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  1. Steve_v3

    Save the date!

    Would love to come to Detroit for the first time.
  2. Just had ultrastop shot blockers put on my skates. Hopefully it won't be much longer until I can use them again!!
  3. Should be ready to go by then & would love to go back
  4. After 1 year 8 months and 27 days I finally had my drains removed today!!! I can actually sleep on my stomach if I want.
  5. Just got my appointment for drain removal. 1/6/21. Keeping my fingers crossed.
  6. The procedure went fine. I have a little more pain then usual. Could be from removing the stents. I also had a biopsy at the same time so that didn't help. Just waiting to hear when I finally get the drains out. They told me two weeks before the procedure. Hopefully I'll hear the is week. Getting labs so that will probably be a factor when deciding to remove them. That will be the best present!
  7. Going for latest procedure tomorrow morning. If things go well, it be the beginning of the end. The plan is to remove the covered stents I got in the spring. Then I'll only have shorter drains. If I do well afterwards I'll get the drains out in two weeks. I'm really hoping this is finally it. I've had these stupid drains since April of last year.
  8. Hopefully they can get things straightened out. Frustrating things no going like you think. as you know I’m been dealing with my stuff since early last year. So I understand getting frustrating with your body not cooperating. hope you feel better soon.
  9. Hoping for a quick recovery. At least you don't have pain.
  10. I remember my first Aluminum stick and thinking how light it was. Funny compared to Composite sticks of today.
  11. Hang in there. I know all too well what it's like to go through stuff like that. It's never great when the doctors say "I don't know?" then you have to wait to see someone else.
  12. Just finished building a built in bookcase.
  13. My wife & daughter stumbled into some cleaning up in our yard. they needed to go on steroids to finally clear it up. Nasty stuff.
  14. My last procedure is looking like it’s not going to work. Going for a CT scan and liver biopsy this week. As long they don’t see anything different, I’m most likely headed to major surgery. The surgery involves a resection of the liver and creating a new connection between the liver and small bowel. It’s a 8 hour surgery with a incision about the same as my transplant scars. needless to say I’m anxious and nervous about doing this.
  15. I’m in the hospital and waiting to get my latest procedure. This will hopefully help get rid of my drains. Unfortunately My luck with roommates has continued. I had a private room on Monday night because they were waiting for my COVID test to come back. Once it was negative I was moved. My first roommate was clearly altered and got worse as the day progressed. So they moved me to another room. It was around 11:00 so I tried to get some sleep. At 12:30 my roommate decided it was a good time to watch Rambo 2. I finally feel asleep around 1:00. Only to wake up at 3:30 with his light on and tv blaring again. Plus the heat was turned up to 80. So I’ve been up since then. But now he’s sleeping with his tv off. Sleeping is tough enough in a hospital, but yikes.
  16. First and last pair of shoulders I have. Bauer Flak. I got them in 1989, when I first started skating in a rink. They're so comfortable that I can't imagine using anything different. My Mother in law is my personal equipment manager. She's sewed up holes and changed the straps multiple times.
  17. Not fun. My wife has been diagnosed with it too. Very frustrating.
  18. Glad to hear you caught it early.
  19. It’s a great time. My first time spending the weekend with everyone was awesome. Highly recommend going for the weekend. Hoping my health can finally get in the right direction so I can come back, even if just to hang out with everyone.
  20. Unfortunately I’ll be out again. Health hasn’t been very cooperative lately and likely will be dealing with stuff for a while. Hopefully everyone has a great time.
  21. Well I’m back in the hospital with yet another infection. Most likely around one of my drain sites. Because of everything I’m been tested for the flu and it came back negative, but they decided to do a more sensitive test. The good thing is I got a private room. This week I’m scheduled to have my drains changed out. I’m getting general anesthesia because they are going to be more aggressive with dilating one of the drains that doesn’t want to stay open. at least I feel things are moving in the right direction. Hopefully I can get these out by the summer
  22. Well I guess my body decided the proper way to ring in the New Year was from Umass Memorial medical center. Woke up yesterday with a fever and by the end of the day I was admitted to the hospital. Thinking the IV antibiotics will kill whatever is making me sick. With any luck I can go home tomorrow.
  23. Thanks. I’m home now & feeling better. This year has definitely been the toughest of my life. Even in my transplant years it was pretty cut and dry. I got really sick then I had my transplant and slowly got better. This year of downs has taken it’s toll. As soon as I think I’m making progress something brings me down. I got some positive news about my labs, they have looked better. Almost normal. So without getting too excited, maybe the drains are working as expected.
  24. This past week has really tested me. First I had my yearly colonoscopy. That ended up being the highlight of the week. That night I had trouble sleeping because my drain was feeling very sore. So I decided to take some pain meds to help me sleep so I’d feel good for Thanksgiving. One of the wonders of having liver disease is liver itching. It’s usually when your bilirubin is high. For me sometimes I get a little itchy when I take pain meds. Well for whatever reason I had a severe reaction and was itching like mad from 2:00 AM on Thanksgiving to late that night. I took my sleeping meds and by Friday evening I felt better. then I decided to change up to go to bed and managed to catch one of my drains on my pants and pulled it out over half way. So now it’s 4:00 AM on Saturday and I’m in the ER. My whole right side is killing me. Because it’s the weekend I have no idea what there going to do. 2019 has sucked. I’m just hoping I’m not in the hospital for too long this time.
  25. Had my drain upsized and they believe that the old drain was leaking into me. That’s what was causing my pain. So hopefully in a few days I will get back to be my normal. Now I need to keep progressing to getting these drains out.
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