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  1. Then how does the 4" extension not lower the flex like say adding a wooden plug would? Like I mentioned in one of my earlier posts, I've used standard length 85 flex with wooden extensions that feel whippier than the PSHS 64" 85 flex.
  2. I've seen them out there. Hard to beat the value of prostockhockeysticks, though.
  3. FWIW, my first purchase from him was a custom G3 build. Broke within a few skates near the fuse point. I've had two in-stock inventory red line sticks and they are still in one piece after months of using each.
  4. P92 has too high a lie for my liking and the blade is a bit longer than I'd like, or else I'd switch back. Plus, I really like the Barkov for puck control and backhands. First couple times on the ice with the Barkov, my wrist/snap shot was fine. Not as accurate or hard as with the P92, but I quickly picked up that I had to release my shot earlier/more towards the toe. One-timers I had a little more trouble with- off the heel/mid blade had no zip, off near the toe was getting flubbed. I'm guessing the P92 just made me "lazy" with my shot mechanics. Same with saucers: P92 just takes a little flick of the wrists, the Barkov needs a more pronounced motion IME. All in all, I really enjoy it. Just need to work on one-timers. Not sure I'd go with it again...I already feel it starting to whip out after 3 months playing 1-2/wk. In the shaft and in the blade. Might try the McDavid next or maybe even a Mark Stone pro stock.
  5. I'm really liking the Barkov for puck control and backhands. My shot and saucers have suffered. The P92 seems to do all the work for shots and flat saucers. I think I am having trouble because it doesn't have a deep enough pocket to shoot off the toe nor enough going on at the heel. Kinda in between a toe curve and heel curve. Can't find the sweet spot for one-timers and saucers require an exaggerated heel to toe puck movement. What was your experience?
  6. Has anyone tried the Barkov pattern or something similar? Having trouble with one-timers and saucers. Haven't had the time to go to a stick and puck or pickup to practice. I'm coming from a p92. Any tips? https://prostockhockeysticks.com/products/pro1616-st-barkov-pro-3d-visualizer
  7. Before the time of extended length sticks, I used 87 flex at standard length + ~3in plug. I have two PSHS 85 flex extended length with no plug and they feel noticeably stiffer.
  8. Ha they were actually my dad's. The palms are destroyed so I have to find a local place to repalm them for me.
  9. Lightest and softest gloves I've ever used!!!
  10. Are those from HM? How do they fit?
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