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  1. Depends on where she lives Hockey North America does well with beginner levels... At the beginner level...... I would stay away from NESHL. Z45
  2. I know this is pretty insignificant compared to some of your real life situations/issues...but my son and I are trying to figure out what to do for the 2018/2019 hockey season. He currently plays Mite A ('09) this season... We can literally drive 20 to 30 minutes in any direction from my house and hit a ton of highly recommended Club teams EC Wizards, Flames, Patriots, Jr Eagles, North Stars, NE Predators, Jr Railers...we are going to try out for two for the experience only and as a prep for Town team tryouts.... If the right team has an "Elite" team opening for him.... then as a family, we would need to re-access.. He will be a squirt minor next season Anyone have kids playing Club hockey in Massachusetts/NH/CT/RI? Mainly looking at Elite Level but select is ok too Looking for any insight on programs and what you have seen having your kid play for or against any listed above.... you can PM me off line Best Chris Z45
  3. Just finished coaching Beginners(boys and girls 4.5 to 10 years old) Mite B and U10 girls this season. There is one huge difference between coaching boys and girls. Girls are 100 times easier to coach..... because they listen.
  4. YES! my son plays baseball and soccer in the spring. want him to dump soccer for Lax this spring.....we shall see if I can pull that off. He loves soccer.
  5. This product is TOP NOTCH. I have said it since day 1... This product is the best!
  6. all 3 of my kids started on 3/4ths. my two oldest just went to 5/8ths this season with no problems
  7. I agree with Mike. TSR is great for repairs and mods. Had them do a mod for me on my current skates. Just a great bunch of guys. If you want to stay in Mass, Zwicker's in Bedford does a good job with repairs also. Z45
  8. Looking good my man...good transition and crossovers Shows you can become a good hockey player at any age.
  9. these 3 skate days (3 kids) are really wearing on me mentally and physically...last 4 ice times I had a 102 temp LOVE IT!
  10. Through hockey...I met a fabulous wine drinking "NY Jew" by the name of David Miller that I see once a summer (4x in the last 5 years)...... but sometimes it feels like I have known him for decades!
  11. Our Mite B team won their first game last Saturday (1-1 on the season) And my son scored his first goal as a "travel player". This Saturday we have the 7 AM game (yuck)
  12. some other weird stuff? Did "it" grow a little bigger :-) PS - Stewie wants to welcome you to the 3 inch club Seriously though...hope you are back on the ice soon!
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