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  1. Hi guys! I am looking to hire a mechanical engineer for a side project i'm working on. I need to hire someone with decent CAD skills that can mock up some stuff for a hockey related project. If you're good in CAD I don't think it would take more than 5-10 hours MAX and i'm happy to pay. Solidworks preferred Looking forward to getting this product designed and prototyped so I can share it with everyone!
  2. When's the CX slated for release? Can't wait to try one!
  3. I can't tell you guys now much I love my new V9E. The feel, weight, balance, and kick are phenomenal. I hope this stick lasts forever! Anyone else feel the same way?
  4. I'm curious as to the number of passes you guys suggest doing? I'm having trouble figuring out the whole "sparks rolling over the blade" thing. Any suggestions?
  5. Anyone tried the Mako protective line... I have an itch to pull the trigger on ALL of it...
  6. Sorry for the double post, I was posting from my phone. Thanks Chadd. The glide was certainly reduced. I was at like 60% glide. Perhaps he gave me 3/8" or something. I haven't skated on 5/8 in a long time, but I assume the edges would feel similar to 90/75 just with less glide. I am no expert here. Does this all sound correct to everyone?
  7. Had my skates sharpened by a different shop then usual. Asked for 90/75 as usual. When I got on the ice and tried to stop I immediately fell down. It felt incredible hard to skate, like skating in sand. I had zero glide. When I tried to turn or stop it felt like my edges were incredibly deep. It just didn't feel the same as it usually does. It was so bad I benched myself because I was worried I would hurt myself. I came really close a couple times! My assumption is the dude put the wrong hollow on my skates something MUCH deeper. For tonight's game I'm going to have them resharpen my skates. Should I ask for a cross grind? Does what I described sound like a hollow that's too deep? Is it that difficult to pick the wrong spinner? This experience is basically forcing me to purchase an X series sharpener. Going to be calling blackstone today for sure. My leagues fees are just too expensive for me to be benching myself!
  8. A lot of things about this thread boggles my mind. Hockey Tron seems inherently dishonest, whether they are or not is a different question. They won't be getting my business!
  9. They usually write it on the outsole or underneath the footbed. Buying Skates at the Sharks sale is going to be rough. It's a real crap shoot... I wouldn't bet on it. A couple years ago when I was the first person in the door (of the season ticket holder night) there were like 4 pairs of skates available.
  10. Good for him and the blues! They played incredibly
  11. WHERE? Haven't been able to find a Matte white one in my size, Large!
  12. Perron is equivalent to Couture or Pavelski, not Thornton. Young, incredibly dynamic, and a goal scorer. Thornton is a pass first player, while Perron, Pavelski and Couture are shooters and finishers. I won't even begin to argue about the hit. I'm glad David has recovered and is playing great. He is an incredible player to watch, and I wish him well!
  13. Does Goat tend to thinner than Clarino or Horse? I understand they are natural materials so thicknesses can vary. I really wish I could get some MSH2 on some Eastons! So the Tufftek on Warriors is the same as the Polyster on these custom Eastons? Same breath-ability and lack of water retention?
  14. I asked PSHG on Facebook a while ago, but can't find the thread. They basically said they were very similar materials. But i'd love some pictures or secondary input as well. I also am curious about the palm options on custom Eastons. I am unfamiliar with Goat and Horse, and would love to learn more about these two materials!
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