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  1. i haven't tried pushing the heel back only because the rest of the boot fits fantastic. the heel is locked in like no boot i've had before. looking at that picture though makes me think its all i would need. probably more than enough.
  2. how much of a dent can be made into the toe cap? a couple mm's? trying to figure out what option is better. or perhaps a bit of both methods to be sure?
  3. first off, hey, everyone that might remember me! it's been awhile since i've posted on this board. stepped away from hockey for awhile to go racing. trying to get back into hockey and need some advise.: i purchased some graf 9035 skates a year or two ago before i stopped playing. they fit fantastic in the store. fit even better after baking them. when i started skating in them, they absolutely killed the end of my big toe. from what i've researched, most likely due to graf's pointy shaped toe cap. i tried baking them again; helped a little, but still killing my toe. so my question now is do i try heating up the plastic toe cap and punching out that area somehow? or try stretching the overall length of the boot to pull my toes back from the cap a little? how pliable is the graf toe cap and how far can it be massaged before terminal failure? and is it even possible to stretch a graf 9035 ultra with its fancy ass outer shell? thanks for the help.
  4. you wouldn't happen to know how much longer; are we talking oakley pro modified kind of longer? that's the longest i know of that doesn't have vents/cage webbing at the top/sides.
  5. hey, you mind telling us what the name of this shop you got these at? i wouldn't mind finding another pair (12d). thanks.
  6. triumph daytona 675 here. love it. ride safe.
  7. uh oh, no more 18" shins. better stock up on old stuff.
  8. Is that the new bountiful rink? or murray rink murray rink
  9. chris rocks the mad skills with the skate building. flash and dash son.
  10. yes! i knew you'd rock the dark side soon enough. good work my friend.
  11. holy crap, it almost looks like i know what i'm doing there. the rbk 6k makes it way onto my melon from time to time too. and you're damn right i hate tie up jerseys! yeah, i'm super sad i missed out. just too much going on (and too little in the wallet, lol!). i'll try like hell to make it this year and maybe bring my flashy teammate with me. still, one of the most fun skates i've been at ever! word
  12. here are my custom mia's i got last month. 15" mb22s with normal short cuff and 1/2" longer fingers black tufftek shell with carbon stripes pro plastic inserts throughout microvent digital palms i never thought i'd rock custom gloves, let alone mias, but my teammate (mikael1052) talked me into when we got are kick ass team jerseys. the gloves are fantastic thus far. first time any glove has fit my mammoth hands and long fingers comfortably. very light weight, mobile, and highly protective. my only gripe so far is that the palms are almost too sticky when using a soft grip coated stick. i went back to using a candy-caned taped non-grip stick for the time being until i can get used to the gloves with a grip stick. overall, very happy with my purchase despite being a little pricey in the end. too bad mia wouldn't put warrior on the gloves instead like the pro action. great gloves.
  13. crazy full on storm tropper skates. interesting. ...ha, your avy is lame. poser! j/k
  14. ^its throughout the catalog i was hoping for a novius grip replacement. the nipple grip looks like another spin on polarfibre; which imo was lame. may have to stock up on soft grip dolomites/ak27s if they quit making those.
  15. those chris's? that's pretty freakin' hot. you need to swap those holders on your grafs. you're losing the style war at pan am.
  16. thanks for the comments. yeah, i thought about the black laces too, but i thought it might be too much black. maybe later if i get bored with them. right now i'm more focused on having to re-learn to skate on these coming off skating a year on lightspeeds. so far, i'm pretty happy with the change.
  17. haha, hey they were dry at least!
  18. had these mounted today. darth vader 8090/tuuk+ action. much respect to chris (should be lurking around here) for his work: word.
  19. i'm sure, once again, that i'll never be able to fit into the skates. the intake helmet looks great. can anyone that's tried it on compare it to the fit of itech's hc100? i liked my hc100, but it was too narrow for my charlie brown head. i'm hoping the intake fits a little wider because its hard to pass up at only 100 duckets. that silver color looks nice.
  20. those are the old graphics. its just a sticker.
  21. those l7's look much better than the retails.
  22. about half whitney, half kariya, a shanahan, a couple inno nashes, an inno fedorov, and various ccm and easton wood blades.
  23. hell i'm bored; here's what is worth taking pictures of:
  24. Nice! Someone that still uses the old mission injection gloves, those were great IMO. man i love those mission gloves hell, i'm still rockin' them too. i went back to them from my response gloves. i think injections have one of the best range of motion of any glove. and the look pretty sweet too (especially the black/red/silver one's). if they had plastic inserts they'd be incredible.
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