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  1. Super beefed up facing - at least three different materials from toe to ankle to support the eyelets/laces.
  2. Interesting that the FT6 Pro skate pics I've seen have added a facing on top of the composite material to support the eyelets. Similar to the AS V Pro. Certainly suggests that the eyelets directly in the composite wasn't a durable strategy long term.
  3. I don't think any off ice aid can help develop proper skating form. A slideboard can help develop some muscles used in skating - won't make you faster but should make you more stable. Balance work, hip and ankle mobility, all good things to make you a better skater. But they won't really address skating form, that's an on-ice activity. If you develop excellent balance and range of motion (hips & ankles primarily), your skating will naturally get better the more you do it. But sprinting addresses the 2nd half of the question - power. If you want to get faster, sprint. If you want to increase your athleticism overall, sprint. It's the rising tide that floats all boats. Sprinting is the holy grail. Get faster on land and you'll be faster on ice. Sprint training is as much about training your central nervous system as it is about training your muscles - Tony Holler 'Feed the Cats' has done excellent work in this area if you wanted to read more about it.
  4. To followup - the store is returning them and providing a new pair. So it seems the onus was on the baking process causing the eyelets to shift/pop when tightened in store. They had limited selection for replacement given that the FT4 Pro is about to be replaced by the FT6. Tried on some AS V Pro and 100K to compare - found the AS V tapered to fit even better than the FT4 Pro Regular in the same size (Coming from an original Jetspeed D in the old sizing system - so no direct comparison) & bonus - the AS V Pro has more reinforcement around the eyelets on the facing, whereas the FT4 Pro has the eyelets stamped right into the composite material. AS V Pro is a stiffer boot - we'll see how that works out once they get broken in. Lesson learned - be careful how much heat/time is used in baking new 100% composite boots - the eyelets will shift if they are too hot.
  5. Are you sprinting 3-4 times a week? Timed sprints, tracking progress, preferably spikes on a track with digital timer gate. If not available, cleats on grass and iPhone app.
  6. Team provides them. I'm just looking for a solution so his FT2's (which are falling apart - toe cap stitching all gone and piece missing, eyelets failing) can be replaced with something he can rely on. Whatever mistakes were made need to be corrected, which is why I shared for input in the first place. I have no way to tell how much they were heated (he wasn't told in store) and he said he tightened them "like I always do". So the chances right now of getting a replacement pair and ending up any better off are unknown at this point. Unless he goes to a different baking method altogether as you mentioned. I'm not sure if they store can do that for him or not. I don't want him to take them home to deal with baking himself.
  7. Check my posts. I've been playing myself for 40 years, two boys in their 20s one playing D3 the other JrA. I've repaired a bunch of gear myself from repalming a glove, to replacing eyelets with my own press, to stitching a shoulder cap on a pair of shoulder pads, to being a Sparx kickstarter early adopter. I'm not bullshitting - this is our own experience with CCM Jetspeeds. Overall positive, he loves the fit and performance, 7+ years from 2015 to present and 5 or 6 pairs of top end or 2nd tier CCM Jetspeed line. But eyelets have been the bane of the experience as they always failed early before the boot/holder - the irony is I thought the all brass FT4 Pro was the final solution to that. Then this happened! For sure he's an outlier in terms of skate durability for several reasons I list above. My younger son can (and has) kept a pair of Bauer Supreme 2S skates for 3 seasons. He doesn't sweat as much or tie his skates as tight. These FT4 Pro's were baked and laced in store under staff direction. Did he tie too tight with the 'wrong' technique? Maybe... I have no other way to explain the end result. CCM's own directions don't specify a 'way' to tighten the skates (up vs. out) - it just says tie to 'normal' tightness, do not overtighten. Whatever that means to the individual.
  8. Bauer before switching to Jetspeed when the first Jetspeed came out - found the receipt from the original RMA - first pair bought in July 2015. So he's been through 5 or 6 pairs of Jetspeeds (top end model or 2nd tier) in past 7 years. He's always worn out skates relatively fast (usually 1-2 seasons max) due to 1) Hyper-hydrosis level sweating (corrosive) and 2) Plays hard/physical and 3) On the ice 5-6 times a week and 4) Likes his skates tight - he does pull the laces as tight as anyone or a bit tighter than the average player. He baked and tied them in store under direction of the staff.
  9. Agreed. They weren’t skated in until 24hrs+ after baking. Here’s the extent of the shifted eyelets. Eyelet 1 is cracked. The rest are shifted. Not feasible to repair given they are 1 game old. Whether the blame is too much heat or tightened too hard after baking, they’re toast.
  10. Looking for the best shop for laser scanning & inventory to try on all makes/fits of CCM and Bauer top end skates in New Hampshire, close to Laconia? There's a HockeyMonkey in Derry NH, a TSR in Salem & a Pure Hockey in Nashua I believe. Any others around this area? Which of these would be best to find the right fit (looking for inventory & knowledgeable staff). Boston is a bit out of range, hoping to find a good option within an hour or so of Laconia. colins
  11. To clarify - I've had issues with the black CCM stamped logo eyelets corroding and failing. Never a brass eyelet. Never due to baking. They fail over the course of the season due to corrosive sweat eating away the thin eyelet material. The brass eyelets have never exhibited this problem. The FT4 Pro has all brass eyelets. This failure is day 1, unrelated to sweat exposure/corrosion. To be fair to CCM, it's probably the 5th pair of JetSpeed skates he's had since the very first JetSpeeds debuted. He's coming from a pair of FT2's to these. Every pair with the stamped eyelets have corroded, but I was able to get more life out of them by treating with some rust proofing coating - Corrosion Free (Formula 3000) and by inspecting them frequently and replacing an eyelet as they started to spin/disintegrate, well before the lace would rip through the boot. We really thought the FT4 Pro was the end of this issue - all brass eyelets would mean no more corroding. Then this happens. He plays D3. Thankfully I'm not out of pocket for these skates either way. Just looking for solutions in case he does get a replacement pair, and hopefully to avoid needing to switch to Bauer which he hasn't worn in 6+ years.
  12. These were baked in store where they were purchased. Not mine, these are my son's skates, I wasn't there at the time so I don't know how long they baked them for. In any case, agree this seems like a botched bake job - over heated and over tightened by the looks of it.
  13. The first link is actually my thread... but that issue was with the cheap CCM stamped eyelets in the original Jetspeed. Went with the FT4 Pro this time due to the enhanced feature of all brass eyelets. Didn't exactly pan out.
  14. Brand new, first game in FT4 Pro skates & eyelets popped & shifted. Anyone else experience this? Over baked maybe?
  15. A poll for folks who previously were a JetSpeed/FT1/FT2 'D' width - what are you fitting well in the new CCM fit system?
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