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  1. Home and Away Bruins and Hurricanes socks and a 9k Girdle. Not sure how I feel about the girdle yet. I'll have to wait till Friday to try it out.
  2. Columbus Blue Jackets Friday, June 22. http://bluejackets.nhl.com/club/page.htm?id=80396
  3. From the Michigan wolverines hockey sale that was today. Yes the skates are apx's. The socks are actually a funny story. We walked in and it started a little early so a lot of stuff was already grabbed up. Well there was one blue sock sitting on the table so my brother grabbed and and looked around the whole time for the other. About 30 mins later we got in line and I noticed he was still holding onto the one sock and he said we was going to hold it till the front of the line in case they had the other up front. It was a long line so 10 mins later I see a guy throw a sock back on the tables and sure enough it was the other sock for his pair. Funny to us because he said he was just waiting the other guy out.
  4. This is our haul for 4 guys. First sale for all of use. The skates are almost brand new.
  5. I got both off ebay. The socks came with a COA saying they were used during the movie but I don't think it's real. I don't care because I just wanted them to match the jersey. As for the jersey it just a replica of the one in the movie. A few things different but nothing you would notice unless you had a side by side of a real jersey. IMO the jersey is the perfect jersey for some pond hockey because it's so warm.
  6. Just got my socks. Now I need to get a shell made.
  7. As in hardware like the screws and the white space fillers(not sure what they are called), but yes it does. http://www.imageups.com/img/uploads/big/d68e0c0fd3.jpg
  8. Here are some more pictures of the socks and the visor and a little review. Socks are one pair of SK100 Dry fit Black, the other is the SK200 Team Dry fit Tampa bay. First thing to notice is the difference between the picture on their site and what I got on the Tampa bay is the design. Not really a big deal to me but something to note. The thing that bothered me is the difference in size. I knew that the sk100's are 28''and the sk200's are 30'' but I didn't think they would get much looser. I really liked the tight feel of the sk100's and was disappointed with the the sk200's. Overall quality seem's great. I've been skating in the sk100's for a couple of weeks now and no tears or anything. I can't tell puck marks because of them being black and I just used the white ones for sticks and pucks this morning. Like others have said they are nice and breezy and comfortable. The visor I really can't give a review on it because I haven't used it yet and this will be my first one ever(always caged). It's the S10 anti scratch. These are large pictures also. http://www.imageups..../cdbb2cc02d.jpg http://www.imageups..../fa9f37f604.jpg http://www.imageups..../d80322e735.jpg http://www.imageups..../9795430071.jpg http://www.imageups..../b171fc8524.jpg http://www.imageups..../f915c424e3.jpg http://www.imageups..../d68e0c0fd3.jpg http://www.imageups..../cdb108f8f4.jpg http://www.imageups..../a4b4fa34f0.jpg
  9. Bauer XXV Mission vanguard Revision Gold and platinum wheels. The missions I use to wear.
  10. Quick question for you guys, I just got a extra pair of bauer xxv's and I was looking to convert them. I just need to know what size Chassis I need. I was looking to get a mission chassis and the size boots are 10.5 http://www.hockeymonkey.com/mission-magnesium-vg-chassis-set.html Going by that is says i need a large but I just want to make sure.
  11. All it will do is add onto your account so say your account was going to expire on the 10th it will now expire on the 17th and then you either pay for more time or don't.
  12. That does look sick.
  13. Quick question, I'm looking to do the conversion with my XXV's That are size 11. I'm going to buy a vanguard chassis. It says it's medium, Would that work for me?
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