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  • Skates
    Graf Ultra G70
  • Stick
    Easton Stealth CNT Grip-Sakic/NBH One95 shaft/P92 blade combo/TPS XN10 Chrome OPS Afinogenov/Warrior AK27 with P92/NBH One95 with P14 blade
  • Gloves
    NBH 4 Rolls 14" Tan/Graf G700 black/red 15"/Eagle PPF Blue
  • Helmet
    Bauer 5100
  • Pants
    Graf 700 black/Tackla 9000 with zippers
  • Shoulder Pads
    Nike Bauer Supreme Classic XL
  • Elbow Pads
    Jofa 9025
  • Shin Pads
    Reebok/Jofa 5k Shins
  • Hockey Bag
    SMI Maize/Blue (Michigan) bag or Shock Doctor (storage)

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    Eden Prairie, MN
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  1. Could it be that these skates are much more flexible than you’re used to?
  2. I always thought the Graf brand yellow waxed laces were the best back in the day. I'm just using the non-wax stock CCM skate laces nowadays though. They seem to be of high quality as well.
  3. Those get picked up very quickly around here. Hardly any on clearance in a 10D plus I like to support my local shop. They take good care of me
  4. Still got yellow laces on my old Grafs
  5. Seems like they're both "elite" level skates but the 80K (and 100K) has the carbon fiber outsole, whereas the 90k is a plastic of some sort.
  6. I just ordered some CCM Ribcor 90K skates from my local shop. I was just curious to see how they compare to the previous top end model? (Ribcor 80K) Anyone have knowledge regarding this? I already have the black step steel that I'll be removing from my 76K skates onto these when they come in.
  7. I can recall Lemieux wearing those CCM 652's with the ICM and later Tuuk holders back in the day.
  8. I went 3/4 w/the StepSteel black when I purchased them last spring. I've skated in them about 15 games w/o sharpening since.
  9. Found this in my basement storage room. Maybe I’ll wear it next week
  10. There’s no substitute for trying these skates on. The supremes have different fits within the Supreme line if I remember correctly. https://www.bauer.com/en-US/performance-skates.html
  11. P88 is more of a mid curve than a P92, which is more of a toe curve. I prefer the P40/P88 when shooting from the dots and back. When I think of the P88, I’m more or less thinking of the old Easton Sakic, which I still use. HockeyMonkey says the Ovechkin P92 is the P88, but I disagree and the P92 is more of a toe kink/curve with the intention of lifting the puck more easily. I prefer to keep my shots a little lower but I can see why it’s so popular.
  12. If you don’t like your P40, I’ll take it off your hands. It’s my ideal pattern. Bought a couple P40 Hossa Reckoners the other day.
  13. I went from the Graf Ultra G70 to the Ribcor skates without any issues. I have a high arch/instep and there’s no lace bite. I should be able to skate all day with good insoles, very comfortable skate. The asked guy knew I was coming from a Graf skate and felt the lean and fit was best suited for me.
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