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  1. first time ever playing pond hockey today ..what an experience
  2. yes it was head contact and yes maybe they could of suspended him a game or two but it was not intentional and i dont mean to sound like an ass and i hate seeing players injured but he shouldnt of been admiring his pass
  3. because his shoulder hit him in his head..im okay wit the 5 and a game but if the league suspends him a couple games then i will be pissed
  4. ^^^ you forgot to add that after the crash he tried to sue the pilots families or something dumb in that are
  5. thanks for answering my question dsjunior and chadd i learn something new every day and chadd thats just crazy gettin bitched at for having blue dots on the laces if im thinking of the same laces they arent that noticeable are they
  6. sorry if its sucha a noob question but whats the deal with making sure if you have white laces..is it a rule or something
  7. Ebay, they've been showing up every couple weeks or so. thanks...are there any specific ebay stores or anything?
  8. just curious for all you guys that bought the samsonov one95...is there anywere specific you are getting a good deal on them? thanks
  9. best part is he calls them nike bauer
  10. anybody know a place that does this in the philly area or even jersey?
  11. congrats on making the squad and also on the equipment
  12. Maybe Sprung chassis and Labeda Asphalt wheels. ;) he said he just bought a bunch of chassis..i like the labeda grippers and also the rink rat world cup outdoor since your going to be playing on asphalt they both should last and i also like the feel of them..but im sure somebody else here could help you more then me with the wheel situation
  13. dude thats sick whats the inside like on it?
  14. thats what i like hearing good job on your part
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