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    Not really into hockey, but rather skating and the edge drills and the awesome shiny equipments. AND, love the flow on ice.
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  1. only way to find out to fit in shop. i have same issue with 8 fit3. But then half size up could introduce volume issues.
  2. I modded a pair of S180's so that the toe cap would take the clipping system. Make sure the mounting surface at the top is as flat as possible. The top clip doesnt like to bend. I took a chisel to shave away the excess, just a bit at a time. or if the toe cap happen to be a tad thicker, it would tend to pop out too.
  3. would R1 chassis be better choice? little pricier... i'm in the process as well... it would seem the TPU outsole skates would have hallow fronts...
  4. I was collecting some new dead stock skates to work on the insoles.. the skates I came across was the S180 and S29, both are 8.5EE but the boot cuts are very different. just by dimension the S180 was significant deeper than the S29, and the S29 felt close to the X3.7 in depth... So here is the question, are the Curve boots naturally wider? (Even CCM's normal width in "game ready fit" is wider than D in 485/475 from test fitting...) *i am 8.5 ee-ish, fit 3. With Mach boots I could fit 7.5 fit 3....just to throw this into the mix. Edit: ehm.... More of a brain fart post now reading it. Pls ignore.
  5. very true, aid will only be effective if the foot is trained to work with it. I found my big toe and the arch still work very hard when skating. What a feeling tho, that flow.
  6. do the screw have lock washers? if you buy the kit. it comes with two. image
  7. Hiya i am also interested in this topic. Would it be safe to say 7.5ee is 8d length ? Or almost 8d length? Since holder length is 272 from 7.5fit 3 to 8.5 fit 2 7.5ee to 8.5d And is 8.5 essentially ee? Or same boot, prepunched to be wider?
  8. i thought forward pitch(toe drop) is negative? backward pitch(toe lift) is positive? inverted no? since the Prosharp profile says negative to the profile that shaves toe off? I think i am confused now...?? anyways, I still find myself on my heel more than I like. I may do either Quad z or Zup S next time. or add another layer for my footbed since I kinda believe profile only the workaround....
  9. hello gents and solid water gliders. I have just started on the 9/10 combi, originally from a single stock Bauer radius. I've also got a pdf of the prosharp template list and visited the prosharp project feedbacks, they are very very helpful(esp. Marka's). The question I have is, is there a sequence of profile I should try if I want more forward lean? (like Graf's; i know i know, the boot cut itself is aggresive) I'm thinking I'll skate with the 9/10 for awhile and then move on to Toronto 1, and then Quad Zero or Zup S. feedback appreciated. **is there such a thing, where I could request single radius, but with -10mm pitch? thx!
  10. Do you lean on the edge of the skates? That's why comfort edge is preferred by some? And yes, foot work. There is little no visual instruction as far as searches go.
  11. umm. I have watched many many drill videos. Even figure skating ones on technique... but no one has covered what the foot actually does inside the boot. ie... outside edge, are you suppose to prop the boot on your calf? Which part of your forefoot is stressing when you are holding the edge? is the heel active? ... etc etc or the foot in the boot topic we dont talk about, they just work... or dont?
  12. I have thought about that. Older skates takes real break in "efforts". Yes sir. I (edited) "most definitely" should lose some weight too.. Thats another story. My feet originally have very low arches, not unhealthy, just low. But after decades of misuse, they gotten severe flat. So the felt roll 1/4" orthopedic purpose I bought serve as work around, since no amount of podiatrist and custom insole would help. They would help those with arches, I got none. Custom soles are too thick, won't fit. And then expensive. Reason for this is, I find I am not activating my metatarsals... And from just reading articles, I think i have smaller heel than retail footlast, and centre of gravity is all messed up due to pronation. Heel lift in the right place is the start. Experimenting with felt is to mimic normal foot function(but in my case, normal is wrong, I have to mimic pronated function). Yes, will need to do exercise, but sometimes exercise will only close the gap but even then there is still some gap. Bauer and ccm make their skates with ideal feet in mind. True make their skate with realistic foot in mind. Graf seem to make their slightly different. Their pitch is also to activate the metatarsal, but the angle is not for me. So I have to mod the footbed, and therefore this post. I got them right with my smu vapor somewhat. Just working on the Grafs now. *why felt pads. Because with rubber or plastic I don't have the tools, and space for chemical molding. But with felt pads, you can trim/tuff them with a electric clipper. I got a cheap pet clipper to do the shaping. I think i going to do this to all my shoes. The goal is to trim until it feels right.
  13. that will work! i will take a look.
  14. I'm Trying to find local shops that sell ultra high eva for cosolay, since they are stiffer. All local shops have is craft grade.... Which fold and wrinkles... And Amazon doesn't specify which is ultra high
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