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    CCM 752 Pump / 11K Pump
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    Hespeler Alpha / Winnwell Pro Stock
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    Hespeler Pro
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    Bauer IMS 9
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    Tackla NHL 5000
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    Bauer Flak
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    Jofa 9500
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    Jofa 9500
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    Easton S19 Wheel

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    Hockey...IS there anything else?
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  1. I have been wearing Shock Doctor pant jock for 5 years. My son has wear the pant jock as well. He is also wearing the core shirt with the elbow pad lock and loves that feature.
  2. illegal use of historical brands - Victoriaville is owned by FGL and the CTC family of retail banners
  3. Ironic on a couple levels, look up the origin of the word
  4. Ironically I've heard one those names used before...
  5. only time will tell if it will be a mass exodus but.... probably going to need this to save everyone time posting in this thread this year. #oldschoolmodsquad #nopaynoplay insert player name switches from _ _ _ _ _ to (choose 1) Warrior/CCM/TRUE/STX
  6. There is a ton of off based commenting here! So much that there was more than 5 quote's so I decided to skip and answer generally about the topic. The retailer does not manufacture the product they buy in the rare exception of house brands. Any difference in product lie strictly with the Brand/manufacturer. Obviously sometimes suppliers run our of material and need to sub and I am aware of situation where one of the brands mentioned repeatly; made sticks in a different factory(and country) then the original models were made. That information doesn't come to light until after it has been exposed one the retail floor. Any retailer in buys sticks(products) in good faith of getting the model they are told they are getting.
  7. the man has 2 careers, he's good. He masquerades as a hockey playing-playoff overtime goal scorer in his off time #JOELWARD
  8. Ditto on the cycles and top-end dollars. add in that Product Launch process is nothing like a Jordan shoe launch or video game launch. Almost forgot..Limited Edition is the most abused word in hockey.
  9. wasn't there a beer sponsor attached to the stadium series.. Coors I think. And from watching the 1st period the camera angles were horrible. How do they expect any hockey gear nuts to figure what the players are wearing from those angles.
  10. I love the concept and the fact around 100 NHLers are using them makes them a no brainer. On a personal level. My skate fit so well I am unable to fit even the thinniest setup in my skates.
  11. I follow your new machine on twitter and it just tweeted this... omg this guy couldn't use a commodore 64. Go ahead push another button toughguy
  12. new Balance is warrior adidas is RBK/CCM
  13. Mizuno True Temper Nike UA K2 Torspo WinnWell Combat by Bauer Riddell Jackson Got it all covered
  14. All those glove colours are like a two pump chump colourgasm for equipment geeks
  15. Likely retardedly hard to find at this point, but you have what I call the "JOFA 390" head. That helmet was the fit solution to end all problems and we use to order a few just to fill the void. You could also try the Jofa 690 helmet probably one of the best fitting helmets ever because of the back shell piece went under front shell piece. The 690 might be easier to find.
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