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  1. My custom AlphaPro gloves came in the other day and I have to say that I am VERY impressed. They fit perfectly, and feel amazing. Those hashtags talking about ButterSoftFeel - yeah, they're true. Stick feels great in my hands with these gloves, no hot spots or unnatural bending anywhere which I am very happy with. I'll report back later once I have a few uses with them.
  2. I agree... and it was nice to be able to select other things like materials etc. But I'm happy Warrior still has a custom option for single orders, and the colours I wanted were still available. We'll see how they look/feel once I get them.
  3. Just pulled the trigger on a custom pair of QX Pro. I'll report back once I have them on hand. Super excited about the colours available to customize - so much so that I think a couple other guys on the team are looking to pick up a pair as well.
  4. Ha! You're completely right! I had a pair of those growing up...
  5. April 14th... the countdown is on! Thanks for sharing the write up!
  6. So long as he's enjoying it, I'd go the total skills route. He will still make friends in that program but will have more opportunity for individualized coaching. That being said, you need to be able to apply the skills learned so if there was any chance to sneak in some 3-3 on a small ice sheet, I'd jump all over that.
  7. I think I'm most interested in this feature. I had wrist surgery this past fall and have to wear a brace as a result. I really like the idea of the flex cuff and am hopeful that since this version won't be as extreme as the QRL it could work for me.
  8. Wow, I haven't thought of these in a long time. They were awesome... I had the green blade holders on my skates too. Two most popular curves I remember were the Shanahan and Yzerman but for some reason I also think I saw a few guys using a Lidstrom curve too.
  9. Looks like Vancouver is in rebuild mode now. Jannick Hansen is on his way to San Jose and Alexandre Burrows catching a plane to Ottawa... a couple young prospects sent the other way in return. And now Montreal picking up Steve Ott. There's some sandpaper added to their roster!
  10. I've had many pairs of Bauer skates sharpened with a custom radius - all of them had plenty of steel left afterwards. If that's the radius you're comfortable with, I'd go for it.
  11. This is what I see too - my bet is on Vegas to take either Bishop or Fleury (if he's not traded by then).
  12. It certainly looks like a very comprehensive protection system - no visible 'weak points' that I can see. I'd be interested to see more about those elbow pads and how they relate on the cuff to the gloves. Do the cuffs overlap the elbow pads? Warrior gloves sure do look good though...
  13. Wow... apparently Washington is all in this year!
  14. Good call on starting this thread up. My two cents so far... 1. Hanzal to MIN. He's a rental but they must feel like they've got something going to pay that price. Heard it from Doan how valued he was in the desert. 2. Bishop to LAK is interesting. On one hand you've got a team with a guy coming back from serious injury with a competent backup in Budaj. On the other, is TBL who are trying to save a few bucks with salary cap. And they also have to consider the expansion draft. I haven't checked the numbers lately but I wonder if that played into the decision somehow. 3. Boyle to TOR is a great trade for the Leafs. He's a workhorse and performs VERY well in the playoffs. Boyle improves the 4th line - he's a big body who will park himself in front of the net and create space. He's having the best season of his career so far and like you said, he will provide more of that veteran leadership. Froese and a 2nd rounder is a steal. 4. Burrows to OTT for Dahlen. Burrows has been on his way out for a few years. It was only a matter of time. OTT gets a guy who can play a shut down role and pot a few goals and in return, VAN gets a young prospect (which they desperately need more of). It's a win-win for both organizations. 5. Jordie Benn to MTL for Pateryn and a 2017 - 4th round pick. Pateryn was being shopped for at least a week and DAL relieves itself of what could have been a difficult choice around the expansion draft between Klingberg, Hamhuis and Benn.
  15. Haha thanks! I've got a little experience with hockey lingo so I'll see how I make out first - I always feel like I miss half of what's going on when I watch stuff with subtitles.
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