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  1. In Iowa you must have a permit to purchase a handgun. Fill it out and then if approved pick it up a week later at the sheriff's office where you drop them off in each county. To get a CCW permit you have to do training and then there's a wait period as well.
  2. Well, years ago a few of us bought MAK-90's when they talked about banning their import. I got mine along with a 30-round magazine for $275. Fast forward to today... I've probably only run around 100 rounds through the MAK and wasn't real keen on having it as a defensive firearm at home. I would worry about it going not only through the perp, but also wall(s) and then God knows how far into the neighborhood. So I put it up for sale. I got a quick reply by a local asking if I wanted to trade for a handgun. The thought of getting a handgun set well with me. We worked out an even trade... my MAK-90 for a new never-fired Springfield 1911 mil-spec. I had to apply for a permit to purchase and will go ahead and do the required CCW training and get that permit. Not that I'll likely carry that often... but when I want to I'll be able. And if a perp breaks in and it comes down to survival mode... my only worries would be 1) can we still match the carpeting that needs replacing now, and 2) do we want to keep the same paint color on that wall?.
  3. Putting some of the newer stuff to use... our last regular session game before playoffs begin next weekend. We all wore "E & L" stickers in memory of my friend and team mate's daughter Elizabeth and her cousin Lyric; taken back in July and bodies found last week. Our local USHL team had them done and they set us up for our adult league with a bunch of them for everyone to wear too. Hope they catch the coward(s) who abducted and killed two innocent young girls. A larger view of the helmet stickers to show the details/colors better; actual ones are about 1 1/4" in diameter:
  4. My friend and adult hockey team mate's missing daughter and her cousin were found dead today. They were abducted back in July and with every day that passed the thought of a good outcome lessened. It's like they had fallen off the face of the Earth with no real leads at all. Hunters found what are likely their two bodies around lunch time today roughly 15 or 20 miles north-northwest of where they were taken. I hope that the police find out who did this and arrest them without releasing any names first. That way the person or persons will at least live out the rest of their miserable lives in prison before someone else evens the score. RIP Elizabeth and Lyric, our hearts ache.
  5. Updated pic of glove collection: Top row: Stamkos XXXXs, no-name Franchises, custom Creepers 2nd row: Malone Franchises, no-name Franchises, Moore Creepers 3rd row: Abdelkader XXXXs, Lidstrom Franchises, Draper Franchises, Williams XXXXs Bottom row: retail Luxe
  6. A huge thanks to MSH'er Slap Shot Hockey aka raganblink. I took a 2-hour drive today to the shop he works at to buy our daughter a new pair of skates. Keep in mind she's just a 13 yr old recreational skater... doesn't play hockey. Skating and going to our local USHL team's games are one of our father/daughter activities we enjoy, along with biking. To make a long story short he spent a TON of time with her and probably had her try on at least 10 pairs of skates from CCM, Reebok, and Easton. We settled on the EQ30's as they had the best out of the box fit. He then baked and sharpened them. I bought a couple other small items while there, and will surely make the trek back down there if anything else is needed. They were busy as can be yet took time with not only us but every other customer we saw walk in the door. It was a well-stocked store too. Kudos for a job well done!
  7. The most commonly used sets I have... still have other gloves, pants, socks, jerseys, etc....
  8. Watching our local USHL team playing the championship for the Jr U20 Club World Cup. Live on YouTube right now: Go Black Hawks!
  9. Toronto Hockey can modify/repair the pants. Only downside is shipping to/from the US... they charge a bit more than they should to return items. Quality of work is superb.
  10. Found it on eBay and paid way too much for it but I really wanted it badly.
  11. Ready to go for tonight's game. Along with a remembrance for my mom who we lost on Wednesday. I need to get away and forget about things for a while and tonight should help.
  12. Yep, they've never used that colorway and they appear to be Bully model gloves.
  13. Another TBL "not quite"... http://www.ebay.com/itm/STEVEN-STAMKOS-SIGNED-AUTOGRAPH-TAMPA-BAY-LIGHTNING-PRO-STOCK-WARRIOR-GLOVES-/400298540440?pt=LH_DefaultDomain_0&hash=item5d33a6fd98
  14. Finally! Been waiting for these to complete the set...
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