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  1. Did I read on here, maybe in SDcopp's LTR, that the CA9s will make you be lower to the ground than Mission/Bauer, mainly because of the need to fit the all 80 setup? That means I'll have to cut all my sticks. Wondering how much of a drop it is?
  2. Hockeymonkey carries Alkali, maybe the store in Woodbridge will have them. I'll probably be goin there over the Holiday, I'll let you know if I see them.
  3. Bout time! And I'm just about due for new skates! I hope my local retailers carry you guys, I'm definitely going to have to try them on first since they're new.
  4. Ive skated in a few brands in the 20+ years Ive been playing roller hockey, but always seemed to prefer and come back to Mission. While Justin was there it was very apparent he stood behind the product, and as a consumer and a salesman myself, thats huge. He earned my loyalty. Now this Alkali brand is his baby, so if he supported Mission so well, I would imagine hed pour everything he had into his own company. It will be worth it to check out the Alkali products. I would say fit is more important than light weight, especially since I have such difficult feet to work with. If Alkali can deliver both, its win-win. Justin, you're saying this will be a unique skate. Can you make a basic comparison in terms of fit to other brands? Example: someone with wide forefeet and thin ankles fit well in Ccm boots, or so Ive heard. Are the Alkali boots similar to anything else so we have an idea if they'll be a good fit for particular feet?
  5. I think they look like the Mission Wicked series looked like a few years ago; wicked 1, wicked 3, wicked 5, etc. The ones that were cuttin into everyone's ankles. I liked the looks of those, and the looks if the Alkali skates. As long as they dont cut into my ankles, I will give them a shot. I supported Justin when he was at Mission and Ill support him now.
  6. Glad to see it. I'm a "friend" on Facebook as well. Interested to see what exactly Armada has Cooke-ing. When will we know more about what products Armada is offering?
  7. I was thinking the same thing. Looks even, good work, but might feel off at first. Lean too far forward or back and you're off kilter.
  8. Nice work with the custom paint job. I liked my Codes. Watch out for those Genesis wheels though, the hubs crack. Seemed to crack at the worst time for me too. Don't know if those are the 2nd generation Gens though; I think Labeda supposedly corrected the defect. Never took the chance to find out though. Switched to some Rink Rat mini cores at that time. Where'd you get that skate anyway? I had my Codes at least 3 years ago, maybe longer.
  9. Ha, good points. They could release a tapered shaft and just call it the U+ Taper. Whatever...I just really liked my V130.
  10. How come no shafts? I'd definitely like to see a U CL shaft, even an OctoLite. I have a V130 that is still one of my all time favorite shafts. The thing just keeps going and at this point I think I'm going to have to forcefully retire it or else it will never go away.
  11. I wasn't sure. the Dolo 2s look exactly the same. The PC (Players Club) logo is on the top on Dolo 2 as well.
  12. I know everything is personal preference and all, but why would you put a Zcarbon standard blade in your Warrior Dolomite 2 piece? You're losing the taper! Unless it's a broken Dolo OPS, of course.
  13. I'm noticing the same pain with my Mission 9500 Rollers...inside part of my heal, very painful, goes numb after awhile. But the pain radiates to other parts of my foot and I can't have them on anymore.
  14. 495g for a OPS is not so light. Even the shaft is heavy at 350gs. An Ultra Lite is heavy nowadays, and what's that 295gs? I do like the looks though. Very sleek.
  15. What happens with a lie that's too small? I know high lies result in pucks going under your heel. So I'm guessing low lies result in blades going under toes? Also, the stick will be extremely close to your body or further away?
  16. Damn. I'm a Modo user, but this 4 lie business is bothering me. I know I can't use lies that are too big (ie 6) but a lie that's too small? Hmm. I'll probably have to use the Robitaille cuz it's a 5. I have a feeling it's got that nasty Iginla toe on it though. I also really like the Smyth patter, it looks like Ilya Kovalchuk's pro-pattern. I think someone mentioned it was. But again, the lie is too small. What's with all the 4 lies? Does Warrior think everyone is a 4 lie? I dig the clothes though. I would wear some of the stuff in the catalog.
  17. Which pair is your favorite? And don't give us any political answers about this one has that and that one has this... Let's say you had a big game. A must win. Which skates would you wear?
  18. Sorry SteveO. Don't take it personally. You're relatively new and don't have alot of posts so it was more of an example than citing you specifically. It's just that as you've been on this long enough, and you start to see the same questions over and over, well it just becomes...repititious to put it nicely. But I agree with you. Easton has released some of the stuff early, so it's confusing. I'm not really sure why they release some stuff, and the rest in the Spring. The only thing I can think of is Christmas/Holiday season.
  19. That must burn you up knowing you have a great pair of skates waiting for you. It would hurt even more be able to see them and take pics, knowing I wouldn't be able to use them for another 2 weeks.
  20. The people that don't know better, fine. But guys that have been around should know better. It just proves that people aren't reading all of the thread, cuz it was mentioned numerous times. But to play both sides, Easton is a bit confusing. They say "06" stuff, and you hear it's coming out next spring, but you go down to the LHS or look online and you see new 350s, new paintjob SLs, the new ST blades, etc, and I can see where it might confuse the consumer.
  21. Mods...perhaps we could just pin "It comes out in the Spring" on top of all equipment related threads. Steve...It comes out in the Spring.
  22. As mentioned early in this thread, the Heatley will be a 5 lie Iginla with a totally square toe.
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