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  1. Now imagine doing that for about 2 1/2 years+ Seriously though, at least you know your not in the running. It's worse when you get nothing back.
  2. I wouldn't like seeing one player or so on a team but if it was team wide ala Rutgers, I would be ok with it.
  3. I thought I should clarify, I do not hit the brakes. The one thing that always seems to work for me is to start swerving around. They then back off to watch out for the 'bad' driver. I have also slowed down before and watch them rage via mirrors, but that is a last resort.
  4. I've had to deal with it on one lane roads. Theres no where for me to let them by. Simple answer, stop tail gaiting. And don't be upset when I ask if you planned on giving me a reach around.
  5. Is this an option somewhere that I missed?
  6. Are there plans to offer the square shaft shape on the INT sticks in the future?
  7. Should throw some money together and make him an Isles fan.
  8. Will there be an option to go without a warranty for a cheaper price?
  9. Cars with classic and antique plates, generally have driving restrictions. In Pennsylvania:
  10. For the record the Pennsylvania turnpike speed limits are either 55 or 65 depending on where you are.
  11. Just as an aside, last time I was at my local Perani's, there were about 5 67 flex One 95 p14s there.
  12. Is it a true widow or is it just the paint job?
  13. No, and I expect to see another post in about five years.
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