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    Why don't you send JR a copy?
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    Ran a 2:10 800m today! Probably going to get to run in the 4x800 at conference
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    Easton staff deal? :O
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    First game in seven months tonight, getting to use this for the first time in a game as well. Took a couple shots with it and the feel was amazing, better than any Easton stick I've ever tried, but I haven't had luck in the long run with Easton in the past, so we'll see how this holds up.
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    Well after years of searching EBay I just this week found a pair of good condition (lightly used) Bauer Air 90s in my size (7D). I bought them immediately and am excited to receive them next week. Im currently in x:60 vapors (when they were the top vapor model that followed the XXXX a few years back) so im not even sure if ill use the 90s but given I will probably never find another pair in my size in good shape I couldn't help myself!
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    The fit follows the Vapor line. Everyone's feet are different so the only credible information you should consider in one-off testimonies like this is what Bauer says.
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    CCM CL series or RBZ series, Easton Stealth.
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    I actually did! I had just read one of those articles about his edges being between 1" and 2" and even how he used to like his edge "rounded off" by the equipment manager. I had just come from having the best edge experience ever in 6-years of skating on ice, and it came after I had forgotten to get my skates sharpened after 5-hours of trashing my edges on grit-filled outdoor ice. I just gave the edges some swipes with a stone and the effect was perfect. I couldn't get that feeling back. Now that there's FBV, there's at least something easily replicable that I love skating on.
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    He also said earlier in the broadcast that the puck picks up speed if you shoot lower, because it stays on the ice. My guess is that Jeremy Roenick is not very good at physics.
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    you may have missed mine in the custom glove gallery recently: Eagle was great and allowed me every modification that I asked for. I asked for a 13" version of the H34 which basically they did. it's a CP94 made entirely of goat with -3/4" on the cuff and -1/4" on the fingers and the "Hossa" or "twist" cuff. they only thing they messed up was that I wanted my number on the undercuff and they put it on the front. gloves are so awesome that I didn't even care. as for breathability, I used them for the first time Sunday and boy, were they HOT! I wanted to go as authentic as possible though so these will probably just end up being Winter gloves. oh, and don't bother asking Gus. he left there months ago. still great people working there though.
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    At this rate, I don't know what'll be bigger - the hole you're digging or the balloon you're blowing.
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    Small CCM Crazy Light shoulder pads with medium U+ 08 shoulder caps and a removable extended spine protector!

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