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  1. Does anyone know where I can find a True mid-kick point shaft? The True AX9 shaft is being produced, but it is a low-kick point shaft.
  2. Anyone else have experience with Fischer sticks? I'm curious about the puck feel/sensation compared to other high end sticks.
  3. I recently tried on the Graf Classic G755 skates and find them to be comfortable with more "classic" feeling. Would it work to replace the Cobra holders with the classic Tuuk w/ Step blades that I currently have on my old Bauer Supremes? I asked at my hockey shop and I was told that the Graf's boot is inclined forward compared to Bauer skates, for example, so the classic Tuuk holders may result in the skates being "off". Is this correct?
  4. Thanks for all the suggestions. Stick: For puck feel, what are some suggestions? I know puck feel is subjective, but maybe some old timers that know the joys of a wood stick may have empathy for my dilemma. Curve: I purchased a True P88 blade. It's close but it's also a short blade. I like more of a long paddle blade, like Datsyuk, Kane and Drai. Skates: I will check out the Ribcore skates. I've never owned CCM skates. I still have my youthful prejudice that CCM skates are a tier below Bauer and Graf, which are the only brands I have ever used. I remeber when Tacks first came out and they were a design disaster. The new Grafs put me on my toes a bit and I feel like I can't skate backwards, but the boot feels relatively comfortable.
  5. After about of decade away from the game, I started playing briefly again about 6-7 years ago. At that point, I was mostly using a composite shaft with a wood blade and my old Bauer 5000 skates. Now, after another 4.5 years away from the game, I restarted playing in a local men's league. I'm having trouble adapting to modern equipment and I'm looking for help/advice. Composite Stick: I have yet to adapt to composite sticks. The puck feel for stickhandling is horrible. Shooting feels and sounds like I'm handling a hollow, plastic hockey stick. A few years ago, I had a Bauer one95 pro stock for a bit and it was the closest thing I could find to the puck feel of a wood blade. Any recommendations on more recent sticks? Curves: I used the Easton Suter/Shanahan curve for many years and I'm not able to stickhandle, pass and shoot with an open blade as well as a closed blade. I can't find anything similar on the market to the old Shanahan curve. I've also noticed that lies seem to be consistently higher now. Back in my day, the norm was a 5 or 5.5 lie. Now I mostly see 6 & 7 lies on mid-curves. I know Base has the Shanahan curve, but I don't like tapered shafts, as they feel too thin at the bottom. Since I use a short shaft, I have my bottom hand down low on the shaft and can feel the taper. Suggestions on curves? Ideally, I would like to find a stick and curve that I know will be consistently available, although I'm open to pro stock sticks. Since I'm finding my search very difficult, I am considering ordering two Bauer custom sticks with the "soft" blade and Kane's NHL curve, but the price is outrageous. Skates: I'm still rotating two pairs of Bauer Supreme 5000 skates. They are awesome! But I also realize they are very heavy compared to modern skates and they won't last much longer. When I tried composite skates about 7-8 years ago, I struggled with foot pain and boot flexing. Any recommendations on skates? Thanks in advance.
  6. Base. It's $500 for the custom mold and $60 per blade (with a minimum of 6 blades). I guess that is the only option in North America.
  7. Can other chime in on the difference between the 1000 and 7000 skates? Is it mainly the Clarino liner? I do like the more traditional look of the 7000 but the Clarino liner appeals to me. Thanks.
  8. Bringing up an old thread. Is there any manufacturer or shop does offers custom replacement blades? I don't care about minimum orders or costs at this point.
  9. What companies offer custom replacement blades?
  10. Hi, is it possible to order custom Bauer replacement blades? The Sherwood SOP guys are completely unprofessional so I prefer to deal with a professional company and I like the feel of Bauer blades (one95).
  11. Sorry, but I didn't understand your message. You sent a mold stick in September and got replacement blades in November? What message thing -- the contact form under the Contact Us tab? What blade link on the site? They put up a special blade link for you?
  12. For those of you that ordered custom T90 blades through PSHG, how long did it take? Did you actually speak to anyone at PSHG?
  13. Long hosel versus short hosel for tapered blades -- does the difference in length affect performance or feel? Also, is there a difference between standard blades and a long hosel tapered blade? I don't see how flex or energy transfer could be any different.
  14. I have a bit of a silly question: do all one95 Bauer shafts have the yellow stripe "underneath"?
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