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    Bauer APX2
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    Warrior DT1 ST, DT1
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    Bauer 4-Rolls
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    RBK 11K
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    CCM U+ CL
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    Sher-Wood 5030
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    Bauer Nexus 1000
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    RBK 21K Pro
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  1. Noticed Marner & Bozak both switched to VH wheels recently: http://www.sportsnet.ca/hockey/nhl/marner-back-ice-not-quite-ready-return/
  2. Do you still have the black ax1's?
  3. Hey everyone, I just wanted to clear out my garage of any gear that was sitting around. All prices do not include shipping and are negotiable. Thanks! 1. Bauer Supreme One.9 6.5D w/ 263mm Step Black Steel - These skates are mint and have been used for half a season of pickup. They have 263 LS2 holders mounted on them professionally and have been sharpened 3 times - Sold 2. Easton Mako Skates 7D - I bought these barely used and skated on them 3-4 times, couldn't get used to them. Includes tool - Sold 3. Reebok 20K White Skates 6.5D w/ Step Steel - Used for 2 seasons of pickup - Sold 4. Reebok KFS Hybrid Shoulder Pads new with tags sz. Med. - Ordered these online, didn't like the fit - $60 5. Nike Ignite Pant Shell new with tags sz. Med - Sold 6. 13" CCM U+ CL gloves (black) - Used for half a season. No smells, rips, palms are still mint - $60 7. 15" Bauer Nexus 1000 Shins - Slight wear on the bottom of the liner from my skate tongues. - $30 8. 254mm TUUK LS2 holders w/ steel - New and unsharpened - $60 Some other items I have for sale but don't have a picture yet (Will post some pics once I get a chance): 9. Warrior Dynasty AX LT Elbow Pads new without tags sz Int. L/XL- These didn't fit - $35 10. Warrior Krown 360 Helmet White sz. Lg - Used 3-4 times, didn't fit right - $40 11. Reebok 11k Helmet Black sz. Lg - Used for a pickup season and still in great condition - $50
  4. I have a lie 5.0 EK15 in the PP92 pattern and I love the stick. It's one of the best sticks I've ever used. It is the lightest stick on the market and seems pretty durable. It has a very low kick point if you like that type of stick.
  5. Thanks to Michael & this thread I don't think I would've ever considered this stick. I can't wait to get mine in! I ordered one instantly when I found out they had the pp92 patterns in stock.
  6. I noticed that the ES4 steel comes pre-profiled, so I'll probably just give that a try since I guess it's optimized for the skate. As long as both are consistent from the factory, I guess it's a matter of just getting adjusted. I've gone through a bunch of different profiles in the past depending on the sharpener I used during that period. So I'm sure I'll be able to adjust to the new one.
  7. Ah, that makes sense. I'm sure the skate is so different I'll have other things to worry about. Did you just sharpen the skates when you got them or would you recommend to get my sharpener to put my usual profile on it?
  8. So I went back and tried on a few more pairs and I found my size. The only thing I'm unsure about is the blade size. I normally skate on 263 steel but noticed the boot size that fits me is 254. Was it a big adjustment for you to go to smaller steel coming from a 7E T1 I think you said? I always wondered if smaller steel would make a big difference or would a similar profile/radius completely nullify the size difference?
  9. I tried them on the other day and find that they don't fit like anything else. It literally fits like a running shoe out of the box i found (just much stiffer). I have a feeling they will be going on sale soon since I noticed a lot of Canadian stores are starting to clear them out. That or it's because they aren't that popular up here. I've been having a hard time finding a store that stocks the sizes I want to try.
  10. I dunno, it kinda looks like a Reebok skate to me with slightly different graphics and no pump of course.
  11. I honestly only know of a couple local shops and the typical big box stores in the general area. I haven't had time to venture further out to be honest.
  12. I was in a 7D Vapor, then went to 6.5D 20K. The guy actually gave me a 7.5D Mako to try at first and it surprisingly felt really snug and I had heel lock on both feet. However, they didn't have a size 7 but only had a 6.5D in stock. I can't seem to find them anywhere and I'm in Toronto too! Seems like online is my best bet to find proper stock levels.
  13. So it is recommended to go down a size then? I'm assuming as long as it isn't supremely uncomfortable and my toes are only curled a little, it should flatten out and be perfect after a bake?
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