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  1. Thats exactly what I did to see what the problem is but it's transparent to the eye. It's only when you actually put your hand/foot in it is when you feel the material. Anyways I think it's glue and hopefully goes away once I get them baked
  2. Hey guys quick question, I just got a pair of Mako 2's and have yet to get them molded, but inside the right boot where the toe cap is where the tongue connects to the boot theres a minor sharp pain (glue? stitching?) and I'm wondering if thats normal. If so, any suggestions on how to improve the comfort?
  3. Dupes, how much would it be for the mf2 custom?
  4. why do you have be such a dick for?
  5. those bauer gloves are too nic to be true.
  6. UPDATTEEE helmet: rbk 6k/ 480 shoulder: farrell h600 :) elbow: ccm vector 06 shins: ccm vector 06 pants rbk 6k :D skates: rbk 9k sticks STS x 4 :D
  7. the first 2 pics are nice, the third one, not so much, no offense, they're ( the pictures ) are all good, and you have nice style
  8. this is what i heard, from one of my friends, but didn't david perron played midget b? I heard that from a guy i go shinny with a lot, and apparently has good connections to the perron brothers
  9. they sell at hockey experts....
  10. Helmet: Easton s17/480 chrome Gloves: Easton pro stocks Stick: Easton synergy (ornage) x2 Skates: easton synergy 800s, and a pair of vector 7.0s(whites) Pants: easton s15 motion and team easton shells
  11. those..... are sooo dirty like just wow
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