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  1. What size are you? You can have/buy mine. I bought two pairs of TF9s so I have 2 sets of the tool and switched out the footbeds for superfeet.
  2. I had a teammate ask if I got new skates the other day and I've played on them for months at 1-4 games a week. I didn't really know how to answer lol. For sizing, I got 8.5W and they were kind of smashing my little toes prebake and my big toes were sitting on the ridge at the front. Post bake, there was still pressure on the little toes but it was manageable. Post another bake (had to work on a pressure point) and about 7 games, they were too big. My toes don't even touch the ridge and my big toes are getting bruised from sliding into the toe cap/ridge. There's no pressure on my little toes at all now and I can't even tighten the forefoot area enough to get a solid fit. They really opened up after playing in them. For reference, my previous skates were the RBK 50k 8.5EE.
  3. We'll go with that lol. I did switch to True TF9 skates and am skating better a lot better than with my old skates. I ordered the Nash skate blockers and will use them this weekend. Watch me not get hit again for months
  4. Cool thanks. Just wanted to make sure they're good since they're so expensive. Related note, I've been hit in the foot at least 4 times in the feet in the past month where I'd maybe get hit once per season in the past. Has everyone forgotten how to elevate the puck with all the time off lol?
  5. Have you used these? Any idea how they compare to the skate fenders?
  6. I have the same problem and these have worked well. I cut mine in half to get a wristband size but it slips so I'm going to try the full size again to see if it's better. You mentioned wearing a silicon pad but I'm not sure if it's the same as this. https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B0931Z6G9M
  7. This exact thing happened to my two older True A6.0 sticks and I was just able to remove it last week. The grip layer has worn/faded away and the adhesive is coming to the surface. This happens with a lot of electronics and things that have the "soft touch" feel (headphones, mice, wine opener, etc.). The way I was able to remove it was to use rubbing alcohol and a scotchbrite pad. I've also use an old sock on some more delicate electronics. The alcohol softens the adhesive and you basically scrape off the sticky stuff. Goo gone or similar will probably work also but you need something strong like a sock or a pad for the sticky stuff to cling to. I was trying with paper towels at first and it didn't do anything.
  8. I have slight bauer bumps and the TF9 don't bother me at all but then again none of my past skates (except the bauer's that gave me the bumps) have given me a problem there.
  9. I didn't try this but was able to pinpoint it to the top eyelet that was causing the problem. It was hitting/rubbing the side of my leg/ankle. It was definitely occurring during deep turns and acceleration as you mentioned. Just an update, I hadn't skated in over 2 years before skating on the Trues. After my post, I flared the cuff out a bit more but it was still hurting. I left it that way during stick and skate sessions and tried to adjust my foot whenever I felt the pain. Up to that point I'd only gone to a few skate and stick sessions but after a few games, it started hurting less and less. It's been about 6-7 games now and there's only a very slight pain occasionally. Maybe it just took a little bit for me to get my strength and technique back. The TF9 have been great otherwise.
  10. My feet do pronate but it doesn't seem too bad in skates. My ankles don't bend inward when I'm standing or anything. I've read a lot of your posts about fixing pronation problems but is there anything I can do other than lacing less and getting stronger ankles?
  11. Has anyone had any issues with the TF9 digging into the area above your ankle (on the outside)? I don't think it's the top of the skate that's causing the issue but possibly the top eyelet which isn't laced. The eyelet doesn't seem recessed into the boot as much as it should be. I've flared out the cuff progressively wider a couple of times and it's gotten better each time but when I lean really forward, it still really bites into my leg. I will say that I've never skipped the top eyelet in the past and I seem to be able to get much more forward flex than any other skates (due to very little heel slippage). It's happening on both skates. In the past, I've had the top edge of skates dig into the side of my leg but I'd just wear a wristband for extra padding and it was fine. This seems to be lower and much more painful. Is it the skates or my skating technique that's causing the problem?
  12. Thanks for the video. Crazy how pliable the skates became. They probably changed their formula because the included instructions say to put it in a home oven for 6 minutes at 180 degrees. It doesn't specifically say convection oven for home. I went from a 8.5 EE CCM to a 8.5 W True and probably could have gone down half a size. I just realized that when my arch collapses (flat feet, foot rolls inward), my big toe moves forward some. So when I stand, my feet fit fit the 8.5. When I take weight off, it could definitely go down to an 8. When going from a R to a W, do they just make it wider at the toebox or do they add volume as well (more than the inherit volume from being wider)?
  13. Good point. I just don't trust them to know anything about True skates or the wrap.
  14. I finally got around to baking my Tf9 yesterday at home in my non-convection gas oven according to the instructions. The results weren't great. I put them in for 6 minutes at 175 degrees (just in case my oven is too hot) and when I took them out, they weren't that malleable so I put them in for in an addition 3 minutes at 180 degrees.This time they were a little better but not much. I put them on anyway and wrapped them with an ace bandage and clear wrap like the videos but it didn't seem to mold much better than my old CCMs. The lace holes didn't really wrap so I took a heat gun to it and got it to wrap a bit more. The skates aren't that difficult to take off and only feel slightly better than prebake so I'm guessing they didn't form to my foot very much and a second bake is needed. Should I increase the temperature or leave them in longer? I was already pushing 10 minutes so that makes me nervous. And how should the skates fee when they reach optimum heat level?
  15. The Ribcore 80k EE isn't going to work for you. I doubt any retail skate will if your foot barely fits a Nexus EE. Those are some hooves you've got there. My last skates were the 80k and I'd say they are similar to the TF9 in volume and width with the TF9 having a hair more. Let me know how the Fit 3 fits as I haven't tried those on and have been curious. I have high volume feet as well but not nearly as much as yours. Custom Trues could work for you. They'd be the same price as top of the line Bauer or CCM right?
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