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  1. Assist with Supreme stiffness please. 15yr old (130lbs) AA player, I have always been a foolish dad and sucker for good deal, so would always buy previous yrs top of the line, knowing they are probably too stiff, but sold on perceived performance. I have bought him S190 for a great deal, but now looking at the S29 for the same price. (Throw on some better steel) Starting to think increased flex would be better for his game (should have done this at 12 more than 15). He says he likes stiff skates(Jetspeed,One100 previous) but he has used X90 as his ODR skates and had positive things to say. Anyone had same experience, dropped down the to the lower flex and results? Thanks
  2. https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=dvVxq1SWBFY dont see a Savie Stick tape thread. Delete if it’s being discussed. Watched them all, so good
  3. How long has Toews been out of x90 and what is he in, haven't seen this in the thread. Edit Nevermind.
  4. Wasn't sure where else to put this, but wanted to share http://www.kijiji.ca/v-hockey/calgary/easton-aluminium-hockey-shafts/1026739290?enableSearchNavigationFlag=true
  5. My 11yrd old has been in the 55 for almost 2mths, Background on why i put the 55 on. Bought him One.9 (couldn't resist the $ even though @ 70lbs I knew they were going to be to stiff, mistake) he was tying them to the 2nd eyelet, couldn't get any flex tied all the way up. His forward stride was pretty good, but he seemed unstable side to side. Bought the 55 back in Aug, haven't noticed any real difference in speed or knee flex from when they were tied at the 2nd eyelet, but what they have done is given stability side to side, he is much more stable. If I bought a more flexible skate to start with, the 55 probably wouldn't have been needed, but for skates that are too stiff and can't tie to the top eyelet, I think they are a great solution.
  6. Aarron Ekblad (projected top 2 pick) wears them, interesting, the guy has an amazing stride. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2rSs-u5ZU5E it must all be in the 55 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mxQm7yawyNs on the fence still for my 11yr old, the top skating CHL player wearing them gives me a bit more confidence in buying, would love to see some more reviews.
  7. My quick review, is there much of a difference on glide and turn, maybe, but nothing huge, most likely in the mind, however, 2 things it does, which I love, 1. I have almost no buildup of snow on the blade after a shift, in the past I would have to wipe off everytime. 2. My sharpen seems to last longer, usually notice I need a sharpen after 3 icetimes, I'm at 5 skates and I still feel like I could go another one without a sharpen. Worth $25, you use very little, so it should last, with me and the little guy getting more skates out of the sharpen, it should be worth it from that standpoint.
  8. Nothing you haven't seen, picked up the LE 2nd hand, threw on some whites and boom goes the dynamite. Love that kids grow out of skates so quickly and their dads are willing to sell at such a low $!
  9. I love how almost everything Gretz on ebay is listed with 99 in the price, its so clever.
  10. I'm more interested in the HNIC Towel, howd they get that? (bought that patch and put on their own towel)
  11. Now cops are saying Dunn was traveling between 132 and 140 MPH at the time of his crash + .19 Dude murdered his friend, lucky he didn't kill anymore people.
  12. Calgary Flames Annual Equipment Sale will be held on June 11th from 8:00 a.m. to 1:00
  13. Check the market before you come up with pricing? http://cgi.ebay.com/Bauer-Vapor-XXXX-Hockey-Gloves-/300544929752?pt=LH_DefaultDomain_2&hash=item45f9dfafd8 Retail $247? Do small towns get that jacked up?
  14. I took him out with his sticks from previous years and his shot/stickhandling were all better with the longer stick, for whatever reason, so that's what we stuck with, plus he's short so the extra length has helped get some passes/shots off and stick check some taller kids. Another parent was just saying your kid has big leg muscles, yeah their huge Bauer implants.
  15. The Canada Eagles are so nice, slick.
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