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  • Skates
    Bauer 8090
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    Bauer Vapor x700
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    Bauer 4 Rolls
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    Bauer 4500 w/ NBH 9500 Cage
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    Bauer Vapor X40
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    Bauer One40
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    Bauer TotalOne
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    Warrior Projekt

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  1. I feel you on that one...
  2. So I'm currently employed, but looking to move on. I have my resume out there on the typical sites that we've all come to use at some point or another. That being said, I work in the product management/product development type field and if I get one more damn email asking me if I want to become an insurance salesman, marketing door-to-door hack or if I want to sort Australian Air Mail from the comfort of my own home, I'm going to lose it!
  3. Haven't bought any equipment in almost a year (except for some crappy Tron socks for beer league), then this happens. Pure Hockey 20% sale got me a the Kurtis Foster (NJD) Bauer 4-rolls. Amazon messes up so I bought two Warrior Covert DT4s (only received one...) Stewie hands off some barely used shins for a price I couldn't argue with. Got me some new Bauer 800 socks. and lastly, scored a new Bauer compression jock on eBay. Turns out a lady bought them thinking they were bike shorts for her husband. So I gladly purchased the $50 jock from her for $12 bucks, thank you very much... And a family photo of my Devils 4-rolls in various sizes...
  4. I mean I get it, its the summer, we're guilty of bringing in a couple of guys here and there to give us two lines on a few given nights, but we're not bringing in borderline A/B guys to play in a C league. Best part was the most of the regulars on that team never saw the ice the whole game which shows you that they only brought them in to win the damn thing for them. It was bogus, but what can you do. Its just beer league...
  5. Same old story. Summer beer league championship game against a team who all of a sudden has 7 or 8, 23/24 year old studs playing for them that we've never seen before...
  6. Think he still does that over at the Ice Vault. He made the USAH Labatt tourney a shit ton of fun a few years back...
  7. Somehow pulled off a "B" on my Sociology final on Friday. Still trying to figure out how I pulled that off, but sure as hell ain't arguing!
  8. That other shoulder pad topic reminded me to post pics of my set up. Finally got sick of getting cross checks in the back while being in front of the net. I play non-contact beer league, so I don't need a heavy set of shoulders (my opinion at least, I know others will say otherwise), so the classic Winn-Wells are perfect. The only thing they lack is a little padding on the spine. So I took the spine pad off a pair of Easton S3 shoulders and sewed them on as seen.
  9. Just curious if the upgrades to the Nexus 1000 gloves are worth the extra few bucks?
  10. Sociology sucks! Just saying. Too many terms to memorize and not enough time... Taking some online courses to finish off my Bachelor degree and this really is my first snag. Give me statistics, physics, trig and I'll fly right through. But asking me to remember the functionalist perspective regarding deviance, F-that...
  11. Little b-day present from my folks. Pretty excited for this one. And an updated family portrait with my Pro Bully and x89 Pure Hockey blow out additions.
  12. Played a team that stooped to an all time low last night. I can deal with bringing in a ringer or two, but six?!?!? We played this team four times previously (2-2) and never have seen any one of the six guys they brought in. Pure BS. Game got chippy with them too. They had 17 players on the bench and ended up with 13 by the end of the game. We did get the last laugh though, our 10 man bench knocked them off 4-2...
  13. Yea dude. Best part about ordering from them. I'll get my orders in two days for regular ground shipping. I usually hit them up first if I'm looking for something and will buy from them over say Ice Warehouse even though the shipping might not be free, but it'll get to me faster...
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