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  1. 8 men’s, she doesn’t buy women’s specific shoes.
  2. The boots are SUPER similar, maybe it's the lacing? But it's clamped on that curve between shin and top of foot. You can see it with the pencil, though not a HUGE difference, maybe half the width of a pencil, but then when you pull the tongue down under the laces is where it changes significantly in comfort for her.
  3. 2S Pros in a 5.5, TF9's in a 5.5, both D/R
  4. Skates just came and volume seems far less than her Supremes. Fails the pencil test. Not baked, doesn't seem like they'll work.
  5. I’m honestly wondering, when do you pull plug? Mind you, 6-7 more, but what’s your over-under?
  6. Pittsburgh cancelled or we’re out, either way. So NHGL Hartford, Pittsburgh Showcase done.
  7. Our High School sports are going and have been for over a month. We started school 2 weeks ago, kids all given an option of in school/hybrid/online. Kids don't really have to lock into one option, it's kind of fluid.
  8. Thanks, appreciate it.
  9. I'm interested to hear how things are progressing? We are moving forward, as if the season is a go. First tournament already cancelled due to being in Connecticut and so many states being banned. I should qualify, I don't know if the tournament was cancelled or we are just not going. That said, scheduled to be in Pittsburgh in 2 weeks, guess we'll see.
  10. I actually just "won" a pair of the TF9's and if what I am reading is correct, sizing is pretty comparable in volume and length to Bauer Supreme's? The consensus is a straight across move is pretty safe? Is there a difference in build from the Jr. 5.5's and the Sr. 6's? I might have some more questions, but that's a good start.
  11. Guess I’m just happy her skates didn’t get junked. Or anything else, for that matter.
  12. Pup is jumping teams(assuming we have a season), had to but Navy stuff. Left bag behind car. 2-3 week old Tacks 710 done, that’s fun. May just grab a 910, because I’m a gear whore.
  13. It was kinda nuts. I almost dumped late, due to our recent numbers. Everyone on bench kinda stayed 2-3’ away, But you just know, someone is asymptotic, we’re all kinda F’d. On ice, it was just ice. It’s all kinda nuts... Wouldn’t be so worrisome, if 34%, weren’t asymptotic. Great drop in, years with these cats, so nobody is coming questionable, but I could have it as I type and not know? It was awesome though....
  14. Skated @ a S&P on Friday with both kids. Played at our private drop in with one today. The S&P was like 7 skaters, was totally no worries. Today, 9 a side, felt so awesome to get out again, but I’d be lying if I said it didn’t/doesn’t put a little worry in my head. Our numbers have not been great, in fact had some of our biggest numbers over the past 5 days. Though, it was so good to be out and felt normal....relatively & having some normalcy was awesome.
  15. Didn’t mention, if you’re flying, rental cars are nuts. Went down actually, down to $282, from close to $400. I found some Frontier flights that I thought were great(ended up being not, because Frontier apparently charges you $35 for having a backpack, $65 each way and you can have a bag, backpack and choice your seat, that’s $260 to add to your $260ish to your standard fare).
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