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  1. Stitched in. Don’t know.
  2. It looked like Bure left the middle loose intentionally once he was in Vapors. Other creasers I've discovered don't seem to do it to the same extreme Bure did. Those others include Marleau, and Kovalchuk. Once you look far enough back, all skates were creased, pretty much. I'm not sure if it's just hold outs from those days that still like a boot that has a lot of forward flex and a lot of lateral stiffness or if it's something we'll continue to see in the future. I suspect it'll die out with the future generations.
  3. If you don't want to risk damaging the shin maybe a shoe shop could do the trim for you? It would probably be trivial to do well with the machinery and skills they have. I'd imagine they could gently remove the bottom bumper strip and resew it for you to make the right-volume-but-too-long pad tailored to your height.
  4. I heard Chinese manufacturing contracts tend to be handled annually, so you get slotted in and have your production done according to when it fits in at the plant. That sounds in line with Bauer’s comment that everything for this year’s retail stock is in North American storage.
  5. Indeed! I just thought Eichel was a Kool-Aid case.
  6. I noticed that too. Thought he was in all Bauer everything.
  7. I’d like to try it. Perhaps it could also serve as a good alternative to traditional cloth tape for top hand grip, though I know there are already other alternatives for that use.
  8. Then again, he’s one of the best puckhandlers ever, so there’s a chance he’d be kernelyttere aware of that 20-30 grams and us mortals might not even suspect any difference. I’m purely speculating though. I’m not sure what all the pros use, but I have noticed anecdotally that some players have said they preferred heavier sticks themselves, including Gretzky, Heatley, Kovalev, Datsyuk, and Holmstrom. I’ll grant that a heavy stick is a heavy stick, but what is the threshold for a heavy stick? I would put it somewhere above 600 and maybe even 700g (not familiar with junior stick weights, that’s a different category). My >500g sticks I’d call hefty, but not heavy. On the ice, I don’t notice their weight.
  9. I’m happy with a 500g stick, or even more, if the balance is right. I have a Kovalev used stick (not certified or anything but with a grip type he used and his tape job) that I’ll have to weigh again. I think it’s 550-570g but perfectly balanced, it’s insane. The 425g RibCor PMT2 I have feels like straw, I think because the shaft is so light the blade is incredibly inert against the puck.
  10. All the Graf’s I’ve tried (701, 703, 705, G35 tech-mesh) were clearly built to allow ample flex in the ankle. Haven’t tried 9035.
  11. Good point. I think I overlooked that one because it was the shell under the surface that had the notches. It was still that idea though.
  12. Yeah. It was also tried in the 80's and 90's by CCM, Graf, and Micron...Mission and later Alkali featured it as well. That seemed to be what he wanted: 80's pattern cuts with 00's and 10's materials.
  13. I've been wondering for a while now if anyone has tried to get their new skates to crease when baking them or breaking them in from new. The reason I ask is I've always preferred a boot that has that give in the ankle, and I've noticed some pros who've continued to use skates with such extreme creasing that it seems as if it was an intentionally formed feature of their boots. Kovalchuk's the best current example (see below), but I've also noticed it on Grabovsky's, P. Bure's, Kucherov's, and Cogliano's skates.
  14. Or maybe a chunky two-tone glove like the old Flaks. Or shiny silver gloves. The aftermarket demand for those would be insane. So would the durability, I’m guessing.
  15. Looking less like Kings and more like Harlequins. Not that it's a terrible look. I like it better than these for instance: I kinda wish they'd just bring back the Burger Kings...
  16. It’s strange to see a hole there just as max height blades are catching on. It could lead to some strange bounces and maybe even trick shots. I’m surprised that form is legal for a blade.
  17. I’ve only ever tried 9’, 10’, and 11’. My favorite by far is the 11’. It still feels nice and rounded, but meshes much more naturally with my skating mechanics. I’ve learned to overcome that tipping over feeling on 9’, but on both that and 10’, I feel like I’m skating with a parachute on, always slowing down. With the 11’ I feel like I can isolate enough blade to make confident turns whether they’re tight or with speed. Crucially, I feel much more fluid from stride to stride, within that dragging, braking feeling always nagging me.
  18. @Phil8, how has the transition been going from inline to ice? Did you get your blades profiled? I wish I had known about profiling when I switched from inline to ice when I was 13. A lot of my initial struggles were due to trying to adapt to a setup that was very different from what I had been skating on for years. Looking back, buying a boot with a very different skating philosophy and not flattening the 9' profile to something longer kept me in the fish-out-of-water phase for a long time.
  19. Also, Marner doesn’t skip the top eyelet, so the inductive argument has no legs in this case.
  20. He laces to the top in games though. I’ve seen a lot of pros skip their full skate setup in practices, or promotional/charitable on ice events, whether it’s skipping an eyelet they’d lace for games (Brett Hull as well as Marner) or not taping their tendon guards (P. Bure, Kovalev, Perron, Bondra, Gretzky).
  21. I think I’m just looking a few generations of sticks ahead. It would probably be a thing in the pros first, but eventually trickle down. I see the texture application as a protective as well as a performance layer, which could be touched up as needed. I’m thinking about 10-15 years from now, not this year or the next.
  22. I used to feel the same way. I realized though that what I was really tuning was the stick balance. If the stick isn’t at risk of becoming top heavy, a thick grip can feel quite nice. The sticks I’ve acquired over the years tend to be blade heavy for my taste. A 40g Big Butt Tacki Mac can totally fix a stick that’s unbalanced for me.
  23. An expensive but consistent solution would be composite plugs molded to the desired shape, similar to the end plugs Ryan Smyth had made. Snap a stick and you could extract the plug and just transfer it to your new one. This would work for additive or subtractive shapes, like Petr Sykora’s grip. The finish of the part could achieve the desired tack and texture, given the right mix. These are uneducated guesses. There are people on this board with composite manufacturing knowledge that could shed more light on this perspective...maybe it’s cost prohibitive? It’s easily a huge space given the permutations of form and finish.
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