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    CCM AS1 Custom
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    Bauer Flylite/ CCM Ribcor Trigger 4
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    Nexus 2N
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    Bauer Re-Akt 150
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    Reebok Pro Pants (Euro only)
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    Old CCM supra 410
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    CCM AS1
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    CCM AS1
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    Easton pro bag

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  1. MACH Skates launched in Europe on June 10th along with the Nexus SYNC Sticks...
  2. It's not, unless they bring out something that isn't in the bookings or catalog
  3. It certainly helps bring it closer to the boot specs of the 2XR Pro, still not quite as premium, which is intentional and reflects in the pricing and specs. The 3X Pro is an amalgamation of the 2XR Pro and 2XR. If you can get the 2XR on sale, the chassis and wheel makes it a no brainer alone.
  4. If you're after pro spec and hardware, try to snap up a pair of the 2XR Pro Skate while you can
  5. My first thought was the KOHO Core Beam
  6. No, it's a standard supportive tendon guard. Edit: It says so on the image shared.
  7. Seems to be the answer, makes way more sense than a lake in Kazakhstan
  8. Yes. but can't share just yet
  9. If you're struggling to find your size in stock, drop a store a message, sizes can always be ordered in from True EU. New Missions will be in UK shortly, hopefully rinks will be open once they do.
  10. You're correct that he is wearing them from the graphics on the heel and tendon. But, I don't have a better image to offer at the moment, just saying that he's not the best player to focus on to get an idea of what the 100K Pros look like...
  11. Reilly isn't the best guy to be looking at to get an idea of how the 100Ks will look, most of the branding and colour pops are covered by his shot blocker additions
  12. Glad to hear your questions were answered, i'll be sure to get the services listed online, appreciate the feedback!
  13. I heard a few had moved into other categories
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