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  • Skates
    Mission AGX
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    Mission V-Hex, Mission Fuel, Mission Fuel Ti
  • Gloves
    Mission M-1
  • Helmet
    Mission Intake
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    CCM Pro Girdle
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    Sherwood 5030
  • Elbow Pads
    Mission Fuel 75
  • Shin Pads
    Mission Fuel 75
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    Shockdoctor Power Dry

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    Quincy MA

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  1. AnthonyJTa

    2013-2014 Gear Sightings

    Probably an anti-septic.... I recall Jumbo having a run-in or two with staph during his time in Boston.
  2. AnthonyJTa

    For all you cyclists

    This is a pretty good one too... damn it's been a while since I've posted. Good to be back.
  3. AnthonyJTa

    Down low shoulder pads

    My brother and I frequent QYA.... He's actually eyeing a pair of these soon.
  4. AnthonyJTa

    4th Annual MSH Summer Jam - Boston, MA

    Well, I'm interested if there's room. If not, it's 15 minutes from me and I'd love to hang and meet some folks anyways.
  5. AnthonyJTa

    The Sweet Spot

    Right?! I'm getting my road bike ready for the weekend!
  6. AnthonyJTa

    CCM RBZ - Powered by TaylorMade

    And the Mission Fuel, and V-Hex......both of which I still am working through my hoarded collection.
  7. AnthonyJTa

    Easton E700 Helmet Teardown

    The Giro strap is pretty interesting....It's offered on their high end cycling helmet the Prolite, and it's hella comfy.
  8. AnthonyJTa

    CCM U+12

    Height: 5' 11" Weight: 204lbs Foot Size: 9-9.5 sneaker/shoe, depending on brand Foot Shape: Forefoot on the wider side of normal, I would say. Low arch Level and use: 2-3 times per week. Mostly pickup hockey, and public skate sessions. Previous Skates: RBK 8K (No Pump), RBK 9K Pump, Nike/Bauer Flexlite 18, Mission AGX Background: After a really, really long hiatus trying to lose the rest of the weight I gained over the years; I decided to get back on the ice this winter. Pre hiatus, I weighted 310-315 pounds so when I slipped on my Mission AGX, I said "Uh oh...". As I should have expected (it did with sneakers and dress shoes), the entire shape/size of my foot has changed as result of about 100 pounds lost. My foot was swimming in my Mission 8E, literally moving side to side -so I decided to go look around at a new pair. Fit: I put on my Vapor XXXX skate socks, and went out to look. The previous year's CCM U+Pro caught my eye, my brother owns them and has had nothing but good things to say about them, AND they were on clearance for about $200. The only negative I recalled was the tongue was brutal, and I didn't like it at all. Thinking in the "past", as opposed to the "now"; I passed right by the Bauers... I've never been able to get this hoof in a Bauer skate comfortably. (although I probably could now!) I picked up the '11 CCM U+CL, and the U+12 and felt minimal difference in weight, (and I had read on an e-tailer the weight of the CL is 870.3 grams vs. the U+12 at 873.2 grams both in size 9D) I looked at the sales guy and said "There's a $200 price jump between these 2 skates, you've got 5 minutes to sell me....". Asking simple questions like how many times a week I planned on skating, and why type of play; he passed me the U+12 and stated the differences were minimal for me, stiffer boot, better outsole and slightly lighter (although he disputed the 3 gram difference). I asked him for a 7.5D (I used to wear a 7.5E RBK boot) and it was too big. I looked up at him puzzled... he grabbed the 7D and I was in heaven. In all of my time playing, I've never tried on skates without aching, cramping, toes falling asleep- I even used to break out in sweats (although I was super-fat). The forefoot fit perfectly, the heel on the right skate was perfect; although the left was a little roomy. Damn my anatomy for not being perfectly symmetrical. Tying the left skate down a tad tighter helped the slipping without discomfort. After finding my glass slipper, I was left with the difficult decision; to bake or not to bake. I planned on skating that night and was concerned by old skates were way too big, so I opted not too. After spending 20+ minutes in them and experiencing no discomfort or pain, I knew while it may help; it wasn't a necessity. 10/10 (for me, at least) Blade/holder: While I haven't used the E-Pro in a while (I fell in love with the Mission Pitch 3), I never had any complaints about it other than what a little blue Loctite couldn't fix. It's good the blades are easy to switch as I will probably be shipping them off for sharpening/radius, etc. I do plan on swapping out for the solid steel as opposed to scalloped, as the solid always felt better in my opinion. 10/10 Weight/protection: My Mission AGX felt like cement boots in comparison to these. As an e-tailer posts the weight as 873.2 grams for a size 9D, I'm not sure if that is the manufacturer claimed weight, or if they weighed them in-house. I'm not concerned and I haven't busted out the scale. For someone carrying additional weight for years, I really don't sweat the small stuff. I won't be skating in elongated sessions or practices like most kids so I wouldn't even notice a difference in grams over a longer period of time; but I'm still scoring this one higher because the light weight was a nice addition to the fit in comparison to my previous skates. I've only skated in them once, and managed to not take any shots off the boot; so I can't chime in on protection. 8/10 Durability: I have only skated in these once, and have had them baked about 2 days later. So I will hold off on commenting on durability until a later post. Intangibles: During my hiatus I've also learned not to sweat the small stuff.. intangibles in my opinion are things like aesthetics, place of manufacturing, etc. I'm not concerned with the overall look of the skate, as it appears we're getting away from the "space boot" skates of previous years and settling back down to normalcy. A former fat guy who's gotten over fear of spandex to ride a road bike certainly grasp the concept of functionality over style. The only thing I found puzzling was the price leap... U+CL was $599, U+12 was $399, then the lower models after appear to drop by $100. Makes a consumer wonder if the U+CL could have been priced at $499, or is the U+12 more skate for less money? 9/10 Conclusion: Overall, I'm extremely impressed with the out of the box comfort on this skate. Like I mentioned earlier, I've never...never been able to pull a skate out of the box and experience comfort without baking, punching, shims, etc. A lot of it is due to the change in my body type, but I do think some of it is the quality of this skate. For a guy on a budget, spec-wise this appears to be a great deal. Getting a product comparable to top of the line, with a $200 price difference is key for us everyday homers. Overall 9/10
  9. AnthonyJTa

    The Sweet Spot

    Will most certainly do...I'm still doing a lot of indoor trainer miles, etc. I'm hoping to do some road cycling crit races next spring, and tons of charity rides.
  10. AnthonyJTa

    The Sweet Spot

    I did.. I currently fluctuate between 203-208 pounds. Hoping by spring time I'll break 200. (I've never weighed less than 200 in adulthood!) It's tough, and tedious.. you just have to set smaller goals. I started out trying Weight Watchers for Men online, and just said "Eh, I can figure this out". I downloaded a nutrition tracker for my phone, and logged everything I ate. I eliminated soda, and calorie dense drinks (with the exception of protein shakes) like coffee drinks chock full of cream and sugars (i.e. frapuccinos, etc), packed small salads with every lunch, and replaced chips and pretzels with fresh raw fruits and veggies. And I make it a point to break away from my desk at work everyday to get in a nice 30 minute walk; and trips to the gym 3-4 days per week. Once I dropped that first 20 pounds, I took up running by using the "Couch to 5K" program, did lots of road races (5K, 10K) until a buddy of mine got me into road cycling. This past spring I started doing group rides with a local shop racing team and they've been kickin' my butt. I'm hoping next spring I can learn a little more on the road and do some criterium races. So I figured along with the long boring days on the indoor trainer on my bike, I'd mix in skating again.
  11. AnthonyJTa

    The Sweet Spot

    I went great! I was a novice/intermediate when I stopped, so I wasn't that much of a great player; but my legs felt amazing and I never got winded (thank the running, and 4x wk road cycling for both of those). New skates felt awesome, didn't need to fuss with laces, readjust, anything.....I don't think I've ever skated as much, or as hard in my entire life. I just woke up and my legs feel fine, not a bit of soreness.
  12. AnthonyJTa

    The Sweet Spot

    Well guys, I've been gone a while... but tonight a newer, leaner (110 pounds!!) AnthonyJTa takes the ice for the first time in almost 2 years. I had to tighten my helmet screws, snug up all of the belts and straps on my pants, and get this... buy new skates. I was in an 8E when I weighted 314 pounds, I'm in a 7D; I have an arch again, and my foot is nowhere near as wide. I think this deserves a post in the sweet spot. Wish me luck!
  13. AnthonyJTa

    The Smartphone Thread

    I forgot to mention the backstory... Gizmodo is infamous for their discovery of the "lost" iPhone 4 prototype that was found out at a bar. That followed all sorts of legal issues with Apple, etc. Gizmodo has always been present at Verizon events... seeing they're not on Apple's good side at all, they seem pretty convinced. As does the Wall Street Journal (who have been dead on with Apple predictions). Only downside is, Verizon folks will jump on board in February.... the iPhone 4 is already about halfway through it's lifecycle, and a new one will roll out this summer- possibly a 4G network phone. So for all your Verizon folks, don't jump on it so quick! I've had no issues with Sprint so far (granted it's been only 3 days..) and I can't wait to see how well the 4G signal works in Downtown Boston.
  14. AnthonyJTa

    The Smartphone Thread

    Gizmodo seems pretty convinced it's the Verizon iPhone. They suspect the lack of an invite confirms Apple involvement. Hopefully a legit carrier can finally do this device justice. My wife and I just ditched AT&T and our iPhone 4 for Sprint. I've had every gen iPhone released. Ah well... all good things must come to an end. http://gizmodo.com/5727934/the-verizon-iphone-will-be-announced-on-january-11?skyline=true&s=i
  15. AnthonyJTa

    The Sweet Spot

    The use of the phrase "Say Word?!" def. belongs in the sweet spot thread... My employer was supposed to lose our state contract on 12/31/10, so I moved to a new company..... spent 2 months there and hated it. My previous employer then got an 18 month extension, so they asked me to come back + and additional $2K/yr. Pretty nice if you ask me...