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  1. Yeah man, its not worth it at this point in time especially with your preexisting medical issues. Hockey by nature is just not a pandemic friendly activity. If we have to take a year, even two years off, its really not that big of a deal in the grand scheme of things. I've taken that long of a hiatus before just because I got interested in some other hobbies. I just bought some outdoor inline wheels and a beater stick so I can at least skate around a bit at outdoor rinks in the mean time.
  2. My rink is starting up beer league again in early July. As much as I miss it and want to be playing, I told my team I'm good. The only changes they are making are not allowing spectators and cleaning the locker rooms after every game. With cases starting to spike again, I wouldnt stand next to 10 guys in the grocery store without masks on no less play hockey with them. I'm a little jealous of the people who are playing again and am glad the rink is getting some $ again, but no thanks. I would probably go to a stick and puck though since I can pretty much keep to myself.
  3. HM has a "Mako Pro" for $50 more than the Mako II. Is this like a pro stock version? I've never seen it before. This is the only thing that looks different from the description: "EC100 composite M1 Monocoque Chassis boot – Pro stiffness" http://www.hockeymonkey.com/easton-hockey-skates-mako-pro-sr.html
  4. I got hit on the front of my ankle with close range wrister just below my shin pad like 3 months ago and I can still feel it. I don't know if it would have been any different with other skates, but that sucked and kept me from playing for a while. I've taken shots in a couple other places on the boot and been fine though. As for the "Mako bumps", I have an issue on just one skate where it rubs my ankle. It's right about where the tendon guard attaches. I tried heating it and bending it a bit but it didn't seem to do anything. I wear a Bunga pad and it keeps it from doing any damage. Kind of annoying to have to do that though. I might eventually try just gluing a piece of gel padding onto that spot of the boot so I dont have to mess with the sleeve. Overall I still really like the skates though. I was just noticing last game how all I have to do is just "snug" the laces up and it wraps my foot perfectly. No tugging and pulling required for a good fit. Contrary to some opinions I think they (M8's) look really sick too.
  5. Used mine in Mako M8's for the first time today. When I first put my skates on with them in, I thought they felt a little tight and maybe unnecessary in Mako's which are already low volume. Skating with them though I didn't notice they were there, very comfy. I'm interested to wear them a few more times to really get used to the feel and then take them out and see how different skating feels. I haven't skated in about a month before today so I couldn't really do a good comparison.
  6. Awesome, thanks! I got them a while ago but haven't used them yet. I'll be getting back on the ice this week and will report back.
  7. Mike, I ordered the Powerfoot inserts on Amazon. A rep contacted me for my skate info (Makos). I assumed this would assure I was getting the right size for Makos. Is that not the case since it was from Amazon?
  8. I need to pull the sides of the skate apart a little and put them on my foot with the skate kind of angled inwards to take mine on and off.
  9. Agree, that pic looks like just the outer coating has some cosmetic marks on it. Mine has some too. Wouldn't worry about it.
  10. Can't see the picture, but I would return them. It can only get worse.
  11. The Mako thread will never die! The Great One rocking OG Mako's
  12. Damn those look sick. What's up with that big piece on the bottom of the boot? Some kind of fancy vent hole?
  13. I was a little worried about the durability of that area. Sucks that it happened on your first use. Interested to see a pic.
  14. I don't think you need to rush to stock up at this point. I think they'll be discounted everywhere soon enough.
  15. No checking doesn't mean no contact. You basically can't purposefully knock a guy over or hit him into the boards. You can use your body to protect the puck and your space on the ice, and lean a little bit on guys when playing the puck along the boards. You'll get a feel for it yourself after you play a while. I also think a "Sorry" goes a long way when you might knock someone around or trip them unintentionally.
  16. That really blows. Maybe you can keep a look out for a cheap pair on eBay to use for parts. Not sure on the size, but the screw type is called a Robertson head (the square hole). You can probably just take the screw with you to the store and see what fits unless someone else here knows the exact size.
  17. I wouldn't worry too much about it, it's a little tricky to get mine on or off even after baking. I have to kind of hold the skate sideways and pull the eyelets apart. You can't really just grab on the tendon guard and shove your foot in like normal. For what it's worth, I got the same size that I had had in Bauers and it was the right choice.
  18. I think someone already posted this, but those have Tuuk holders swapped on.
  19. Yeah the arches didn't really bother me this time. I'd like to keep with the stock insoles if possible as I think having less between your foot and the holder is one of the features of the design. I'll probably skate one more time and if the rubbing is still a bad issue, Ill try bending it out with some heat. Definitely swapping the laces, even if just for the shorter length. Who needs laces this freakin long? I guess it helps with being able to loosen them up all the way without unlacing half the skate. The forefoot volume thing is more on top of my foot where the tongue is, not the side. I did spot heat it once and it helped the width a bit but not the space on top. It's not terrible, just noticeable because the right skate fits so perfect.
  20. Used my M8's in a game for the first time last night. Still really digging them. I feel a lot more "connected", and solid in these. When I really want to take off, I feel like these skates encourage me. In my Supremes, I always felt like I was fighting the skate, trying to get my weight forward enough and get enough flex out of them. My arches that bothered me a little during the first skate weren't an issue. I got a little bit of rubbing on the outside of my one ankle, but Ive had the same thing before with new skates and it went away. I also didn't feel like I had to retighten my laces halfway through the game like I did before to retain a snug fit, though I might switch to some shorter waxed laces. I feel like I might have a little too much volume in my left forefoot, the right skate fits like a glove. I was thinking of maybe sticking one of those Elite gel lace bite pads on the tongue there to reduce the empty space? They're velcro so it wouldn't be permanent.
  21. They're still advertising it on sites that sell the skate, so I would assume so. Could be an online only thing. It was definitely a factor in my purchasing decision, as I would normally avoid buying skates online.
  22. I think the biggest differences will be weight, and the tongue (Mako 1, 2 and M8 have a thicker tongue with beefier metatarsal guard). Other than that, the Mako 1 could have some issues they apparently fixed with the second generation line like durability of the outsole and some rubbing points in the ankle. You can also use Easton's 30 Day Guarantee on the M7 and newer models. Also, one has a lot of bright orange where the other is just white if that matters to you.
  23. Anybody have any issues with the durability of the outside of the skate from other skates, boards etc.? My only real concern is that the heel and "mesh" bits don't really look like they can take much abuse. Also, is the composite stuff on the heel structural, or mostly for looks? Seems like the actual boot is made of a darker, different material when you look inside the sole of the skate (on M8's anyway).
  24. Used my M8's for the first time yesterday at a stick and puck. They felt pretty great overall. I'm coming from some Supreme 180s, and CCM V08s and several Mission inline skates before that. I haven't even had my Supremes for a year yet, but I just never felt that great in them. I got my M8s in 9.5D, same as the Supremes. The fit length wise is really similar and I don't think I cloud have gone down any smaller. I LOVE the feel of these and the aggressive pitch. It felt so much more natural to me and like what I was missing from the Supremes. I didn't feel like I was fighting the boot to get my weight forward. I only had a few issues which I think are fixable. One is that I had a lot of pressure in my arch/lower ankle area, but it didn't really bother me until I got off the ice. Another is that my left foot is slightly narrower in the forefoot than my right. Usually this results in my right foot getting squished but in these that foot actually felt perfect and the left one was a little loose. Going to see if I can spot heat and tighten the left forefoot area somehow. Lastly, I got a horrible first sharpening, giving way to much edge on my right skate and almost none on the left, but that's not the skates fault.
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