I don't find the two very comparable. I predominantly use Drury curves (P91 X60's at the moment), but purchased a Fehr prostock (Ovie clone) a year ago. I have a solid sharp snap shot with the Drury's, snapping off the toe of the blade. Using the Ovie clone, the same motion sends muffin flutter shots; I find to get the most out of the Ovie clone, you have to really roll the puck from heel to toe, as opposed to simply snapping off the toe of the blade. My personal experience.
  12. Quick question. Hopefully it wasn't already answered. The Zetterberg pro pattern is listed as a 4 lie. If I'm correct, based on the way Warrior works, would this equate to an Easton 5 lie? Secondly, is there any rocker to it that would make it play as a different lie than what is stated? I ask, because I'm addicted to all things Drury, and this program has got me curious to try something different, yet the same. Thanks.
  13. Not sure if this has been brought up, but IGN is reporting Hathaway as Catwoman and Hardy as Bane in The Dark Knight Rises.
  14. Bought a 360 a few weeks ago. Mainly on MW2 or NHL10. addy51
  15. If you watch video replay, and see the angle from behind OV, his shoulder and leg are in perfect line with one another. OV goes in straight (l), while Gleason leans (/), and as a result OV's shoulder and upper body hit nothing and continue moving forward, while his lower body bowls into Gleason. It wasn't an intentional knee, just the result of one going for a hit and another trying to dodge it. Some times you can't dodge the whole thing, and lower bodies collide.
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