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  1. Will the goal skates fit into this process as well?
  2. The Women's team was supposed to have a Training Camp in Traverse City, MI this weekend. That has now been cancelled. Edit Update: http://www.record-eagle.com/sports/local_sports/team-usa-traverse-city-training-camp-cancelled/article_8124b4c4-584e-5d21-ae6a-473f609d16a7.html
  3. Save a search on ebay. You'll get an email any time one gets added.
  4. Flex ratings aren't measured from the tips. This has been discussed in other threads.
  5. Generally info will get released in the Springtime. Along with a full catalog review at some point. Just stay patient.
  6. All of the trapezoid glass front ovens are the same. All made by same mfr, just different stickers on them.
  7. Kronwall from DRW does the same.
  8. Some players are still grandfathered in so they don't have to abide by the mandate.
  9. People posting speculation leads to people posting it as and assuming they are facts. Esp with today's fake news culture, it's better to say nothing at all, until the real true specs can be divulged and discussed properly.
  10. correct, until given the green light
  11. Read all of the many many threads already in this forum. Along with our LTR's on many many different sticks.
  12. Use the search box up top. Plenty of topics covering this already.
  13. http://www.inquisitr.com/3848710/richard-mackmachowicz-of-future-weapons-dies-after-battle-with-cancer/
  14. Plenty of other topics covering this. Plus, 99% of everything people use is personal preference. What works for you, prob doesn't work for me, and the other players will probably be something different as well.
  15. It might have. I tried to merge a topic into this yesterday, and it didn't work as I expected it to. Fixed. Thanks for the good eye
  16. http://modsquadhockey.com/forums/index.php?/topic/70232-true-hockey-to-acquire-vh-footwear
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