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  1. I use the Shift holders and really like them.
  2. How do I find the wrap on Amazon?
  3. Anyone bake the TF9 without using the wrap?
  4. Besides the changes JR mention in the catalouge review (ankle padding, footbed, tounge) are there any other differences between the Mako 1 and Mako 2 skates? Are they going to perform the same?
  5. Been on the ice twice with my Mako's. They live up to all the hype. By far the best skate I have ever worn. Comfortable for the most part but I am having some irritation in my arches. I have baked them twice but the second time the skates were not nearly as hot as they were when they came out of the oven the first time (baked at 2 different rinks). I was thinking about baking them again to help with the arch issue. What do you guys think? Would it be too much to bake them a 3rd time or should the skates be ok. Thanks for any help.
  6. I was in Chicago when I got them.
  7. Mine said 16 min @ 200 as well. Every pair in my LHS had 16 @ 200 on the box
  8. How similar is the E28 to the shanny?
  9. Nothing wrong with that, I can't wait for these to come out either. Saw them up close this weekend. I agree that they are much better looking in person.
  10. r these top of the line?

  11. 5'10 210, wide forefoot, average heel, med arch Recent Skates- S15, One95 Fit For me the fit of this skate is perfect. They feel like they were made for my foot. My heel really locks in. I have not had one second of discomfort in this skate. 10/10 Blade/Holder No issues, steel holds its edge for a long time. 9/10 Weight If you are concerned about weight (I am not) you will be happy with the S17. It is as light as just about any skate on the market. 10/10 Protection For some reason I tend to take a lot of pucks to the foot. This skate is very protective. 10/10 Durability I have had these skates for around a year and they are holding up great. A few scuff marks here and there but nothing you would not expect 10/10 Conclusion I love the way that this skate performs. I loved my S15's i just did not like the way the leather was glued to the skate. Easton has fixed the problems they had with the S15's. I tried the One95's for six months. I did not feel that I had the same responsiveness with the One95 that I have with the S17 or S15. Is that a knock on the 95? not at all. It is a great skate, but not the skate for me . The only thing I would change about the S17 is the liner. That being said, this is the best skate I have ever worn. Score= 9.8/10
  12. I am looking to convert my S15's (size 7) to roller. Anyone have any recommondations on a chassis, wheels, and a place to get it done. Thanks
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