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  1. getthekidthepuck

    Finding my curve

    It depends how you carry the puck. If its more inside a lower lie if more out front its a higher lie.
  2. getthekidthepuck

    Too HEAVY for Skates??

    Personal testimony, I am 255 and bent the steel on S15's
  3. getthekidthepuck

    True Pro stock codes

    Do they mean anything? I didnt think that True did repaints? I picked up an 6.0 sbp and it was several digits under the name bar. Is this just the player ID? Also what year is this stick from ? Thanks guys
  4. getthekidthepuck

    Skate replacement for Easton Mako

    I would just stay with Mako, theyre out there. Just picked up a used pair with extra steel for 100 Canadian I am always looking for them if I had your size i could keep an eye out for you!
  5. getthekidthepuck

    Nexus Sticks Discontinued?

    2n pro is the most popular stick in the show. Doubt they will discontinue it.
  6. getthekidthepuck

    Nolan Patrick pattern

    Hi guys I have a line a couple original 1's that are APX 2 build. It doesn't say what curve it is but I thought he used a Drury with a MH blade. I can't tell from the pics from the seller and he didn't know much about them. Any insight would help guys!
  7. getthekidthepuck

    Nolan Patrick pattern

    Thanks Aggie, I am going to take a look at them, never used aax height blade!
  8. getthekidthepuck

    What is the most popular curve not being sold at retail?

    Craig I kind p91's on Kijjji for cheap can't remember the last time I bought retail. Some people seeing them don't know the curve so it takes some work.
  9. getthekidthepuck

    Warrior team sticks?

    No body is using a team stick that you listed but I think the ECHL doesn't use high end warriors.
  10. getthekidthepuck

    Nolan Patrick pattern

    Lol oh yeah he tried to see me some !
  11. getthekidthepuck

    2019-2020 Gear Sightings

    Bro where did you play Pro?
  12. getthekidthepuck

    Off ice stick handling - puck or ball?

    try a golf ball in your driveway. I use to do it for hours when i was growing up.
  13. getthekidthepuck

    New Vapor sticks.

    I'll put a good word in for you!
  14. getthekidthepuck

    New Vapor sticks.

    I used the two 2015's had a hard time taking passes. Felt it to be too be to whippey. I am taking a break from hockey for a while I am going to break out the 2 2016's when I start to play again. I expensed it to my employer so I am not disappointed.
  15. getthekidthepuck

    New Vapor sticks.

    hey that was me, i got 4 for 100 bucks a pop.
  16. getthekidthepuck

    Curve advice needed for a nice passing, deking blade

    Its not a 5 lie, but p91/Drury meets alot of your needs you listed. Its not the easiest to find but they are out there.
  17. getthekidthepuck

    New Vapor sticks.

    no p91's offered, not happy about that!
  18. getthekidthepuck

    Bauer Pro Stock Code help

    lol I never really did even when I played a high level of hockey. I play old timers now and I would rather set people up!
  19. getthekidthepuck

    Bauer Pro Stock Code help

    Hey Guys, Could you please tell me about this pro stock code ill share the link. Is it 1x or 1xlite https://www.kijiji.ca/v-view-details.html?adId=1451363445
  20. getthekidthepuck

    Bauer Pro Stock Code help

    Update, Hey Guys picked up the sticks last night they were as advertised. Pretty good deal considering i was going to buy and original total one and orginal apx in those specs for 400. Thanks for your help guys. I dont shoot only pass pretty much so these will last me a couple seasons!
  21. getthekidthepuck

    Bauer Pro Stock Code help

    The 1x lite's he has are 70 flex I believe. I am buying the 77 flex ones
  22. getthekidthepuck

    Bauer Pro Stock Code help

    Just talked to the guy, I am getting 4 1x's for 400..not too shabby.
  23. getthekidthepuck

    Bauer Pro Stock Code help

    the sticks werent what he told me they were.
  24. getthekidthepuck

    Bauer Pro Stock Code help

    lol yeah thats him or the person he posing as.
  25. getthekidthepuck

    Bauer Pro Stock Code help

    Thanks for the feedback guys, have some red flags with the seller. Waiting to see if he sends me a picture of the actual sticks he's selling, he claims they are 1X lites. I am am bit suspicious and it's a two hour drive to pick them up. Will keep you guys posted thanks for the feedback!