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  1. Ah, interesting! Thanks for the info guys! Nice EK pun flip!
  2. What are those white panels at the top of this player's skates? Some sort of laces tightening device?
  3. I'm not sure I'm knowledgeable enough to explain the biomechanical issues that arise when your feet aren't situated properly (and/or you have a leg length discrepancy). To put it simply, it makes some movements hard, awkward, or downright impossible to complete. oldtrainguy28, I'd bet you can find a qualified person who can address those issues. I'm considering taking my skates to a ski bootfitter--any good ski bootfitter can deal with over-pronation/supination and leg length discrepancies. But any sort of lift added to the entire skate (between the holder and boot) would have to be done at a hockey shop.
  4. I haven't had lifts installed in my skates, but yeah, I'm thinking that will be needed. I'm not sure there are any shops around me that have any experience doing it. My skates are just One95's with the stock holder and superfeet insoles. They have not modified with any sort of lift (complete skate lift, heel lift, heel wedge, etc.).
  5. Hi all, I'm looking to hear from those who have experience dealing with leg length discrepancies, over-supination, and over-pronation in relation to hockey skate fitting. My left foot over-pronates to the point were my left foot is almost situated at an angle that can shave ice (whereas my right is neutral, think / versus |). It's so bad that my boot made a bump (bone spur?) where the top of the boot digs into my bone (this not an issue now that I always wear a bunga gel pad). I haven't had my legs evaluated in a while but I believe I'm also bow-legged and my left leg is a good deal longer than the my right (I assume that would explain the over-pronation in the left foot). My legs have always been this way (regardless of skate or footbed used). I've played hockey my entire life, so it's not a weak ankle issue. I currently wear a Bauer One95 with superfeet inserts. I ski and it's quite common in that industry to use heel wedges, lifts, custom footbeds to correct these issues but I haven't come across a hockey shop that did that sort of customization. I've found pictures online where rubber pads were inserted between the holder and boot to create a lift--I'm assuming for a leg length discrepancy--here is an example (these are not my skates): http://i.imgur.com/vGFW5wq.jpg I'm just looking to hear from those who have dealt with these issues. It's been around so long I figured it was time to address it. I'm tempted to purchases some heel wedges ($10) and throw them in my left boot, but I thought I'd then have to had some sort of lift into the right boot to account for the increased leg length discrepancy.
  6. availability of jofa elbows goes in spurts but usually you can pick them up in medium and large for <$75... bravo scoober
  7. schill bidding anyone? or savvy businessman?? http://cgi.ebay.com/Jofa-hockey-elbow-pads-9177-pro-size-5-medium-/330519910263?pt=LH_DefaultDomain_0&hash=item4cf4859777
  8. I have the One90 shins and they tend to narrow towards the bottom, One95 looks be stay the same width the whole way down; but that could be the angle of the picture. From what I remember reading about the Flex-Lites, they fit a more wide foot, correct? Shame, cause they are beautiful!!!
  9. I definitely miss the old Jofa pants. The upper torso gear doesn't look bad though, although the lack of 18" version for the shins is no good.
  10. How many inches you rockin'? :D
  11. I'm exactly 6'3" and use 18 inchers too. I can easily use 16" but I prefer longer.
  12. Those Easton shafts sure do run pathetically short. I'm also 6'3" and bought a Easton shaft that required a full end plug (6") and it was still too short. Shame on Easton, really ticks me off. However, the NB One90 shaft and my One70 one piece required no end plug, but those might be too large for the shorter guys.. so we all lose somehow.
  13. Jokinen, the number is P106 I believe.
  14. Nothing special... Danish away jersey: NB One90 (2 piece):
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