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    Not sure if this should go here or in another sub-forum, but just wanted to let people know there is an inexpensive option for getting your gloves re-palmed. I don't work for them, and didn't even know they existed until last week, but I sent two pairs of Bauer 4-rolls to "Island Sports Repair" on Long Island, and for $35 a pair the guy did a bang up job. Saved me from having to toss two pairs of broken in gloves, so I highly recommend them. I did look into a number of other places doing the same type of work, some in upstate NY and some in the midwest, but they wanted $50 or $60, so I gave this company a shot. No I do not work or get paid for this, just giving people a heads up, as good, new gloves cost $100 or more, so even after shipping, etc this is still a much cheaper option.
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    Got the slump-buster tonight. Last game of the regular season, a 24 shot shutout, with my team winning 6-0. Two games being played on Sunday will decide our final position which is anywhere from first to third. Bring on the playoffs!
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    Warrior pro bag is a very solid option, great features and construction
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    LOL, my fashion sense is not paramount on the ice...the thread work is fine, I did not ask what type was used but I'm sure if you send an email they will tell you. They might even use a thread if you have a type you prefer, assuming their equipment can handle it. A good place to start might be to contact a leather goods repair shop, who would likely use the strongest thread you can find, and see if Island Sports can use it.
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    Hey Bolt91, Sorry about the customer service dis-connect, what email address did you use [we didn't see one]? We have looked into both sizes and there is only about a 3mm difference in width and 4mm difference in length. The JR should work well with these slight differences, the only change in placement may be to pull it pack from the front of the skate about 4mm [so just shy of the front of the skate]. Let me know how it feels. If you have any issues will work with you to get you what you need. Feel free to email me directly if you need anything else taken care of. michael@adrenalinedesign.ca Cheers!
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    if you have the luxury, go try on all the different types of skates on the market currently and see which you like best. I just did that back in November and ended up liking the Mako II the best, and have since bought two pairs.
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    +1 for the Warrior Pro bag. I got mine after some people on here recommended it and couldn't be happier.
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    Hey Mike, I was using 5.5 vapor inline skates and never had the opportunity to use my JR powerfoot inserts in them. I quit playing inline and am now in a size SR 6d vapor x500. Can I use my JR inserts or do I have to order a new pair of SR? I tried contacting customer service but no response...
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    I didn't pay Ice Hockey as a kid, how hard of shots are 9 - 10 year old taking? I know in this thread I said I would not play with anything less than fiberglass, but that's because I'm facing adults taking hard shots. If the shots aren't all that hard, I don't see much of a risk using a lexan / poly mask. Be interested to hear what some of the experienced goalies or youth coaches have to say but I would venture to say that untill they are 12 - 13, the cheaper well fitting mask will serve your kid well & then I would graduate to fiberglass where the mask will last much longer (less growth)
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    Sir, I do not disagree in the least. Hexy gave good stick therapy, as did my idol Billy Smith. I believe mismatch sock ponytail boy needs a therapeutic session with your goal stick. Maybe get out the composite for the next time you play against "classy".
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    I wasn't a fan of the E700 when i first got it i thought WOW this is so light and awesome until i collided w someone and the helmet literally spun on my head and it fit fine it now is in my coach's bag and I went back to my trusty 7500 I got mine at sport check on clearance for $29 .... IMO it was worth the $30 for a coaching helmet but thats it
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    Profiling is not essential, there might be that 1% who like the stock radius, pivot points and mismatched runners that come from the factory. I liken skate profiling to sticks. There is a reason there are 120 different configurations of a stick and that they are not all same curve, flex or grip. It's because if everyone was forced to have the exact same stick patterns, there would be a lot of unhappy campers. What stick works for one skater may be terrible for another. That's why we have choices. That's why we have choices for profiles as well.
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    The Warrior Pro bag has 2 internal skate compartments and 3 inside pockets for accessories. http://www.totalhockey.com/product/Pro_Player_Carry_Bag/itm/14959-41/?mtx_id=0
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    We have a Brickley prostock at work, it's def a P02
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    I swear you just like saying black if I say white. If someone is having trouble with their steel they should opt for a profile to fit how they skate. Sharpening/profiling can change the way a skate works for someone just like performance summer tires on a jeep in snow. Go to a big box store and have your skates sharpened by just anyone too and tell me how important it is
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    Hey folks, I'll be doing a review of the new Warrior QRL glove for the next few months, leading up to the gloves debut on retail shelves in April. Let's start with the first impressions and the first on-ice impression. I'll also be happy to take any questions you may have on the glove. Personal Details Male 6'1” Hand size: Medium/large. (I can, on occasion palm a basketball) Forward/Defence C-D level hockey Warrior Covert QRL Initial Thoughts: When I first laid eyes on the glove, before I ever slipped it on, I thought what I always think when I see a retail glove: “That looks like it would be great if you got the cuff out of my way.” I don’t like cuffs. I don’t like gloves that reach up beyond the actual wrist joint. I go as low and as wide as possible, feeling like a glove cuff should be a shield, not a pad. What I mean by that is that I don’t want the cuff touching me, because usually if it’s touching me, it’s in my way. We’ll come back to this because the cuff is the defining feature on this glove. But I liked the backroll, which looks like a Covert that went on a diet and leaned out. I liked the three piece index finger and the bold, but not garish graphics. Because my glove is yellow and white I got a good idea for what this glove will look like in most colorways, and it’s going to be a good looking glove in any palette, as well as in monochrome looks. Mesh finger gussets are always a nice touch, but I have issues with a bit of scratching/chafing with a lot of mesh gussets, so I reserved judgement. And the last thing I noticed right off the top was the tacky portion of the palm. I’m typically a fan of a bit of tack on the glove as long as it can still move with the rest of the palm. Ultimately my initial reaction was positive. On-ice reactions This cuff is magnificent. It is the future. Everyone will be copying this. Basically, Warrior has a fully encapsulating wrist cuff, similar to the Reebok 11k, but, it floats! This is huge. Groundbreaking. Trendsetting. Meshy material connects the cuff to the glove all the way around, so it twists, slides, and essentially gets out of the way of my hand as I move. It’s all the protection of a high cuffed glove, with all the mobility of no cuff at all. I couldn’t help but constantly noticing how little I noticed it. The rest of the glove is terrific too. The fit is wonderful, the palm is comfortable and supple, it’s stylish and boy, is it ever light. Warrior claims this is going to be the lightest glove on the market, and I believe it. Honestly, some of the time I was skating in it I had to remind myself to think about the glove because it was so light, loose out of the box, and the cuff was so mobile that I was often forgetting I was wearing gloves at all. I’m still waiting for a chance to take a puck off the gloves backpad, and to put some miles on these for endurance sake, but for right now, this is the best glove I’ve worn in years. Look out for this one, start bugging you LHS about pre-orders, because Warrior put out something special. More to come! Stay tuned!

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