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    CCM U+ CL's
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    ProKennex Dimension4 Shaft with Easton ST balde
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    Franklin 9505
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    CCM MHT2
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    CCM Supra HP610
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    Sherwood Classic 5030
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    Cooper EK46\EP700 or Jofa ASD
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    Jofa ASD
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    custom from the 1980's

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  1. Not based on what I saw at USAH nationals the past few years with my daughter's team. IMHO the girls game is MORE physical all around than the boys once you get out of "House-Rec" level and into Tier I\Tier II National bound level. They are not permitted to throw the big Hits that the boys do, but the girls game is all about speed, positioning, teamwork, and body contact. IMHO - Pound for pound they are tougher and more physical than the boys. I've coached on and off over the past 34 years from learn to play hockey programs up through High School Varsity, boys teams, girls teams, and mixed teams. I had girls on JV teams in the 1980's when you almost never saw it (at least in my area) and in the mid 1990's when it seems to have happened a bit more frequently. Based on coaching my daughter and having conversations with her and her team mates, in my experience the girls want to now "why" they are doing something. A coach has to be a good communicator (more so with girls). Yes, they listen but they also expect you to be able to explain it in a way they understand AND LISTEN TO THEIR feedback. The coach WILL need be able to deal with drama because it WILL be there. As my daughter put it, "we can't help it we are wired that way." ..... Some will say a female coach is better, I don't agree. A good coach is a good coach and I've seen good and bad female coaches (the same as I have seen good and bad male coaches). Edit: You can never get enough work on skating and individual skills. It does little good to push X's and O's when the team can't skate, carry the puck, or pass.
  2. That's because that helmet isn't 5 star rated.....
  3. Go to the hardware store and get a toggle bolt that will fit thru the hole. you may need to buy a longer bolt with matching threads..... slide it past the plug so that the wings open and sit against the back of the hosel. clamp the head of the bolt in a vice and heat the shaft up. Pull really hard.... oh and since it's aluminum you can use a propane torch on the end of the shaft...
  4. Still using two piece,,,,, used them off an on since the original Christian aluminum shafts. How many of the mid level one piece sticks are not true one piece - are they not in reality just factory epoxied two piece sticks? I'll keep using them until I cannot find blades anymore....
  5. Daughter is PeeWee 5'2" 110# and plays with a Sherwood T90 40 flex. From what I understand, you can take 4" off the Sherwood and not affect the flex rating.
  6. Depends on the coach(es) and how he\they wants to interact. If he or his assistants are yelling and trying to "help me do my job" a bit to much, well It's really likely to be pretty curt and professional if I can't get them to back down a notch or two & joke a bit.... That part of it depends on whether they really think they can influence my call, or if they are initially trying to "work me" and realize that it won't happen with this old dog. There are a lot of times that we can be the route to communicate tot he Ref when the bench wants it low key IE: doesn't want to stand there and have a conference with the bands, or have the production of skating a captain over and the resulting additional meeting with the other teams captain because his coach wants to know what what the discussion was about. Same goes for talking with the players - especially at higher levels....
  7. One rule book... one computer with Excel, One printer and some clear laminate...... You can make them as detailed as you want.... even make seperate sets for each league variation if you feel the need. And sure you can reference them, you won't be looking for minor penalties, but you can take a quick peek if you are discussing the situation with your lineys and the other ref in 4 man if you are looking a 5\ 5+Gm\Match\DQ..... As was said - pledge on the helmet... Some guys have taken buckets to an autobody shop for a paint job and others have used the gloss black Krylon rattle can paint formulated for plastics like outdoor lawn furniture. As you work your way up through the ranks we coach you to pay attention to your appearance. Take pride in looking professional as well as acting professionally. If you come across with an atrtitude to a supervisor or an evaluator them expect to get knocked down several pegs and get nit picked. Also never forget that officiating is a small fraternity and who you know that is willing to make acall on your behalf goes a looong way towards getting a serious look for higher levels.
  8. Why retrieve a rulebook? I have cheat sheet cards tucked into my riot pad. I have to say that the stick measurements were a lot more frequent 20 years ago...
  9. Daoust Super National 501 - Loved them had several pairs and would still be using them if they were still made. - Custom boot Bauer Supreme 100 - with BLACK SLM blades... they seemed to hold an edge MUCH better than the white ones. - Stock boot Bauer Supreme Comps - Heavier than my 501's but comfortable. Daoust (and Lange) was bought by Canstar and they really cheapened the 501's before killing them - Custom boot Graf Supra 707 - Comfortable but fell apart way too soon. - Custom boot CCM Crazy Light - Most comfortable "modern boot" that I've had..... Custom boot. I'm old school and learned to skate on boots that allowed for forward ankle bend and foot\toe extension ant the end of the stride. Back then, we did everything we could to get them as laterally stiff as possible but still have the proper hinge.... If you've never worn a pair of stitched leather boots that were properly broken in to your feet then you have no idea what comfortable skares really are.
  10. Goalie is not permitted to be a captain by rule. He is not permitted to cross center red line except to go to his bench. Either with your permission during a stoppage if he is to remain in the game, or just go if he's being pulled. local beer league that's non registered then all bets are off...
  11. Apes - We had a guy in J-Town about 20 years ago that - IIRC - that took a blow to his chest. (I don't recall if it was a shot or getting caught on the boards and absorbing a body check). Next day he collapsed and died while in the shower. They might have been mitigating factors, but the concern is real. If the tape is a flexible metal one pull a couple feet of it out and have a partner hold it on the blade heel and toe. You then use it as a straight edge and make your measurement just like you would with a gauge...... cleaner and more accurate than the top of the boards or a stanchion. Goalie doesn't make this request... it has to be the captain.... get to your line ahead of play and make the call from about 3 feet in. Vocalize close line calls... "Good".. If delayed offsides then "Off" or Delay" depending on what the local league wants. Don't flat back on the boards, be about 3 feet out and 3-5 feet back from the line and facing the zone at a 45* angle. Good vision and allows for accelerating to the net or backing off with a quick c-cut. Work with your partner... read the play and step up to cover for him if hes gonna get pushed off by play. Communicate with the players.... icing that is slowing down and you might wave it - tell them to keep skating on it and if the quit or dog it the wave right away.... Similarly, talk to them when you get to the scrums - do not just reach in and grab because all they know is that someone grabbed me from behind. DO NOT turn you back to the play or the puck because all of your padding is on the front. You WILL be saying "HEAD UP" and "Take a look" a lot so that you don't get drilled with clearing attempts.
  12. Well, Saw the Ortho today... She's not worried about the break, said it should heal just fine without a cast. That's a good thing 'cuz I was not looking forward to having a cast crotch to floor.... but she's more concerned about my ankle - said that my ankle injury is "sort of like a high ankle sprain, but worse"???? SOOOOOO, It's "RICE" and wait.....
  13. I just wanna forget 2013... Started it with a med grade PCL tear, torn cartridge and meniscus right knee.. back on the ice August and now this.... Left leg just below my knee plus some sort of splinter fracture just above my ankle and a really badly twisted ankle... Seeing Otho doc tomorrow - at least it wasn't the spiral fracture of the tibia that I feared when I did it:
  14. I am at a rink 5 days a week for probably 10 months out of the year between reffing, coaching and occasional playing... a puck bucket and bottle rack live in the trunk of my car so no big deal... bring a 6 bottle rack along and everyone's happy. Once they're empty some one else can fill them go thirsty....
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