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    ...and to be honest, they are both kind of awesome! http://www2.tsn.ca/bardown/Story.aspx?Mike+Fisher+joins+Garth+Brooks+for+duet+before+Carrie+Underwood%2C+Underwood+threatens+pick-up+hockey+with+Gretzky&id=577074
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    He just did 5 shows in Hamilton. Me and my GF both had to work the day tickets went on sale, with no access to phone or computer. No chance to get tickets. They were adding shows every 10-15 minutes...and quickly sold them all out.
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    I don't know that they have broken in more than after the first maybe 10 skates. But they definitely do wrap and form fit the best of any skates I have had. I am very, very happy with the MX3s. If you're still getting heel lift, you may want to bake them again and really tap your heel back when fitting. Or look into something to fill that space like a superfeet insole or Stable 26 socks.
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    and there you have it. its a cool looking piece, but yeah i know, its the insides that count :)
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    There is a reason for this happening.......... http://www.imaging-resource.com/news/2016/04/05/well-duh-lytro-finally-realizes-nobody-wants-refocusable-low-res-cameras
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    lol I'm guessing it's the beard. It's definitely longer than six inches. Have you measured it? Anything that makes you stand out as a player, expect to be chirped for it. Haha, I knew to ask if you were the Greatest American Beardo because of it. I don't tuck my jersey, but because of my pants it gets tucked in the back sometimes. The guy with the pony tail's an awesome dude, one of the nicest guys you'll ever meet. And I was told to shut her down at the scrimmage, but it was a scrimmage so I half-assed it and didn't bother actually putting pressure on her. I normally step up on people who try that pull it through their legs and bounce it off their inside edge move. She did have two goals if I remember correctly. I want to ask Paul if his 88 is for Lindros or Kane.
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    These are my backup pair, rarely used an in great condition. Price: $80 shipped. Please message me if you have any questions!
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    Here are some product differences if it helps you: - Superfeet have a 3/4 length stabilizer cap / Bauer's Speed Plate is full length plastic (or some type of polypropylene blend). - Superfeet Yellow are perforated towards the forefoot / Bauer's Speed Plate is not. - Superfeet are designed to be trimmed to fit into the skate and have room for movement inside the skate (you won't feel this when skating) / Bauer's Speed Plate doesn't require trimming. - Superfeet Yellow are $45 (USD) / Bauer's Speed Plate was apparently going to retail at $59 (USD). - Superfeet Yellow are designed to stabilize the heel and your midtarsal joint / Bauer's Speed Plate (under my foot at least) seems to "fill the arch" more.

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