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    Bauer Vapor APX (custom by DarkStar50)
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    Bauer Nexus 1000, True 6.0
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    Bauer Vapor APX2 Pro
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    Bauer REAKT
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    Bauer Vapor 1X
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    Reebok 12K
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    Whatever they gave me in high school

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  1. Definitely had a set of Jones shoulder pads. Blue with white plastic. I definitely never got hurt with them.
  2. Definitely. Bounced my head on the ice as a Learn to Skate kid slammed into the back of my legs. Wear a helmet.
  3. @Amazinmets73 Looks great! And something I'm totally guilty of and not even just on jump backs, is not shifting the weight to the inside leg and loading up for the first crossover. For the most part you're nailing it, there are a few times where you're not putting as much weight or pressure to the inside leg on the jump back and you're having the outside leg, which is extended for the stop, do all or most of the work. You're going such a great job with the smooth crossovers in the second video. Nice and level, no bobbing. Fantastic. Seriously, keep up the great work. Have you been playing in pick up or any game situations at this point?
  4. Grafs came with Tuuks before the Cobra holders were developed.
  5. My friend who just returned to hockey after a hip replacement, swears by the new Tackla girdle.
  6. Thanks, guys! I'm still waiting for them to get me a list and pictures.
  7. Stick and Puck would be the way to go. It's just open ice where you can bring a couple of pucks and work on whatever you'd like.
  8. My cousin called me, said her husband’s uncle died. His widow is looking to move his collection of hockey jerseys. He has things like game worn and signed Gretzky (Rangers), Lemieux, original Devils, Russian/USSR etc. all with COAs. Someone offered the widow $300 for the Gretzky jersey and she declined. Does anyone know a way of pricing out these jerseys or auctions that deal specifically with sports memorabilia? Thanks for any help, I should have a list of what’s in the collection by the weekend.
  9. My friend who had a hip replacement just switched to the Tackla Breezer and he absolutely loves it. Much more protective than whatever the Bauer pants he was using before were.
  10. Listen to Tocchet on one of the recent Spitting Chiclets podcasts. He talks about his relationship with Phil and that seems like it could have been a huge factor in why he wanted Arizona.
  11. Bruins got sucked into the Leaf's game. Speed and transition instead of a heavy, grinding game. If they can't turn that around, Leafs are going to run away with this round.
  12. Helmet with visor, skates, gloves. Didn't wear a helmet until I had a kid at a learn to skate session slide into me from behind, take my legs out, and bounce by head off the ice.
  13. Hey, has anyone seen any new drills or systems pop up in the past few months that they love? Going to try to keep things interesting as always. Definitely love drills that force the kids to compete against each other.
  14. Enjoyed Laura Stamm's clinics when I had her as a teenager. As an adult I've been going to Robby Glantz. He does adult sessions, I think I've been to two of them now. Really nice to work on some of the finer details of skating that you don't get to in pickup or men's league games.
  15. I was helping out at a learn to skate program, one of the dads was surprised I didn't wear a helmet. I'd never had an issue in the 8 years of coaching or so. Sure enough, I skate out onto the ice and a kid slides behind me and I bounce my head off the ice. I've been wearing a helmet and a large visor ever since.
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