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    CCM AS1 Custom
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    Bauer Flylite/ CCM Ribcor Trigger 4
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    Nexus 2N
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    Bauer Re-Akt 150
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    Reebok Pro Pants (Euro only)
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    Old CCM supra 410
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    CCM AS1
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    CCM AS1
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    Easton pro bag

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  1. My first thought was the KOHO Core Beam
  2. No, it's a standard supportive tendon guard. Edit: It says so on the image shared.
  3. Seems to be the answer, makes way more sense than a lake in Kazakhstan
  4. Yes. but can't share just yet
  5. If you're struggling to find your size in stock, drop a store a message, sizes can always be ordered in from True EU. New Missions will be in UK shortly, hopefully rinks will be open once they do.
  6. You're correct that he is wearing them from the graphics on the heel and tendon. But, I don't have a better image to offer at the moment, just saying that he's not the best player to focus on to get an idea of what the 100K Pros look like...
  7. Reilly isn't the best guy to be looking at to get an idea of how the 100Ks will look, most of the branding and colour pops are covered by his shot blocker additions
  8. Glad to hear your questions were answered, i'll be sure to get the services listed online, appreciate the feedback!
  9. I heard a few had moved into other categories
  10. Seen the new Mission skate samples and the new catalogue, so they're not going anywhere yet... perhaps just a streamlining of the operations, and makes more sense to have the skates on the Bauer site to be seen by more eyeballs.
  11. We asked at the EU TRUE helmet launch in the MIPS factory Stockholm, they answered very carefully to not imply exclusivity. It would make sense for MIPS to be in multiple helmets for their licensing model as with multiple helmets in other sports. However, given what you mention, if another company chooses to implement MIPS is another question... So for now it's exclusively in TRUE through choice of other brands not using it, not because there is a deal as originally mentioned.
  12. I don't think MIPS is exclusively in TRUE, it is for now, but didn't think there was an exclusivity deal there.
  13. Quite a few lines have been launched in Europe first recently. Supreme Skates and Stick line, Supreme Goal, New CCM Super Tacks had an early release too here
  14. The finish looks decent on the first batch of TF7 and TF9, better than a lot of the custom skates, hopefully that continues. Will be interesting to see how they fit on customers, the lasts seem to vary from one size to the next and between the models. Not had chance to bake any yet.
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