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  1. Just saw David on the NHL Network for the All Star Special! Pretty sweet interview, keep up the great work, David.
  2. 2 Questions: Do the new gloves have the same fit like the old ones? Payback = Aeroflex and Difference = Classic? And, are the new gloves going to be available for custom order?
  3. Very nice. I have an old Cooper that I use for sticktime and coaching, but I would never use it in a game. I think my head's pretty important.
  4. Very impressed watching David tonight. 1 goal and 1 assist so far.
  5. He made a sweet play on Andy McDonald's goal to put the Blues up 2-0 on the Jackets. ... Matthews and Davidge (Jackets play-by play guys) were calling him "Eric" Perron. :P
  6. I'll chime in. It's a pretty good pant for the price point it's at. As trevor13478 said, very mobile and seem fairly durable.
  7. He had to wear the RBK helmet.
  8. Finally showed up in the mail today. I'll make an edit tomorrow with some other new stuff.
  9. I was down at Iceland today, and caught a glimpse of David. Was gonna give a shout out, but it would have been kind of weird/akward. Anyways, good luck in the series, David. Too bad there isn't a game in the GTA.
  10. Couldn't find my jerseys in the basement, so here are my brother's. We play for the same organization, so its the same jersey. Only mine's bigger. :)
  11. Lookin' good. Good luck in the future.
  12. shinedown: nice 503's, but pink laces? lol. Am I not seeing them, or do you not have runners on them in the picture?
  13. new to the forum. skates- rbk 5k pumps shins- jofa 8090 pants- fury 1007 shoulders- jofa 6500 elbows- rbk 3k gloves- fury 9000 helmet- rbk 6k red cage- itech something... stick- fury viper 110, fury diamondback red 100
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