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    Bauer One100
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    Bauer Vapor X60
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    Bauer Vapor XXXX
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    Reebok 8k
  • Pants
    Reebok 7K
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    Bauer Vapor XXXX
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    RBK 6K
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    Bauer Vapor 50
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    Eagle Bag

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    Rochester, NH
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    Hockey and concerts (working and watching) & my 2 pugs (Pacey & Linkin)

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  1. Found $10 next to my car after work last night. My dogs almost pee'd on it but i got in time. It paid for hockey last night so i was pretty pumped that's for sure.
  2. Yes they are. They were at TSR, I have the Malkin white all stars.
  3. Maybe since the other bidders have no feedback. That's pretty unsual.
  4. Haha that is awesome!
  5. I actually didnt know they were narrows actually. But you also thought they were 13" but i know they are 14".
  6. I love my Malkin Warriors!
  7. She picked them up on eBay :)
  8. Here's my latest pair of gloves. I've been searching forever for these damn gloves and i finally got them. I can't wait to use them.
  9. You were the kid holding 6 pairs or pants around the shop right?
  10. So you were the guy hording everything i see. Way to go buddy.
  11. I think 2008. I have the same pair and they are sweet.
  12. Just got a pair of Lightning 40's with the name "Steph" on it. Anyone know who it is? I'll take photos when I get home.
  13. Here are my 2 latest pick up's. I got the Team USA 40's and another pair of Malkin's gloves but these have a digital palm and they are awesome. I also have a pair of Canuck's 40's that i'll pick up next week.
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