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  1. Has anyone ever played dome softball? if so what did you think?
  2. So shes the same as all other women I have met
  3. A guy pulled a bull move on me last night. We were losing 6-0, the other team was just better than us. Not much we could do about it. So throughout the game i keep ending up getting a one on one with the same defender. He was good, no matter what i tried he would stop me and would keep making comments like, "not today buddy", or "like thats gonna work". so in the third period I caught him out of position and got around him. Once i got about a foot gap between us i was at the hashmarks about to shoot. next thing i know i get shoved hard from behind and get knocked over. I proceed to try and get up but i was moving to fast and just blasted the boards sitting straight up against my back. Not good when you had bach surgery a year ago. I thought that was a little unneccesary.
  4. Sounds good. i will be working on the whole wrist snap tomorrow
  5. yeah, the only one homerun ive hit was basically a line drive and i didnt see it because i was running lol. I think i change my swing when i try to go to the fences and maybe uppercut it to much. I just dont see my regular swing going over the fence though. maybe i need to back up in the box.
  6. Question for you guys. After playing in a higher league this fall, ive come to notice every guy on the other teams are capable of hitting a home run on 300 fences if needed to. Although most of the guys are huge, even there average guys can jack them to. My team prolly only has 2 guys that can hit a dinger on command. I can hit a shot line drive but whenever i try to put any height on it, i just pop out. Are these guys swinging different or is it all swing speed?
  7. Just wondering, how much are these gloves going for that you guys are talking about? Im going to be needing a new mit soon. Im using a wilson that my dad had already broke in when he played, but its getting a little to floppy now. I think its time for a new one.
  8. I love the knuckle ball. Fall ball started yesterday. Didnt go to bad seeing that we moved up a league, but boy was I busy in left feild. Also the first time i hit a freak 98. that things a monster.
  9. Has anyone hit that new demarini "the one" bat yet?? that thing looks pretty sick.
  10. A guy one my teams has a first or second gen synergy. Prolly one of the best feeling bats i've ever used. The ball just flys of the things. Better than any top of the line composite. I wish i could find one of those around. Its seems like there built like tanks also.
  11. Depending on what league im playing in, for asa i have a demarini juggernaut. Pretty solid bat, feels really solid like its not gonna bust anytime soon. for u-trip its any crazy bat some of the other guys have. A few of my buddies have a miken nrg 500 which is pretty hot for an asa bat. I also had a mizuno envy which was pretty good but busted within a year.
  12. So I'm thinking about switching over to ice. All i have are some pretty sweet inline skates so i dont want to convert those over to ice but i found these skates on hockeydeals.com. I think im gonna go with the black ones. cougarcaptain said he could grind down the front for me. Let me know if you guys think they will be okay. Im pretty much just trying to get in shape for the modsquad skate. edit: link did not work
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