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  1. I have to drop the top with true bc of the wrap. But if I try to drop the top with Bauer or ccm it feels way too low to I use all the eyelets on the latter two brands, just not as tight.
  2. The butt end sleeves saves palms which I appreciate but 20-30 bucks for them is insane for what it is. If I were to get a butt end sleeve I'd get tacki Mac since they are cheap. But I like lizard skins. They just don't last as long but I'll get them on sale and generally two will last the life of the stick. With the texture on the blades these days, how is that grip wise? I always wondered if the entire blade even needs to be taped since it seems pretty grippy as is.
  3. Ya I saw this on thier ig. Didn't like the dog logo. Wished it just had the BE logo. How is it compared to rezztek. Price wise too? It looks a bit short and doesn't offer that much blade coverage
  4. So I use it today for most of my pickup game. Probably 75% of the ice time. Gonna break it down in point form Pros: - puck was flying off the blade on wristers, snaps, and claps. Felt like more spin and grip on puck due to texture of the tape - slush, snow etc stayed off blade entire game - consistent shots throughout game with no flubs or mishandling due to ice buildup on the blade - so far no signs of tht adhesive failing ie. No peeling or curling around the edges Cons: - it's black and I'm used to white tape so it kind of messed with me a bit. Something I could probably get used to if I stick with it - blade feel went from dampened yo pingy - durability might be an issue since there's already a cut and some wear. Time will tell if it'll last the advertised 8-10 skates - applying it is a bit of a pain if you're ocd and want zero air bubbles and evenness. My fingertips are also pretty tender because of the sandpaper texture took some skin off lol. The extra glide from the bottom of the blade was nice. It will take some adjustment stick handling bc of the pinginess and tackiness vs stick tape wax combo. I use Howie's which isn't a super tacky wax. I actually think Howie's adds some slickness to hockey tape. The only reason I hsd it is bc it's one of the better waxes for snow buildup. Ideally I'd love to use tape only but after fifteen minutes of playing the tape is either soaked or iced up. Overall I was impressed with how much better my shots felt. The pinginess and feel I totally expected. I'll keep using it and will decide whether Its worth the time and money. If they make white available in Canada that will also def keep me interested in using it long term.
  5. I actually bought some today at prohockeylife. 34 bucks cdn for two sets isn't that bad. 17 bucks a set is worth trying for me. Will use it tonight and see. Feels kinda like sand paper. I expected it to be more rubbery.
  6. No I used it once and didn't like the feel. Sold it to a buddy. Hes played maybe 12 drop in games with them since as he's a beginner. Toe is absolutely destroyed already. So goes to show the durability still is an issue.
  7. If ft2 was one of your favorite and you went from that to true... You probably will love the ft3 or 4. True sticks have always been horrible with durability. I liked the a series sticks but they were hit or miss with how long they would last. I didn't like the ax9. Haven't been back with true since.
  8. That's why I don't want to get retail trues. Going down half a size for me would put me in a smaller holder. The money I'd spend on swapping holders to ccm xs ones and upgrading to a felt tongue (for tf9) I would prefer to get customs and not have excess holes on the sole of the boot too. But that's just me.
  9. Tell him not to use the tendon guards to remove or put on the skates. Likely that's what's causing the damage.
  10. Also just use black enamel markers or sharpie aside from acetone
  11. Replacing parts on skates other than steel and holders has never really been an option. Once certain parts broke you are hooped or had to find someone that might be able to fix it. Ie tendon guards, traditional eyelets etc. Do we give shoe manufacturers shit for not having replacement parts?
  12. You can argue it's a manufacturing defect but imo the injected eyelet system is a giant defect in itself...
  13. He took a shot off them. Regardless whether they are a day old or five years old, they would've broke. Even if it was within warranty Bauer probably could easily say too bad since breakage due to shot blocking isn't really a manufacturing defect. Would they have covered it if it was withing warranty, probably. But after warranty no way they will knowing Bauer's history. Plastics will always potentially break from impact. Shitty deal for OP though.
  14. The cat pro is diff than the cat customs. Until they actually release we won't know what they will look like exactly. What you see the pros wear isn't anything indicative of what will be offered at the retail level. Or even custom level. You can only make assumptions. But for me I agree, the less yellow or any other vibrant color, the better.
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