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  1. Didn’t mention, if you’re flying, rental cars are nuts. Went down actually, down to $282, from close to $400. I found some Frontier flights that I thought were great(ended up being not, because Frontier apparently charges you $35 for having a backpack, $65 each way and you can have a bag, backpack and choice your seat, that’s $260 to add to your $260ish to your standard fare).
  2. We travel a bit, all over North America to play hockey, never once complained about costs, just part of the game. I cannot express my frustration over @usahockey doing their T2 girls and T1 boys RM Regionals in Phoenix during Spring training. Not to mention, stay and play, with cheap rooms at a Holiday Inn(not my first choice, I’m a Hilton guy, look at S&P for those) at $230+ tax. Flights from SLC to Phoenix are $400+ for chit times(think the booked earlier in season for $160ish). Have to be in on Wednesday through Sunday. Where we travel, I should be welcoming a Phoenix trip, sooooo frustrating. It’s not the overall cost, but for prices I should be in Toronto or Boston. We’ll pay more for this trip than we did last trip to go to DC 2 weeks ago.
  3. A: 10 minutes. B: To practice is 5 to 20 minutes depending on the day/ice, do this 4 days a week. She flies to all tournaments/games.
  4. Went to Team Colorado camp, skated on them unused, No issues, other than saying I need more edge, it’s like they need to be sharpened. I’ll run them through the Sparx 8 times when she returns. She’s skating in our private drop in on Monday, we’ll see.
  5. My daughter wears the Bauer baselayer with the built in neck protection and has never had issues with the Velcro. She use to let it flow, but does a pony now. FWIW.
  6. Has never commented on them.
  7. http:// chemical symbol of nitrate
  8. Meh, I did a flyer, slow Sunday morning. She had talked about an extra set, I ordered engraved, so hope it works. When I told her, she questioned why I didn’t just order her LS5, I just said give it a try. Guess we’ll see. Can always ask Pure to grind down the toe and heel?
  9. Funny this thread popped back up. On a whim, bought a 2nd set of steel for my daughter this morning. Some DLC. Anyone have input as to how different it is radius wise from standard LS5?
  10. If he/you are not opposed to used, I have a pair of 12" CCM RBZ's that I'll send to you for the discounted price of free. They're in good condition and have just been sitting in the garage collecting dust since we moved to 13". If so, I have some 14" coming tomorrow and I'd just ship out in whatever box they come in. No big deal if not, just throwing it out there. https://ibb.co/Q9pJ5nL https://ibb.co/gJdgLV4 https://ibb.co/8MZ9wWJ https://ibb.co/sbjY1RD https://ibb.co/k3J006Q
  11. Just as a point and not public trying to get something done, we’ve been doing this a bit. Warrantied 2 sticks in all our time of the three of us. A N12(was that the name, going off memory, blade exploded for my son) and a youth Easton (that orange twig, she snapped it, wanted us to send it back and I said it was $50/60, I don’t care, replace or forget it & they replaced. Just posting early returns....
  12. https://ibb.co/BjGdf5Q https://ibb.co/fv81q1n
  13. As far as heel, can see the split 1” low, then like 1/5” high, 1/2 inch in between. It’s not split, just can see it.
  14. Just as a point, when I say fingernail size chip, think baby pinky nail, not adult thumb. That said, you can see spiderweb of adult pointer.
  15. So picked one up for the Bug. I say this with 100% knowledge that we may have a one off. The blade/heel appear to be brittle at best. Had it for about 10 days, 3 days of camp and another 2 times on the ice. Blade is taking a beating. Fingernail chip out of the back(odd), heel is JUNK, her 2N that she’s been using for a CHUNK is fine. Long story short, this damage is from a 14U T1 girl. Takes a bunch of faceoffs, will grind in a corner and is aggressive is can be. I’m taking it into Pure this week and see what they say. Fact is, it isn’t a broken stick, but this damage in 10 day is nuts.
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