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  1. Thanks Kgbeast. With that said on baking times, I can confidently say these skates do not appear to be very thermoformable (trust me, I baked mine hotter and longer). Still a nice skate, though. Zach
  2. Don't know anything about how the tacks fit. That said: I was a perfect fit in the 8.5w 705. I find in the 8.5r PK7700 the forfoot and length is the same, the heel feels a little wider. Volume seems about the same. Less volume than the 9035, narrower heel. I came from an 8.25d mako2, the heel is wider on the pk7700. Nice and light though, which I feel too many people overlook in a skate. That's what I have, Zach
  3. Anyone know pk7700 bake times and temp? Box didn't have any info. Thanks, Zach
  4. How is your final slow pass(es) looking? Could be a myriad of other things as well. Zach
  5. I use it, and have given some of the skates I sharpen the blind test. Not everyone liked it. I like it, but honestly, it doesn't make a big enough difference given the price. Just my opinion. Zach
  6. That stated weight for the VH was boot only. Zach
  7. I have both, and find the butterfly gauge superior. It would be worth it to see if they will change it out for you. Zach Don't know why It wouldn't quote. The above is answering the user "Angeles" asking which blackstone level users find better.
  8. So, I saw something today on Blackstones website called "A Trap". Any information? Zach
  9. Now that you guys mention it, I have seen that effect. I paid no mind to it as it was a pair of skates I had never seen on a traditional ROH instead of FBV. Zach
  10. Can confirm, have used my mini-spinners both ways. Seems to be no ill effect either way. Not sure what gives, if anything. Zach
  11. Which Is why I said going fast repeatedly is never recommended. Zach
  12. Could be matching a pair of blades... Though going fast repeatedly is never recommended. Zach
  13. Had mine about 2 years now. I have a regular rotation of about 10 pairs of skates. No problems here. Hell, just the other night I was thinking that I've only been through two grinding wheels (currently on my third). The other machines are definitely more substantial, but that doesn't mean that the X01 cant get the job done just the same. Did I mention that the spinner dressing system is fantastic? I don't miss the radius arm one bit. Zach
  14. Time to get yourself a smaller sharpener the like X01. That's what I did. I just CANT let someone else sharpen my skates at this point. On top of potentially getting a bad job, its the mind games that go into it as well. Zach
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