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    Hey guys - Steve from Sparx here! Its been a while since we have been on here.....did we miss anything? We have addressed this 40 vs 60 pairs of skates per ring several times, but let me explain it again. When we originally launched our product, we recommended four cycles per skate (hence that is why there is a circle around the No. 4 in the keypad). As a small, new company with no machines out in the marketplace, that is how we envisioned the product being used. Fast forward a couple of years - and add in 20,000 machines in the market - and not surprisingly we have learned a few things about our customer's behavior! Like many of you have stated, we learned from our customers (through surveys, events, phone calls) that the AVERAGE consumer was using far less cycles per skate. Many were doing a quick 1-2 passes after a couple hours of skating and achieving great results. People were even boasting online that they were getting 80, 90 and even over 100 pairs of skates done on one ring! Obviously 90 and 100 pairs is not the normal outcome, but we determined that for the MAJORITY of customers, they were doing significantly more than 40 pairs. So....as a small company that is continually learning....we decided to change our packaging (the rings are NOT different nor do different hollows sharpener more pairs) to reflect the results of the average home user. (Obviously a retailer is going to get less on average due to really bad steel, new steel, etc.). This was what is called a "running change" on the packaging so there are some packages that still say 40 and some that say 60 out in the marketplace. Let me reiterate.... this reflects the average home user. Obviously there are going to be people that sharpen 6 or 10 cycles and get 20-30 pairs and there's people that are going to do 1 cycle every time and get 100+ pairs. There is nothing "nefarious," "misleading," or "fake news".....we're just a company that is continually learning our customers' behavior and doing the best we can to communicate those learnings to our existing and future customers. Thanks!
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    Jesus Christ this thread needs to die. One person not being able to read simple English is starting to add up to multiple pages of junk that benefits nobody.
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    Woodward and Berstein is about to blow the lid off the whole home sharpening industry. Prosharp and Sweetstick are already shredding documents left and right. This probably goes all the way to the top!!!
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    When I noticed this I simply sent an email to Sparx and they explained the reasoning. They were helpful and I don't have any issue with this, it all makes perfect sense. I think you need to do your research first, rather than always assuming the worst and then throwing your toys out of your pram. And at risk of being confrontational, your outbursts are getting tiresome. By the way, ProSharp claim 500 pairs of skates sharpened per ring. They assume one pass equates to one sharpen. So, who is being more realistic, Sparx or ProSharp?
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    Problem solved. I took a rat-tail file to the eyelets. They were hooking the fibers every time I loosened my laces. I guess they were designed to do that so they'd stay tight, but...not worth having to change laces every ten skates...that's once every other week for me.
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    As someone who remembered all of that in real-time (and actually being at the show where that helmet was under a glass bubble) the V08 wasn't the issue. CCM bought it (cash and royalties), scrapped it, modified the shell, made V08. Hefter (who posted on MSH a few months ago about something completely unrelated) sued because he felt that the subsequent helmets (11k/Resistance/FL) were still based on the design, and wanted royalties on it.
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    The number of $250+ sticks we sell is minimal at best so I order very few of them. Those pricey sticks tend to sit on the floor for months and depreciate. Look at how many of those stupid Bauer Supreme ADV sticks are still sitting on shop floors! The bigger issue that 6 months later Hockey Monkey, Pure, or someone else drops the price 40-50% and I lose money on them... I would say for every $200+ stick our shops sell, our customers buy 5x as many $80-$140 sticks. Not to mention that with companies like CCM dropping a new top of the line sticks every year it makes it pointless for me to even bother ordering top model sticks in bulk. I would rather buy and sell top-end pro stock sticks for a fair price because then everyone benefits from it.
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    With Bauer introducing a 70 flex stick fairly recently, does anyone have any experience moving down from their 77 flex sticks? For some background, I've always felt that Bauer 77 flex sticks to be mildly stiffer than 75 flex CCM's, Warriors, True, etc. as the name implies. I'd prefer to have something slightly whippier than Bauer 77 flex sticks. I'm 5'9" and 195 lbs and played Jr. A hockey so feel comfortable loading up a stick. I'm not taking slapshots or one timers anymore as I'm just playing in men's leagues now. I also cut down my stick fairly short for someone that's only 5'9". I don't want to buy a 70 flex stick only for it to feel like a flimsy intermediate stick. Is the 70 flex stick THAT much whippier compared to 77 flex? Any thoughts on 70 flex sticks much appreciated!
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    Howdy, Well, I guess when Sparx stops selling overseas, we'll know why. Mark
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    Same here. My V08 died and I am currently rocking a bauer 5100.
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    Dude, it was just explained to you....twice actually.
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    Looking less like Kings and more like Harlequins. Not that it's a terrible look. I like it better than these for instance: I kinda wish they'd just bring back the Burger Kings...
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    Glad I came across this. I am 22 and learned to ice skate in June. Public skated 2-3 hours a week over the summer. Got gear and did a few stick and pucks and started working with a coaching October (he lets me participate in his other lessons for free bc I'm a broke college kid but he sees that I want to be good) then played in some pick up games and even got asked to fill in for a hurt player for the last few weeks of that league. My first official season in the league starts Monday. I'm on ice 4-5 hours a week now, plus off ice workouts pretty much every day (whether it is roller hockey, weight lifting or doing core/balance workouts). Luckily I am in a small town in Texas so the average player is not as good as they would be up north so its been a good growing environment. But keep it up! I loved looking through your story, you're an inspiration whether you know it or not. Here's a few clips of me at stick and puck over the last couple weeks. Don't judge too hard, I've only been ice skating for 6 months, and I had never even watched hockey before April 2019
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    I find the VN way too hard and didn’t conform to my head shape. So my helmet history is basically V10, Bauer ReAkt, CCM 710, and Bauer NME for goalie masks (the more common Profile series used VN foams).
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    I believe it will stop after the last cycle runs once it turns red. Your sharpening should still be good, but I probably wouldn't do any more after that, if it will even let you.
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    Correct. Lower lie is for further from the body (because the stick would be longer) and higher lie is closer to the body. Personally, I have been using P88 for years. I've been toying with the idea of going to a P92 to get a little more lift on shots and sauce without having to lift my hands as far. The downside is the rounded, rockered toe is not quite as good for board battles or breaking up plays on defense. I'll also need a lie 5 because of the length of my stick. I tried p28. It had too much rocker and required too much technical precision to be consistent. It was spectacular when it worked. But terrible when it didn't. P30 was also really good - it's a mix of P88 and P28 with the good parts of each and not so much of the bad. I got a lot of performance out of it without the need for as much precision. But I just don't like CCM sticks, and now it looks like a good thing with it going away. There are some other good options I like - P10, P90T possibly. But when it comes down to it, I just keep going back to one of the retail curves because they are just more widely available.
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    I recommend sticking within the 3 curves that are available P92, P88, P28. If you're buying any sticks with "dead curves" if you fall in love with them you're just going to have a hell of a time trying to find replacements down the road. For a beginner I'd recommend the P92 or P88 both offer pros and cons. Personally I have used the P88 since I was a little kid and have tried the P92 and the P28 but always go back to the P88 it just works for me.
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    So a gas station by me sells 101 octane “racing fuel” at the pump. I’m guessing it’s meant for supercars and the like (I live in the Brentwood neighborhood of LA so there are a lot of mclaren, Ferrari, Lamborghini, etc around). I’m wondering at what level of car does fuel like this become necessary? Can you drive a mclaren or a Bugatti on 91 octane or does it need something like this? I have a Mercedes E53 amg coupe, would the 101 run in my car or would it kill the engine? If so, would my car run any better than on 91? The stuff costs $10/gallon so I’m not going to use it on the regular, but kinda want to experiment with it.
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    This is a pretty good video about that. I also use a 5 lie stick. I had a 6 lie stick and things were wacky. Since the tip was up while the heel was down, more often than not, my passes and shots would get flubbed.
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    Looks, fit, etc. the weight is basically the same as most other helmets I guess. I can't stand the newer helmets, they just don't feel or fit me right, but the V08's are perfect and I love the way they look. I'm guessing this is why so many pros still use them too... also their design is part of the reason I thought they couldn't sell them (something about they contracted someone to design it but never paid or somehow didn't uphold their part of the contract, so now they weren't allowed to sell commercially anymore, don't quote me on that being 100% accurate bu something to that extent).
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    I would never spend $300 on a stick when you can buy a top of the line pro stock or last years top retail sticks for $100-$150.
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    Lighter than the 1n... And just 5 grams more than the 2n. Good price for those specs.
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    Howdy, "Quit" is strong, but "take a vacation" is my recommendation. Burnout is a real thing. From what I've seen, you've been going hard at hockey for quite a while with no breaks. Take a planned "palate cleanser" break for a few months and see how you feel. Maybe that break is from teams you're increasingly ambivalent about playing for, maybe its from playing goal, or maybe its away from hockey altogether. Its hard to take a break from hobbies we use to define ourselves. I've done it a couple times in my life and its helped me be happier. One thing I always struggled with was the "who will I be without that?" factor, as well as the "but if I want to do it again in a few months, I'll have given up a bunch of ground by taking a break". For the first one, when I've taken a break I replaced the activity with something I was freshly excited about or just wanted to try out. For me, that's the easy thing as I've usually had something else out there that looks fun but I haven't had time for. That helps with easing myself out of "I'm a <blah hobby> guy", if the new activity starts taking over for me, but its still a bit of a blocker. It doesn't need to be though... You'll still be a hockey guy even if you don't play for 6 months. For the 2nd one... Adult hockey is something that will be there when you're excited about it again. You're not going to miss your window. Take some time off and get back going when you come back. Sure, it may not be with the same team or same friends or whatever else, but there will be a new team and new people. But the big thing is... You don't have to fully commit one way or the other. Schedule yourself a 6 month break or something like that. Feel it out. See what you want to do. Mark