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  • Skates
    Bauer 8090
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    Bauer Vapor x700
  • Gloves
    Bauer 4 Rolls
  • Helmet
    Bauer 4500 w/ NBH 9500 Cage
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    Bauer Vapor X40
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    Bauer One40
  • Elbow Pads
    Bauer TotalOne
  • Shin Pads
    Warrior Projekt

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  1. Wonder how those two additional sheets at BSA are coming along...
  2. Picked up a pair of used Bauer One40 shoulder pads. Great low end shoulder pad, but they were missing the removable stomach pad. So does anyone have the removable stomach pad for these suckers just laying around and looking to be put to use? Wonder if one could use any pad from that line in its place...
  3. I'm in the same boat as you. I'm sure I'd have to do some sucking up before making a day of it. Half day would probably work better, or at night.
  4. I coach at Beacon. Pretty sure the ice time is all booked up for the rest of the season. I would be curious if MSH could get a squad together for a game there next season though. There are four different teams to choose from, although, the B team is full of guys who are still in shape... Anyway, with the small group of Jersey guys we have listed here, it would be a cool idea to get an ice slot or two at ProTech on one of the small sheets to do some 3-v-3. I'm sure it's pretty reasonably priced during the off-season. I'm thinking, a slot before lunch. Lunch and beers as Freddy's down the street. Then another slot after. Make a day of it.
  5. So is Larsson confused which glove to wear? A Bauer 4-roll or a Warrior AX-1? http://media.gettyimages.com/photos/david-desharnais-of-the-montreal-canadiens-and-adam-larsson-of-the-picture-id503720336
  6. Was looking over some of my stuff last night when I stopped and looked at my skates. I'm like, damn, these have some years on them. Made me wonder about what's in some of you gear whore's collection. So how old is your oldest piece of equipment, that you still use regularly? Me? I have three pairs of Bauer 8090 skates. One is my original pair I bought like 12 years ago that have I have retired to coaching duties a few years back (they're like slippers!). The other pair I got off of eBay about 8 years ago that I use to play in once/twice a week. The third pair is another used set about 6 years old that are in the box on standby.
  7. Not a suspension, but a fine for Tootoo... http://scoutingtherefs.com/2015/10/10183/devils-tootoo-fined-2217-for-dangerous-trip-on-preds-seth-jones/
  8. I feel you on that one...
  9. Think I'm lucky that I finally settled down in a league where the same teams, with the same core players have been playing against each other for about six seasons now. I'm currently in my third season with these guys and while you'd think playing the same teams over and over (5 teams in total) would get a bit boring, every game has typically been competitive and fast paced despite the score. There's really no bullshit. Most checks/body contact or battles in front of the next usually end with "you okay?" or a pat on the ass. There are a few exceptions and everyone knows who to look out for, but you'll get that no matter where you go.
  10. I guess things have changed a bit. I'm a Level 4 and I've never touched the ice at a coaching clinic. Only for ADM trainings. If it's anything like the USAH ADM things I've been to, it's nothing more than pushing pucks and setting up drills. You'll be fine...
  11. The pair on the right was purchased in 2005 and still going strong!
  12. But you will probably get hit with blackouts if you're in the NY area. The cable companies have hockey fans by the balls in the NY/NJ area (I'm sure its the same elsewhere...). I have to pay an extra $20 a month to get the MSG channels on my cable plan. If I were to dump the cable and just go with game center, pretty much all of the Devils games are blacked out. So either way, I lose...
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