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    There’s got to be a better way to say that
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    I almost exclusively play inline these days, mostly for the things noted above; cost and because it's generally a more relaxed atmosphere. I wouldn't mind picking up ice again, but I'm not about that 'games at 11:45PM on a Tuesday' life. Between that and 5:45A games on Saturdays, I felt like beer league got shit time slots, which is just how she goes. At least with inline I can get Sunday afternoon games and 6:30-9 start times on week days.
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    Just saw this episode of Friends, Joey and Chandler with the silver and red Easton. https://recapguide.com/recap/24/Friends/season-1/episode-15/#32 Oh, and as an aside, Jon Lovitz as the stoned restauranteur in that episode is one of the funniest bits from the show’s entire run.
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    Or they realize that endlessly pursuing weight cuts has limited returns at this point and there are other trade offs they would rather make.
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    All of these flavors and you choose to be salty.
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    Very true, more room, more time with the puck, and maybe more goals (haha). No icing or offsides, no zamboni - all positive aspects! Most important for me growing up was that it was a less costly option over ice. I enjoyed every inline game I played whether it was organized or not. Thanks for sharing!
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    MAN, all valid points! I think there is some stigma that if you play roller, you're not a real hockey player - I even heard a varsity coach tell his team NOT to play inline because it will impact their fundamentals of skating! Granted this coach was a really great high school coach and all, but for the love of the game, and different skill development will help regardless! One day I hope to own an inline facility to bring inline back to youth and adults around here, and all of these are very very good points. Thanks!
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    I grew up playing street hockey, then a group of friends started playing roller in an empty parking lot on the weekends. I didn't play organized until I was like 13 or 14 for inline (ice was too expensive). There was only one place that offered it near me and it was actually an indoor soccer place that put down tiles. I have some of the best memories from that place, but they stopped doing inline a long time ago. More recently our only other place for year round inline closed down as well. I'm trying to get a feel for what competitive advantage inline has over ice if one day I can accomplish my dream to run an inlne hockey facility for youth and adult leagues. Thanks for your response!
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    You can use them indoors or outdoors. Mine were strictly used indoors.
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    Well, a user called “hockeyshield” who has zero posts starts a topic asking about playing with facemasks instead of using the one that exists already. You moderate a forum long enough you see patterns that raise red flags.
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    That was the game the Islanders probably wanted. Low scoring, controlling possession (obviously the power play time helped), playing physical, and they blew it on two bad goals and not converting 11 minutes of PP time. Brock Nelson probably has a concussion and he's kind of irreplacable. This sucks lol. Hopefully we can grab a win in Game 3 but who knows.
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    Best bearings hands down are the Bones Super Swiss 6 Skateboard Bearings. No joke, I have been using the same set of bearings for the past 15 years. The are super durable and perform exceptionally well. I clean and oil them once a year.

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