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  1. EJB

    Tydan blades

    Funny this thread popped back up. On a whim, bought a 2nd set of steel for my daughter this morning. Some DLC. Anyone have input as to how different it is radius wise from standard LS5?
  2. If he/you are not opposed to used, I have a pair of 12" CCM RBZ's that I'll send to you for the discounted price of free. They're in good condition and have just been sitting in the garage collecting dust since we moved to 13". If so, I have some 14" coming tomorrow and I'd just ship out in whatever box they come in. No big deal if not, just throwing it out there. https://ibb.co/Q9pJ5nL https://ibb.co/gJdgLV4 https://ibb.co/8MZ9wWJ https://ibb.co/sbjY1RD https://ibb.co/k3J006Q
  3. EJB

    Warrior Alpha DX Stick

    Just as a point and not public trying to get something done, we’ve been doing this a bit. Warrantied 2 sticks in all our time of the three of us. A N12(was that the name, going off memory, blade exploded for my son) and a youth Easton (that orange twig, she snapped it, wanted us to send it back and I said it was $50/60, I don’t care, replace or forget it & they replaced. Just posting early returns....
  4. EJB

    Warrior Alpha DX Stick

    https://ibb.co/BjGdf5Q https://ibb.co/fv81q1n
  5. EJB

    Warrior Alpha DX Stick

    As far as heel, can see the split 1” low, then like 1/5” high, 1/2 inch in between. It’s not split, just can see it.
  6. EJB

    Warrior Alpha DX Stick

    Just as a point, when I say fingernail size chip, think baby pinky nail, not adult thumb. That said, you can see spiderweb of adult pointer.
  7. So picked one up for the Bug. I say this with 100% knowledge that we may have a one off. The blade/heel appear to be brittle at best. Had it for about 10 days, 3 days of camp and another 2 times on the ice. Blade is taking a beating. Fingernail chip out of the back(odd), heel is JUNK, her 2N that she’s been using for a CHUNK is fine. Long story short, this damage is from a 14U T1 girl. Takes a bunch of faceoffs, will grind in a corner and is aggressive is can be. I’m taking it into Pure this week and see what they say. Fact is, it isn’t a broken stick, but this damage in 10 day is nuts.
  8. Agree with it just being loud. We have a HockeyShot pad...noisy!
  9. EJB

    The Sweet Spot

    Wow, two posts in two nights. Guest played tonight, fun team, great guys, great locker room. Ever get team envy...? oh...and missed another open net. Rebound, overthought it(raise it, is he getting back/bang it in)...currently snakebit, it’s the stick, moving to the backup.
  10. EJB

    The Sweet Spot

    I’m a marginal player at best. Somehow, bouncing puck through, I’m breaking though the neutral zone, D angles in and I move away pop the puck through, me and Goalie! I do such a bender forehand, backhand...he’s left me half the net, I send it wide. How do you go wide with 2’? Funny, we won and it was a nice move. You don’t alway have to score, to play well. I’m not celebrating this, but I’m not posting in the bitching area.
  11. That’s a win all day long IMO
  12. I haven’t even seen one aftermarket, so can’t comment on pricing. That said, interested to hear what they’re including. I don’t really like buying used stuff, but if including some wheels, maybe an edge checker, that seems like a good grab. I was $1,226 to the door with the unit, 4 wheels and an edge checker when I bought mine & I’d do it again tomorrow. I’ve bought 3 more wheels and a filter since. (as stated above, I’m never getting my money back, but LOVE IT)
  13. EJB

    Photos of yourself

    Had a fantastic time at USA Hockey Multi-Districts. Also got to meet Kendall Coyne. This puck is coming back at you, sniped top right. Can’t even smile....??
  14. The Denver area has some nice Pure Hockey stores(the 2 I’ve been to), but I’ve never seen a hockey shop in the mountain the towns(Breck, Vail, Aspen, Steamboat, Telluride & Gunnison). That’s not to say they don’t have one, but if they do, I never happened by it.
  15. EJB

    The Venting Spot

    Full on wedding brawl in my hotel tonight. In Minnesota for an Os Hockey Prospects Showcase, in bed and just sacking, the little one(14) is done, then all Hell breaks loose. Enough it wakes her from a dead sleep(our room is above the open lobby).