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    Bauer Vapor X7.0
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    Bauer Nexus 1000 77 Flex Backstrom Curve
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    Bauer 4 Roll Pro
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    Bauer Re-akt
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    Bauer X60 Girdle and Bauer Supreme Shell
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    Bauer Vapor APX
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    Bauer Team Bag

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  1. SmokinApricot

    Life changes

    Hey JR. Haven't been on the forums in a LONG time due to health issues of my own and not sure if you will even see this due to what I can only imagine the two of you are going through. Congratulations on the marriage and sending positive thoughts in your wife's direction! Hoping for a speedy and full recovery.
  2. SmokinApricot

    University of North Dakota to cut women's hockey

    Definitely a disappointment. Also, surprising given that they are considered a hockey school in a hockey region.
  3. SmokinApricot

    Show It Off

    Just got clearance to skate and play again so went out and bought myself a pair of Bauer Supreme 190 skates. So EXCITED!
  4. I haven't been able to get onto the ice for the last 12 months due to torn spinal ligaments around my neck/shoulder area and 5 bulging discs from a low level rec league injury. Basically I was on a team and they brought in a new player who would yell at everyone on the team constantly for not being good enough. I finally left for a new team and first time we play each other he blindsided me on the way to the bench (no penalty called by the way and I didn't have the puck nor was I expected to be checked from behind). TO make it worse he actually leaned over me on the ground and said if I see you in the parking lot I'm taking you out. Needless to say I am a bit disillusioned with both the level of chippiness and the poor officiating especially in such a low division. Hoping to be back in the next 6 months.
  5. SmokinApricot

    Happy 10th Anniversary, MSH!

    Congratulations! As many have stated before me 10 years is a long time (especially in internet years!). I am so glad I stumbled upon this site. I have had the good fortune of meeting some of you in person at Summer Jam and you are all awesome! This is my go to place on the web, not just for hockey, but for general discussions. Keep up the great work and a HUGE thank you to all the Mods, Associate Mods, etc. that keep this place running and especially to JR for all the dedication it takes to keep this up and running so smoothly.
  6. SmokinApricot

    6th Annual MSH SummerJam - Philadelphia, PA

    Hoping to get an invite. Back is finally on the mend and I will be good to go before July :)
  7. SmokinApricot

    2014 Bauer Hockey Catalogue

    Am definitely going to be trying out the Bauer Supreme MX3. Very excited that they will be offering a top of the line skate in a junior sizing. Had my eye on the Supreme line for quote a while, but they only offered the One.9 in junior sizing. My other current skates have been Easton Makos (5.5D) and Bauer Vapor X7.0s (6.0D). The best fit was the Makos, but I am intrigued with finally being able to have the flexible tendon guard ( I enjoy this on my Makos) and the forward flex tongue. Hopefully a lhs near me will carry these so I can try them on before pulling the trigger.
  8. SmokinApricot

    The Venting Spot

    I hate when you do a team pay and get intentionally run in a game 1/4 way through the season and can't get a refund. I hate that I am out for the rest of the season AND couldn't go to WinterFest because of said injury... .
  9. SmokinApricot

    Easton Mako Skates

    Picked these up about a month ago and LOVE them. Was having issues with my Vapor X7.0s. These are insanely comfortble and easy to skate it. It did take some initial adjustment, but after they broke it I'm not looking back.
  10. SmokinApricot

    Bauer APX Shin Guards

    Background: 5’7”, 165lbs, Adult Recreational Player (ice 4-5 times per week and roller drop-in once a month) Product: Bauer Vapor APX shin guards SR 13” Previous Shins: Reebok 9K SR 14” Current Pads: Bauer Vapor APX shin guards SR 13” Timeframe: Have been using them for approximately 4 months Fit These fit snug and taper down by the ankles which is what the entire Vapor series fits like. The two anchor straps in the back really enhance the fit and really suck your knee and shin into the pad for a nice snug fit. The other thing that is great about the fit is that you can remove/reposition the liner and also the calf protection to really dial in the fit. Once you get the fit dialed in they are very secure and do not move. I don’t even have to tape them. 9/10 Mobility Very mobile. The bottom has a “free flex” zone that allows the shin guard to move forwards more which is great for getting that extra bit of forward flex in your stride. 10/10 Protection I found these pads to be fairly protective. Nothing that was a game changer here, but the removable thigh guards and calf wrap are always appreciated. The calf wrap doesn’t come all the way over and meet where the other side of the guard, but still provide adequate protection for the back of your leg. I have taken several slap shots to the front of the shin guards and literally could not feel anything so I would say the Vent Armor does it job there. 8/10 Weight Lightweight in my opinion, especially when compared to the tanks that I was wearing before. They are still around 100 grams heavier than the CCM Crazy Lights, but I’m not sure who would actually notice 100 grams of weight on your shin anyways. The use of Vent Armor foam keeps the weight down, but provides great protection. 9/10 Durability I have been using these for around 4-5 months now and they look brand new. The only obvious sign of wear is from when I fell and my sock tore so the sticker that says “Bauer” on one knee cap has been smeared/scratched off. All of the straps and inner lining is in great shape. While I don’t abuse my gear and leave it in the bag for months at a time, I don’t take it out and sanitize it after every game either and it is still holding up quite well. 9/10 Intangibles The ventilation holes on the knee cap and also on the front of the lower part that covers your leg provides great airflow. As I mentioned earlier the Free Flex zone on the lower portion really enhances forward flex in your stride and was a nice feature. The ability to remove and reposition the liner as well as the calf wrap is also a nice option and is useful. 8/10 Conclusion I would highly recommend these shin guards to anyone looking for a tapered fitting pad. They are very mobile, light weight, and comfortable, not to mention very protective. I have been impressed with the quality and hope these will continue to last me for many more seasons. 53/60 = 8.8
  11. SmokinApricot

    To Live and die in LA......without hockey

    Thanks for the info. I'm going to try and sign up for the new season at Panorama City that starts next month I think. Definitely PM me if your wife is ever short I am more than willing to travel for tournaments.
  12. SmokinApricot

    Going from p92 lie 6 to lie 5

    Let me know how this goes for you. I use the P92 lie 6, but am only 5'7" so I was thinking of switching to a lie 5 as well.
  13. SmokinApricot

    To Live and die in LA......without hockey

    Tried posting this on LetsGoKings forums, but haven't received a response yet so I thought I'd try here as well. I played on a team as a free agent add on in a women's ice hockey tournament in Las Vegas and had a blast so I am looking for a women's ice hockey league and tournament team to play on. I currently play in a co-ed league in Oxnard, CA on Thursday nights and am looking to pick up another night of hockey. There are no women's leagues/teams locally so I am looking in the LA area. Please post here or PM me if you have any information or contacts.
  14. SmokinApricot

    CCM making a comeback?

    I was going to order the U+CL skates because of the clearance prices (to make way for the RBZ skates no doubt), but now I'm reconsidering waiting...Decisions Decisions
  15. SmokinApricot

    Best hockey tape?

    For the grip portion at the top of my stick going to have to say SportsTape the gauze kind. For shin and blade tape Howies is the way to go. Their shin tape is the only one I have found that actually has some stretch to it so you don't feel like your going to get cramps for taping too tight.