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  • Skates
    Graf Ultra G70
  • Stick
    Easton Stealth CNT Grip-Sakic/NBH One95 shaft/P92 blade combo/TPS XN10 Chrome OPS Afinogenov/Warrior AK27 with P92/NBH One95 with P14 blade
  • Gloves
    NBH 4 Rolls 14" Tan/Graf G700 black/red 15"/Eagle PPF Blue
  • Helmet
    Bauer 5100
  • Pants
    Graf 700 black/Tackla 9000 with zippers
  • Shoulder Pads
    Nike Bauer Supreme Classic XL
  • Elbow Pads
    Jofa 9025
  • Shin Pads
    Reebok/Jofa 5k Shins
  • Hockey Bag
    SMI Maize/Blue (Michigan) bag or Shock Doctor (storage)

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    Eden Prairie, MN
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  1. I've still got my Nike Bauer 195 shaft/blade combo. Easily the best setup I've ever used.
  2. More gloves Might go with the green tomorrow night
  3. I sharpen my skates maybe once or twice a beer league season
  4. Anything similar to the Easton ST out there today?
  5. I’d love a P92 with a square toe
  6. Another old find in the basement. I had no idea I still had these.
  7. Seems like you're spending a lot of $$ to learn the hard way! haha Take it from people who've been around skates a long time and make sure you find a retailer that is reputable. I'm not familiar with the Chicagoland area hockey shops but it sounds like you're reasonably close to Madison, WI too. I'd check out Suter's Have you tried on the CCM Ribcor skates? Just curious
  8. Also, using a proper orthotic will position the arch correctly (along with the toes) in the skate and you won't be having those movements inside the boot that lead to arch/toe pain and other maladies associated with high insteps. Your feet should NOT being going numb in the boot while skating.
  9. High insteps are a problem in many skates. I have the same issue but my feet aren't really all that wide. Imo, the issue is the shape of the boot and the material involved. A "deeper fitting" skate doesn't always equal necessary instep volume. The CCM Ribcor skates seem to fit me the best of the newer models when it comes to instep depth, the others don't. The Graf G70 Ultras are the skates I've been in for the last 12 years or so. Those combined with a proper orthotic footbed (none of that superfeet nonsense) have made a huge difference and I bought a 2nd pair just to stick with that fit. It's pretty simple, your current skates do not fit your foot. The instep likely wasn't accounted for in the construction process. You either need to start all over or find a different skate last that fits your foot. There's no sense in paying $900+ on a pair of "custom" skates for them to hurt your feet like that. I've always been under the impression that truly good skate outfitters are far and few between and the best ones often command an appointment fee, and notice well ahead of time. https://www.generalsportsmn.com/book-online
  10. Why are your toes curling up? Do you have proper arch support?
  11. Hockey has really dropped the ball when it comes to insoles
  12. They’re a 2nd pair of old stock G70 Ultras. I still got the original pair in a bag somewhere
  13. A local ski shop may still offer these. I agree tho, best custom insoles for hockey ever.
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