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  1. Yeah man, its not worth it at this point in time especially with your preexisting medical issues. Hockey by nature is just not a pandemic friendly activity. If we have to take a year, even two years off, its really not that big of a deal in the grand scheme of things. I've taken that long of a hiatus before just because I got interested in some other hobbies. I just bought some outdoor inline wheels and a beater stick so I can at least skate around a bit at outdoor rinks in the mean time.
  2. My rink is starting up beer league again in early July. As much as I miss it and want to be playing, I told my team I'm good. The only changes they are making are not allowing spectators and cleaning the locker rooms after every game. With cases starting to spike again, I wouldnt stand next to 10 guys in the grocery store without masks on no less play hockey with them. I'm a little jealous of the people who are playing again and am glad the rink is getting some $ again, but no thanks. I would probably go to a stick and puck though since I can pretty much keep to myself.
  3. I have the newer version of the SD https://www.shockdoctor.com/ultra-shockskin-compression-hockey-short-with-aircore-hard-cup I love it. The cup is insanely light and comfortable. Ive had issues bruising my hips/ass too and have tried almost everything. I have the Bauer ones with the hip padding as well but I'm not really a fan of the cup part of them, its just two regular cup straps inside compression shorts. Much prefer the style SD uses. I tried those Hillbilly impact shorts as well. I think those would probably have fixed the issue but I just didn't like how bulky they were and having to have the extra layer. I've also cut up old shoulder pad bits and speedy stitched them onto the existing hip pads on my pants. I think all that has cut down on my problem a little but, but I still get injured there once in a while. It seems to be less severe at least when it does happen.
  4. Maybe an inline puck? I imagine it would be less noisy but it's definitely lighter than an ice puck. There are foam pucks too. Again, would be much lighter but might still be fine for just working on shot mechanics. There's this thing too: http://www.hockeymonkey.com/accessories/accessories-puck/training-hockey-pucks/ar-hockey-accessories-hockey-puck-foam-bumpers.html
  5. +1 on the STX Surgeon RX 2.1. I'm used to using lighter, higher end sticks but I got a 2.1 recently and love it. I was initially worried I would be able to really tell the difference but I cant.
  6. I use 1.5" on the blade. Some people might feel or claim to feel a difference but Im sure I couldnt. A lot of it probably has to do with habit and relative scarcity of 1.5 vs. 1.
  7. I saw a couple pics on Getty images where you can see some hawks players who clearly have regular clear tape and then white tape over top of that. Must be part of the uniform for some reason.
  8. Yeah, I know what gaff tape is for. Granted its been a while since I've used it, but it seems like it would have less friction than regular hockey tape not to mention being way more expensive. But again, I dont know what this has to do with the history or white colored tape in hockey.
  9. Gaff tape seems like it would be too slippery/plasticy. I dont know what that has to do with this post though.
  10. HM has a "Mako Pro" for $50 more than the Mako II. Is this like a pro stock version? I've never seen it before. This is the only thing that looks different from the description: "EC100 composite M1 Monocoque Chassis boot – Pro stiffness" http://www.hockeymonkey.com/easton-hockey-skates-mako-pro-sr.html
  11. I haven't, but I would be really surprised if they were any different than any other puck. Roller pucks are different since there are a lot of different designs and manufacturers - I'd expect some to be better than others in that case.
  12. No problem. Let me know if you have any other questions about it.
  13. So I did the Weekend Warriors camp in Vail a couple weeks ago. I'm a C league player who grew up playing in mostly rec level roller hockey leagues and then started playing ice 6 or 7 years ago. Overall I thought the camp was good, and I learned a lot. Most of the other attendees were a good bit older (I'm 29), and more beginner level players. A lot of the focus in the beginning was edge work and power skating type stuff which I found pretty easy and basic, though I have room to improve for sure and it's always nice to brush up on that stuff. We did split up by skill level for some of the drills which was helpful. The best part of it for me was learning to stop properly with both feet and using your outside edge to stop. That was definitely my biggest weakness coming into the camp, and I absolutely improved there. In fact, I could hardly stop at all turning to my right and had no confidence in it in a game, and now somehow I can stop better on that side than the other. They also taught us some good basic strategy points that are easy to remember and try and focus on during games. I really would have liked some more focus on shooting. We just did some drills where we did some wrist shots and slap shots against the boards for a few minutes. The second half of the sessions doing more advanced things were a lot more interesting and valuable for me than the first half. It was A LOT of ice time, almost bordering on too much for me. Not really physically as I was surprised at how I was able to keep going pretty good, but we were in such a nice location that it would have been nice to have a little more time to relax and enjoy it in between. I would recommend maybe staying a day or two extra after the camp is over to just hang out an relax. The coaches were all very good. I got some individual instruction here and there when they spotted that I wasn't doing something quite right, probably about as much as can be expected with a group that big. We got jerseys, some Tron socks, a water bottle, and some other swag which was nice. I didn't really need or want the socks or water bottle though as I liked the ones I have better. Overall I liked it, but I probably won't do it again. Many people there have been going every year for a long time. I guess as a social thing it could be a fun annual thing to do with your buddies, but I was just there to learn. For me, it was too expensive to do again just because (About $1200 for the camp and hotel). I got better at some stuff and have some good things to work on on my own now but I don't see the need to do it again. I would say if you're more of an intermediate player you might not get as much out of it as the lower level players do, but it can still be a good experience.
  14. Boo. I really liked the TH near me (formerly Players Bench), but its also pretty much the only place to buy hockey gear besides little pro shops that have a small selection. I don't think I ever had to pay for a sharpening there. Maybe that's part of their problem but every time I took my wallet out and they said "Don't worry about it" I left feeling good about the store. Also, while their website alone is not great, the combo of it and the local store is great. I love being able to just return online orders to the store and being able to see what's in stock locally online. I agree with others about the equipment cycle and pricing getting ridiculous though. Even as a total gear whore who likes new and shiny things, it's getting to be a bit much for me.
  15. @jcushing Does the carry strap "wrap" on the Player Bag have any padding in it? Looks like it might in this pic but hard to tell https://cl.ly/2P2d2Y181q0N
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