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  1. i appreciate that yeah total gimmick I think everyone saw it coming lol I am the same always thought clamping my foot in with no flex was ideal but noticed that as my skates loosened my skating improved so now I leave them loose and enjoy the flex in the hyperlite.
  2. Im currently working with them to get one on a group buy with my team. Hopefully can pick one up.
  3. Hyperlite is a garbage stick, the fact bauer came up with that 2 years in development after the flylite tells me alot about Bauer. I want to try one of these prosticks looks interesting at the price point
  4. since I started this thread, ill finish it. here is my review of the skate
  5. The argument here continues to be its not enough weight. But I haven't scored in three games since switching to the regular steel. There is the proof right there, goal streak over clearly the carbon made me score more.
  6. switched to Pulse TI as I just couldnt go back into the carbon. will post if i notice a difference tonight. Been skating on carbon for 2 months and havent skated in almost a week so we shall see.
  7. not wrong, there is a massive difference when i play at 210 pounds vs 190 pounds depending on my current training. However, the idea here is to be in the best possible shape ( most beer league players are not ) than have the best possible gear for overall performance increases.
  8. Yah I realized this when I got the credit today. I was like holy shit guess didn’t notice when I bought the 1500$ skate lol
  9. Youre welcome. if it prevents someone buying a 150$ pair that lasts a couple months worth sharing.
  10. good point, the skates are not that old, so mine I purchased on launch day and just failed, my guess more will come out as time passes. Maybe its only a few? Maybe its only early production and they have improved its hard to say. Im getting replacements just to see if it was a fluke under warranty. If it does it again will let everyone know and switch to steel for sure.
  11. Bauer contacted me directly and said they were concerned and looking into it. The carbon breaking. Maybe they taking it seriously? Considering i crashed into the boards because of it it maybe at this point safety is important as well. so good on them. will anything change? who knows. but interesting they contacted me none the less.
  12. everyone mad these days its the internet. oh no way, didnt realize Bauer tried aluminum. Im sure with some engineering it could be done but maybe not worth the RD. But whatever not my company and manufacture. In the end its great to see them trying new things, but I hope they improve their testing. The concept can be improved. Like the speed plate 2.0 Most people hated those but the 2.0 solved my foot pain issues. So again comes down to what works for you. For me, im a gear whore and just like to try things out. Give my feedback and move on. Its just fun. Maybe everyone forgets this game is for fun? LOL
  13. Was a joke, but in all seriousness as I work in metal fab, im curious why it hasn’t been done. I’m sure aluminum could be done, 6061, anodized, and probably would be strong enough, I’m actually curious. There is stronger versions of it as well. But who knows I’ve never heard of it being used. Instead we got carbon
  14. Haven’t had the runners long enough to completely comment on the performance. Stick was a longer use example. However I’ve been impressed with their performance. Just not durability. If they can find a way, to make them more durable they are probably a performance upgrade. Every bit counts but to each their own
  15. LOL "not to be critical" I dont disagree on the amount of force on the steel, which is now two pcs is extremely great, I do disagree that these performance benefits are not noticed. Improvement comes over time, not all at once. This will hopefully lead way to a better design and way of making it, after failure of the first. The concept is solid and works. Mistakes, if they come from progress should be celebrated. Its how we move forward. Now hopefully the mistake isnt from lack of testing however. That would say Bauer didnt do their home work. If they didnt break, the runner is amazing . Yes of course, two players of different skill are not going to be equal because one has better equipment than the other, however when it comes to sports finding things that work and exaggerate your skill makes you far better and bumps up areas. Example, I cannot shoot well at all with a low kick stick comparatively to a mid kick. However, my shot is still better then most people with it. But, My shot is weaker, and just doesnt work with my style, I dont score as much at all. Change my stick to a mid kick and I light you up. Now go from a wood stick to composite, a 60$ price point to a 360$ price point, and my shot further improves. Now Ive taken what works for me, a mid kick stick and used the best one available, to further enhance something that already works well for me. I think people under estimate equipment that arent pros. There is a reason pros dont use junk. It exaggerates their skill further. Just some thoughts
  16. I dont think the carbon nibs that are on top of the runner will last long enough for the blade and carbon to seperate at this point
  17. For those interested in the Hyperlite, carbonlite runner have a little mid term review. A lot of people were concerned with the carbon lite runners durability long term and after having them for only 2 months the carbon broke so durability is in question. I think the concern was valid. Short story, full speed into the boards, tried to stop, had no runner last second just fell out, the carbon "nibs" that lock up into the skate broke off so it just slips right out of the holders. Im feeling it today. Posted to my instagram which I just started as a gear review channel and I must say Bauer was on it. I had a phone call from my local hockey shop saying Bauer wanted it dealt with asap. Its pretty crazy how fast word travels on social media. To get a personal phone call saying Bauer saw my tagged post tells me a lot. So well done there Bauer. Replacement on the way and my local hockey shop was tagged in the post so they just jumped on it. I really like these carbon runners, they are incredibly light and the idea behind it is solid. I just am unsure how Bauer tests this type of gear. You cant fault them for trying something new, but I feel like testing would find this problem fairly quickly in the process guys would be busting the nibs that hold the runner all over the place. My frustration yesterday to not finish a game from such a silly equipment issue is a risk on these. Either way, my recommendation is as follows. If you have a lot of money the performance is worth the runner. I could feel the difference in weight which is crazy and at first I was like this is the next big thing. If you can keep 2 on hand in case you have what I had where I couldn't complete the game because I had no replacement do it. If I was an NHL player ( and clearly i am not ) and was given gear I would not care how long it lasted if the performance was there. However, if you are not down for replacing runners, which I have never done in the life of any skate I have ( 2 ish years usually ) stick with the full steel as you will love the feel and performance and then be sad when they break. I really hope Bauer takes this and improves it much like they did the speed plate 2.0. Perhaps they will come with a more durable product in the next version that solves this aspect. Because the idea is solid. cheers
  18. nope says USA only, which is super odd just ditching an entire market
  19. Nexus geo is an amazing stick. Until you shoot a new ccm. Bauers launch schedule puts it years behind CCM now in terms of pushing limits. its stick like the geo is a year old and a down grade on the adv. why bauer did this is odd.
  20. the 2spro is not about effort, its recoil is terrible and therefore has bad ratings as puck velocity is bad. You cant recoil a stick with such a high kick point well at all. I have also taken a radar last year and shot sticks to see if i was correct. The 2spro was one of the worst performing sticks. I usually shoot around 87-89mph, with the 2spro i was 81-83. 2npro was back up to the high 80s. At the time no new sticks from CCM were worth it, but now i am taking a radar out again and will test. The CCMs will own. Bauers current line up minus the geo is junk. BUT even the geo is missing the mark compared to CCMs.
  21. the ccms dont surpise me. They are the best sticks out right now. the flylite does though, stick is dated right now.
  22. i wanted to get one and review it but im in canada. disapointing
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