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  1. Hah sorry I misread your previous post. I thought you were referencing the visor version of the CCM Game On Mask, so my question was did you think the visor version of the Game On sits closer than the cage version?
  2. Does the visor version sit closer to the chin and sides of your face compared to the cage version?
  3. Thank you both! Appreciate sharing the thought process because that helps me calibrate my own.
  4. Folks, I finally managed to get my hands on and install the CCM Game On for cages (on my Bauer Profile III) and I suppose I was a bit surprised at how 'open' the bottom and sides are. The mask, although tight against the nose, is not flush against the sides of the face/cheeks like perhaps a conventional non-sport everyday mask. I can see how this would help ventilation and prevent fogging, but I'm having second thoughts on whether or not I'd be comfortable with how 'exposed' the sides and bottom is. I suppose I didn't look super super closely at images of them on models, so I expected the mask to sit flush against the face. Not sure where I'm going with this post other than sharing. Has anyone else felt the same? How did you guys get comfortable? Not looking for debate on the risks, rather if others also noticed the way this mask fits this way.
  5. Fellas, I've been away from this community for a while now since I left the industry, but in my curiosity/search for ways of restarting low impact (i.e. no games, just stick and pucks with minimal amount of other skaters) hockey, I knew there was no better place to turn to first. Thanks everyone and @dkmiller3356 for offering their opinions of these products! Now, I understand CCM also makes a version for half-visors, but like @shoot_the_goalie mentioned, I'm finding it hard to source. Seems like only IceWarehouse has a page for them and they're only taking pre-orders for Nov.15. https://www.inlinewarehouse.com/CCM_Game_On/descpage-CGOMV.html Has anyone been able to find these for sale online? If not, has anyone found a good comparable product that can be used for visors?
  6. Completely agree with althoma1. It would be cool to get even more technical with visuals on the latest gear and older gear. A real repository of info without having to use the search function. Would there be a way to embed the openly accessible customizers on the site? I'm saying MyBauer, Warrior etc. This is a site where people can play around on those as well. A dedicated hockey gear/jerseys/tickets/memorbilia deal thread/section! Like RedFlagDeals in Canada (I think Slickdeals in the US is similar). A place for people to share great deals either in-store or online.
  7. I couldn't find a frame showing his skates. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=U9BwWKXjVaI
  8. I completely agree with this. I think you'll find that you very likely will not notice the extra flex once putting in a 1" or 1.5" extension. Try it first! Easier and cheaper than finding and buying a specific stick
  9. Huh, looks like a knockoff Nexus 8000

    Warrior Covert QRL

    Stick History (no order): Bauer MX3, Bauer 1X (2015), True A6.0, True XC9, Warrior AK27 SL, Warrior Widow, Bauer Supreme One95, Easton SE16, CCM RBZ Stick Info: INT 70 Flex, W03, +1" Skater: 5'9", 140lbs, winger, rec-level hockey Blade (8/10): I'm not a particularly skilled puckhandler, so the quality of a stick blade, particularly its composition in allowing it to provide responsive puck feel while being able to cushion/cradle the puck is vital to me. From my experience as per Stick History above, I hold the latter day Bauer blades (MX3, 1X) as the benchmark in excelling at those qualities. The blade on the Warrior QRL doesn't reach that benchmark, but it comes respectably close. Puck feel is still responsive in stickhandling and the puck cushioning is satisfactory on tougher passes. The blade is stiff enough and loads enough energy as expected from a top end model. Solid. Shaft/Flex: I'm not the biggest or strongest at 145lbs, so over the years, I've taken to moving from 75/77 flex seniors and into intermediates recently. The 70 flex is ideal for me, but the only personal thing I would've preferred would be slightly larger shaft dimensions. No issues either way. No rating provided given that this is purely personal preference. Stickhandling/receiving passes (8/10): Please see 'Blade' above. Shooting (9.5/10): This the QRL's shining quality and, in my opinion, it is the best low-kick/quick shooting stick on the market by far. Shot loading is effortless, the puck flies off the blade with precision and the shooting qualities are very easy to dial in, especially given my recent stick history in using a mix of different kick points. It's not a perfect 10/10 simply because it doesn't provide the same response on slapshots, which is, of course, completely expected from a pure low-kick stick. Weight/Balance (10/10): Top-notch balance and lightness without it being so blade-light that you forget it's there. Ideal. Durability: No issues, minor paint chips. I don't play hard enough and I'm not tough on my sticks, so I'll omit a rating here. Intangibles: Looks fine, I still prefer the limited edition MacDaddy/Super Dolomite and other retro graphics though! Perhaps in the next Covert iteration? Bring back the Kronik? Chrome Dolomite Spyne? Conclusion: 9/10 A crowning achievement for Warrior. I've tried many of their sticks over the years and I really do think this is their best product by far and one of the best sticks I've ever used. This is my everyday go-to now. Shooting is pure joy. I haven't used this stick for that long but I love it enough to have bought a second in the Super Dolomite colorway.
  11. I didn't say they were a closer fit for a narrow ankle. I said they were a 'close' anatomical fit, and that they fit very well for MY narrow/bony ankles. Former is more fact; Bauer's design. Latter is opinion. I've fit more than enough skates in my 'career' professionally to be able to differentiate the two...
  12. They are for me. Whether they will be for you, I don't know, as everyone's feet are different. My brother also has narrow ankles (and a narrow overall foot in general) but he finds the placement/shape of the anatomical pads in the Supreme line uncomfortable and so he prefers Vapors. Definitely worth a try, however! Supremes are a 'closer' fit to the ankles with a rounder heel and closer wrap than Vapor. Vapor features more of a V-shaped heel and upper ankle than Supreme.
  13. I've found Supremes work very well for my narrow/bony ankles.
  14. Hockey Supremacy told me they're waiting on Warrior's shipment that they anticipate to arrive "any day now".
  15. miseaujeu, any insight into my second question? Called one of the listed Canadian online dealers today. They are hoping the new sticks become available tomorrow on the 28th.
  16. https://warriorhockey.com/2017/10/25/warrior-hockey-2017-holiday-catalog/ At the bottom
  17. Keith, count me in for the AK27SL! Value prop. is perfect for that pricepoint, especially with the SL package and graphics. 2 questions: 1) Are CAN launch dates the same (this Friday) as US? 2) My QRL Intermediate could only take a Junior sized wooden extension as the tenon for the SR was too large. Will this be the case as well for the Alpha series intermediates? I'd like to know so I can prepare the extension ahead of time.
  18. Thanks for the links @puckpilot on the SportChek QRL! I managed to take advantage of their 'Buy $200+ and save $40' promotion, as well as Canadian Tire's promotion (same parent company) of 15% off all SportChek giftcards. All-in, spent $196CAD post-tax on what would've been $271.
  19. Yeah I've been eyeing the QRL Pro for a while now. Very tempted but have been holding out on the hope on the QRL haha, perhaps a little irrationally. Saw the QR1, unfortunately I need an intermediate. Quick question for you; about to pull the trigger on an Xcore9 from HS for $140. Is the TC2.5 the lie 5 version of the TC2/P92/E3? I'm 95% sure it is.
  20. Good to hear, the QRL is at the top of my wishlist right now. Just waiting for a sale or something here in the GTA.
  21. It's not an issue, but it does happen. You should not fool around too often with the tabs like vinprun said, but don't worry about it.
  22. I think there's a typo for the pricing for the Alpha QX elbows. US and Canada pricing should be flipped. Speaking of the elbows, that elbow cap looks...dangerous. Not exactly low profile.
  23. The QR Pro had great feedback, good to hear this edition does as well. Can you compare it to some of the other sticks you've used?
  24. I live in a condo and over the past couple years I've had a similar approach; trying to optimize the combination of protection, weight and how much space my gear took up. I ended up making a couple changes. I swapped out my U+Pro shins with U+CLs and I swapped out my Tackla pants with the Supreme One.Matrix pant (SFS SMU based off the One.8). Can't give up my U+Pro shoulders though!
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