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  1. Hi Guys, There are a lot of True Pros stocks floating around up here. I know there is a list that retailers get with the specs of the sticks. I am wondering what a RH Miller AX9 specs are ? Could anyone help me out?
  2. I decided to try the p28 because of the simliarties with the p91. Just by looking at a p92 it looks closer to the p91, IMO. I have CX e3 I could try too
  3. this is great info thank you very much. How long do you think i should test for before I can make up my mind?
  4. Hey Guys, I have been using a p91 for as long as I can recall. I just want to be able to buy sticks off the rack and not have to hunt them down. I bought a P28 CCM AS2 to try to switch over. Anybody successfully transition? Any feed back for technique ? Or how many skates I should give it? Any feedback is appreciated guys!
  5. hey guys, Anyone got custom sticks or shafts from this company, its alot cheaper than Base even with the Canadian dollar. I was looking to get some shafts and blades customized, 129 US for a tapered blade and shaft, seems pretty good. I cant find p91 right handed blades anywhere and they offer it. I have been using pro stock 2017 1x's for several years for reference. Anybody used the sticks or shafts, have feedback on performance or feel. Or perhaps on the company in general. Thanks guys!
  6. I wear almost an 8 hat. The only helmet that fit me and didnt look really bulky was an XL 4500. I have a brand new if your interested.
  7. if anyone sees this stick in a p91 let me know!!!!! Right Handed.
  8. Thanks man,ill take care of that. Had to do the same thing to my Makos. I had no clue, thanks!
  9. Hey Guys, picked up a brand new pair of 20k's, is there Step Steel for them? If not is there any other company that makes steel for them that is high quality. Riggs
  10. FWIW I played a season of Jr D with a cracked shin pad. Mind you it was Jr D so guys couldnt really shoot that hard!
  11. I've always been under the impression that the stiffer the stick the better it is.on face offs.
  12. There are some good deals on that site on Bauer 2s protective. But it says that the inventory isnt listed online? What do you do call them?
  13. Hey Guys, what are the baking instructions for a pair of s15's and se 16's. I know there was an issue with the glue Easton used around the time when these skates came out, would baking them do more harm than good?
  14. I looked into Base, the shipping rates killed the deal.
  15. Once hockey gets going again, I am going to try transition to p28. How many skates should I give it before I make a decision?
  16. What size does he wear I have a couple pairs.
  17. I am interested in getting some custom Base sticks, I emailed a rep in London and didn't receive a reply. I think there is a Base rep on here?
  18. Hi Guys I am my last pair of makos and I get money through work for health an and wellness, I bough 4 1xs last year. I came across a pair of Bauer2.9 vapours with the black carbon steel by Bauer for 400 Canadian. Is this a good deal? I am a big guy weigh 250. Have normal feet. Any feedback would be helpful.
  19. Hey guys I haven't been playing but I played some pick up over the last two weeks.I wear OG Makos that are in excellent condition. I am getting a lot of pain in my shins and feet in general. I am 250 but I have been loosing weight. Do I need a stiffer boot with more volume? If so any recommendations in what I should consider buying next? ThanKS, Riggs
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