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  1. Nothing much to add to the current, just want to say, I purchased in October of last year and after 8 months my only thoughts are, I blew it not buying earlier. I’ll take A LONG TIME to break even, because I tend to sharpen a bunch of friends and friends kids skates. Then again, I’ve never sharpened our skates so often, about every other skate, they go in. Sometimes, after one, just because I’m doing skates anyway. This machine, at this time, is the best purchase I’ve made in a while as far as useful to me, my family and friends. I have no experience with the ProSharp and assume it’s the same(went with SPARX only due to I assumed I could ask all those here for advice if I had questions, due to numbers of community that had machine), but assume it’s as easy and effective. My point, if you have the funds & desire, not pulling the trigger on one of these is a no brainer. Again, my only wish...that I did it sooner. Flip side, glad I didn’t buy the travel case. At this point, we don’t drive to many tournaments anymore, wouldn’t have been a cost effective purchase, even with a 20% discount, which I still haven’t seen since my purchase....which would result in numerous wheel purchases. (We use to road travel to 7-8 tourneys a year)
  2. You know, this is interesting to me, I fear it might not end well. I want more high level women’s hockey. I wish my family was able to consume more of it. I have a girl hockey player that competes at a very high level in her age group, I love that she has female hockey players to watch and admire. We watch what women’s hockey we can(that's limited at best) and have bought our share of NWHL and USWNT gear. In fact, just bought a USA Women’s Authentic sweater in the Las Vegas mall(USA Hockey Store) while down there a few weeks back, so my daughter could have something to wear while cheering on the Women’s team in the worlds. That said, I think this is playing chicken with a train that has no vested interest in getting out of the way. Maybe USA Hockey or Hockey Canada have enough pull to make something happen, but I don’t think so. Pro Sport is a money driven business, with attendance numbers of the NWHL & CWHL at Minnesota 1,200, Buffalo 1,101, Riverters 721, Boston 706, Connecticut 423, Montreal 1,567, Calgary 460, Toronto 358 and Worchester 83 averages per game, where do the dollars come from? This isn’t college athletics with Title IX or USA Hockey/Hockey Canada, (which I feel should treat their athletes equally), this is business, it’s not about being fair, it’s about owners making dollars.
  3. EJB

    Being a Hockey Parent

    Agree, has permeated every sport, which hurts every kid and every sport. We just attended a lacrosse practice last week, but can’t commit due to schedule conflicts with soccer, but it was fun and she can play. Worse yet, HS hockey overlaps through HS hockey, which I fear is going to cause further issue. Meh, she’s just going to have to make decisions and see how that works out, maybe they will work with her, maybe not? I use to think it’d be tough being a kid today with social media(it is), but sports are tougher for kids now, as opposed to when I was a kid. Side note, good week for Vegas hockey. Playoffs start for the Knights, 16U’s get a National title, Draft Tournament in town and we’re swinging in with our girls and some Minnesota girls for a showcase. I should have signed up my son and I up for the Draft Tourney, if I knew how this was working out, sure that would have been fun, know a bunch of guys coming in. He’s also coming in for a bachelor party for the weekend, would have worked out nice, but both of us probably will be busy elsewhere anyway.
  4. Figured with the water on fire there, would be tough to make ice.
  5. EJB

    Santa bring you any sweet presents?

    My daughter got 7.5 x 9’ of hockey shot tiles & a SuperDeker. The tiles just give her a little more room to stick handle around in her shooting area. The SuperDeker is kinda fun.
  6. EJB

    The Sweet Spot

    Yep & new rankings out yesterday, #2, 4, 18 & 23
  7. EJB

    The Sweet Spot

    Heading to Kitchener for a little hockey with my little one. Getting to play the #1, 4, 16 & 24 teams from Canada. Going to be a tough weekend and I look forward to watching the girls compete. Good family fun, can’t wait!
  8. EJB

    private power skating prices

    No, coaches ice or free skate, but never many others on the ice. Another coach or 2 with a kid or two each, during a free skate, done at odd times that usually has a few kids at worst, nobody else out there or another 1-1 at best. Would be tough to get a regular hour of ice here regular, plus it’d be $135 + cost of the Coach.
  9. EJB

    private power skating prices

    Currently paying $45 for 45 minutes. Usually goes over, close to an hour.
  10. Well, yet to skate on them, but ran my skates through 4 passes and edges were perfect. Prechecked my daughter skates before putting them in and off 2 lines(whatever that means, other than off a chunk, sharpened at local shop Thursday). Took 8 passes and perfect. As far as I’m concerned, money well spent already.
  11. EJB

    The Venting Spot

    1 2N Pro(was her previous primary) & 1 Trigger 3D PMT(replaces a 1X lite). Taping them as I type.
  12. EJB

    The Venting Spot

    In Denver playing hockey, daughter snapped her primary stick in warmups for game 1. Game 2 cracked the blade of her back up stick. We actually brought 3 sticks, always seem to now, but heading to Pure Hockey to do some shopping this afternoon before game 3...
  13. That’s interesting, when having my skates & my daughters done last week, I left with the feeling my +/- 20ish sharpenings were gone. Something to the effect of “Hey, E.J., we’re not doing the Platinum Membership sharpenings anymore. So these are free, but we’re starting a flat $10 a sharpening.” I didn’t even ask if I was losing all my credit sharpens, feeling like that is what he was saying. There was no, Hey we’ll take these two off and when you run out, it’s going to be $10 each pair.
  14. Ordered the unit, starter pack, 5/8th fire ring & the edge checker. Was going to get the travel case, but figured for $400 and can only think twice we’ve had to get a sharpen at a tournament, I could do without it. Maybe if they do the 20% off accessories again in the future, I may pick that up as well. Seems a little overkill to travel with it, but maybe it’d come in handy for the team? Look forward to hearing your thoughts. All the positive feedback make me feel pretty at ease, including the endorsement of one of our local rink managers, who has/uses one at the rink. I’ve yet to have any of our skates sharpened by one.
  15. After my local Pure Hockey told me they were ending their sharping deal with the platinum membership & extras with skate purchases etc(I don’t remember the last time I actually paid for a sharpening) & are going to a flat $10 a sharpen, let alone depending on who was working, sometimes a sketchy cut, I decided it was time to pull the trigger on this. We have 3 skaters and though my son and I tend to go too long between sharpens, seems my daughter wants a fresh sharpen about every 4-5 skates. Ordered tonight, meh...what do I have to lose.